Detention. Fucking detention.

For chewing gum.

Fuck you, modern society.

Bella was not pleased when she walked into the detention classroom. She was fuming. Not only was it for the most trivial thing in the world, but it was two minutes before the bell rang for the end of school. Bella slammed her bag down on the desk, scowling furiously. She huffed and yanked the chair back, relishing the cringe on the teacher's face when it screeched as it skid across the floor.

Bella knew she had no logical reason to be upset with the woman as she wasn't the one to give the detention, nor did she particularly look like she wanted to be here either. However, there was no logical reason for her to have the damn detention in the first place, so Bella was only returning the favor.

"Ms. Swan, could you please be a little quieter?" the teacher tentatively requested and Bella's face flamed as she realized the only other two students in detention with her were snickering softly on the other side of the room.

Can you pretty please kiss my ass? Bella thought, regarding the woman with a heated glare.

She looked like she wanted to flinch and Bella sighed, remorse overwhelming her.

"Yeah, sorry," she grumbled, laying her head on her bag as the girls across the room continued snickering.

"Alright you three, I have to leave the room for about 30 minutes to go to a meeting. There will be no talking, sleeping, etcetera..."

Wow. You're leaving the room for 30 minutes? That's what, over half the detention time? Not that I want to talk to whoever the hell those giggling idiots over there but still...Not a smart plan. Bella's inner ramblings were cut off as the teacher exited the classroom. She realized the silence was what was bothering her. The giggling had stopped.


"Well, seems like Ms. Swan is a bit upset..." an angelic voice said softly, breaking the silence.

Bella's head came up quickly, like a dog that had heard an interesting noise. She turned towards the voice and her heart stopped beating.

She was in detention with Alice and Rosalie Cullen, with the hottest girls in Forks. She was in detention with her wet dreams, with two of the most notorious predators Forks had even known.

Alice and Rosalie Cullen were one of the most talked about subjects ever to touch upon the dreary little town.

The main reason being that they were lesbians.

The secondary reason being that they quite often got into every single girls pants that caught their fancy. Girls liked to talk about it and say hateful things about them, that they wouldn't be one of the ones who succumbed to the two, wouldn't be another notch in their bedposts.

It was those girls that often were notched in the next day.

Alice and Rosalie were known for liking a challenge.

However, as many girls as they had taken a liking to, their eye had never fallen upon Bella. As this realization sank in, Bella felt a slight rejection and hurt.

They'd take any girl but me, Bella thought, her eyes shutting briefly in self disgust before opening again to stare back at them.

Alice and Rosalie were sitting at the table across from Bella, as they were in the Chemistry classroom. Alice, with her short, messy sex hair, was staring at Bella with a soft smirk on her face.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Alice drawled, head resting in her palm and her elbow on the desk. Rosalie rolled her eyes and popped her gum. The bombshell blond had her head leaned back and her eyes slipped shut with her arms crossed.

"Um..." Bella immediately dismissed the dull resentment that Rosalie's gum had instilled in her and turned her eyes to Alice's gold ones. What a peculiar color. It was another reason the Cullens were so famous in Forks.

Alice continued to stare, unwavering.

"I was chewing gum," Bella said warily and wanted to curl up in a little ball of embarrassment when Rosalie gave a derisive snort and Alice started laughing. Bella sighed, turning from them and burying her head in her arms.

She was so pathetic. She couldn't even form an impressive lie. Chewing gum. Bella's fury at the unfairness returned for the stupid punishment. Her stomach twisted in knots at the mocking laughter of the girls she masturbated to on a regular basis.

Yes, Bella was the third confirmed lesbian of Forks, only she was regarded as a weird little freaky loner instead of a sex goddess.

Story of my fucking life, Bella thought, hating herself.

"Aw, Bella! No, c'mon, we're only goofing!" Alice called as Bella turned her body away from them. "Bella..." Alice said a little softer when Bella gave no indication of lifting her head or even acknowledging that she had spoken.

"Don't take it so personally, God. We're only laughing cause it's so trivial compared to why we're here," Rosalie snipped, hating self pity more than trying to hurt the girl. It in fact, was her way of trying to bitch slap her out of it.

Alice scowled and pinched her companion who glared but didn't otherwise respond to the reprimand.

Bella lifted her head slightly, keeping her face wrapped in her arms with only her eyes peeking out. Alice was looking at her with an apologetic grin, one filled with puppy dog eyes and an innocent pout. Bella's heart melted slightly and Rosalie's aloofness didn't much.

"It's cool. I know it's stupid. So why are you guys here?" Bella inquired, surprised at her ability to form three complete and not so embarassing sentences in their presence.

Alice's not so innocent grin turned wolfish and even Rosalie smirked, eyes still closed.

"We gave that whiny Jessica chick a reason to quit her bitching," Rosalie stated.

Alice's eyes twinkled and she turned towards Bella, giving the conversation her full attention now that it had turned to something she quite liked to talk about.


Bella was oblivious.

"What, you beat her up?" Bella asked, giving a nervous chuckle and immediately hating herself for how weird and stupid it sounded.

Alice and Rosalie snickered.

"Beat her up? Jeez, are you really that naive?" Rosalie scoffed in disbelief. Bella blushed, her stomach twisting again.

"Shut up, Rose. In a way, we did beat her up. We beat her pussy up, if you wanna look at it that way. She didn't seem to mind too much," Alice slapped Rosalie's arm quite naturally as she responded to Bella. By the tone of her voice, Alice was quite obviously remembering the event and relishing it with her tell tale playful smirk.

Bella's face flamed at the word pussy. She swallowed thickly, trying to pass the lump in her throat away so she could form a coherent response instead of wetting herself to the fantasies of Alice and Rosalie "beating up" Jessica's...Yeah.

"Oh," Bella squeaked and Alice and Rosalie were laughing again.

"Gosh, Bella, you look so embarrassed. Did you really not get it? Well, still, it probably wasn't a smart idea to take such a loud girl in such an obvious area..." Alice said thoughtfully, tilting her head.

"Taking anyone on the principal's desk is never a smart idea," Rosalie added, though her smirk had not left her face.

Bella closed her eyes, hating her obliviousness.

"I um...Yeah. You guys do that a lot," she almost whispered, feeling inferior.

"What? Have sex? Get caught having sex? What are you implying?" Alice cried in mock offense. Bella blushed again and Rosalie rolled her eyes at her antics.

Alice smiled softly at Bella's shame, leaning her head into her hand again.

"So I take it you're a virgin," Alice plainly stated, eyeing Bella in a way that made Bella feel warm and very, very nervous.

"W-What..I...N-no...I've...I've done stuff," Bella stuttered out indignantly but only served to make herself feel even stupider when Rosalie and Alice laughed again.

"Chill. A lot of people like virgins. It's like being the first in a new car, or the first to wear a glove, making it snug and tight to fit you..." Alice continued on, quite obviously enjoying Bella's vast reserve of shades of the color red.

Bella coughed. "I'm not," she insisted weakly and Rosalie scowled, turning her body towards the conversation now.

"How far have you gone?" Rosalie demanded, eyes locking onto Bella's and her whole demeanour changing to aggressive instead of passive aggressive.

Bella blushed like mad.

Damn it.

God fucking damn it.

Why had she said that? Why couldn't she accept the fact that she hadn't done anything, not even kissed someone?

Great. The first time they finally actually talk to me, even realize I exist, I screw it up. Of course I do. Awesome. Now the two most gorgeous, amazing women get to find out I'm a never been kissed nobody loser virgin. Fuck. Bella could only blush and mentally bash herself for her stupidity. She gawked and hated herself for doing it, because she looked like a dying fish, opening and closing her mouth like that.

I can't even form a proper lie!

Bella wanted to curl up and die at Rosalie's condescending, triumphant smirk.

"That's what I thought." With that, Rosalie turned away again, mission complete and Bella closed her eyes in pain. She turned away and lay her head on her arms again, feeling hot tears press at the back of her eyes.

She was a nobody. Who would want to kiss her, let alone touch her like that? She had no friends either. What could Alice and Rosalie Cullen ever want with her? That's right, nothing.

Because I am nothing, Bella thought to herself, pressing her lips together hard to keep from breaking down.

"Rosalie," Alice hissed and there was a loud thud and a yelp from Rosalie.

"What? You know it's fucking true!" Rosalie could be heard snarling back.

"You can be such a..."

Bella didn't listen to the rest of the conversation. Alice's pity hurt just as much as Rosalie's scorn. She kept her face guarded by her arms and let the tears flow freely, where they couldn't be seen.

"Bella?" Alice's beautiful voice said softly and Bella nearly jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand gently touch her back.

She said nothing, simply trying not to hyperventilate.

She's touching me! Bella's brain screamed.

"Bella, it's okay if you are...In fact, it's better than being a slut like the rest of this whore house of a school..." Alice was whispering softly, and now she was rubbing slow circles on Bella's back.

Bella felt like she was going to explode.

"It's not," Bella's voice cracked slightly and she hated the pitiful little sniffle that followed.

Alice looked to a guilty looking Rosalie for help. Alice searched Rosalie's eyes but Rosalie shrugged helplessly. Alice didn't know how to comfort people. She knew only one way to make people feel better. So she tried.

"Well...If it bothers you so much...We could help..." Alice whispered, leaning down to Bella's ear, changing her tone from sympathetic to sultry.

Bella stiffened when she felt surprisingly cool breath caressing her ear and Alice's other hand on her shoulder.

"W-what...?" Bella squeaked, lifting her head and turning it to stare, dumbstruck, at Alice. Alice's trademark smirk was in place and her eyes were half lidded.

"You heard me," Alice whispered, tilting her head and lifting her hand to wipe the tears from Bella's cheeks.

What, what, what? Bella's heart was pounding a million miles a second. No way. She is totally just screwing with me...

Bella couldn't help but lean in to the soft touch of Alice's cold hands. Cold hands weren't really a surprise in Forks, but Alice's were a tad colder than usual. Bella had expected them to be warmer, what with the activities they often took part in.

Bella could even make herself blush sometimes as that thought ran through her mind, along with the tons of others streaming around.

"But...I..." Bella's eyes locked on Alice's golden ones and her breath caught.

They weren't gold anymore.

They were black.

"You're prettier than you think, Isabella Swan," Alice said in a throaty voice, still caressing Bella's half turned face with her cool hands.

Bella's panties were soaked.

"I can help you...We can help you..." Alice repeated, leaning in closer, tilting Bella's head even further back, straining her neck slightly but only increasing Bella's want. Their noses were almost touching and Bella's mind was screaming.

She's going to kiss me. What do I do? Do I close my eyes? Do I kiss her back? Shit!

"You just have to let us," Alice said, her voice suddenly normal and Bella could have sworn her eyes flashed back to gold in an instant.

Bella didn't quite comprehend the fact that Alice was no longer touching her and was now sitting next to Rosalie, watching idly and innocently as the teacher returned to the room, the clicking of the knob twisting announcing her.

"Ah, well, my meeting ended a few minutes early. I'm actually quite tired. You girls won't tell if I let you go a bit early, will you?" she said, grinning shyly at them

Alice gave her a sweet smile.

"No, mam."

"Well then you are dismissed," the teacher waved them out, turning to collect her things. As Alice and Rosalie stood, lifting their bags over their shoulders, Bella stared after them, jaw set and eyes watching them warily.

"Feel free to drop by if you want to take me up on that offer," Alice whispered as she passed by, dropping a note into Bella's lap as she did. She giggled and gave a girlish, teasing wave while Rosalie smirked lazily at her. They were gone moments later.

When Bella finally managed to stumble out and read the only two lines on the paper, a neatly scrawled address and phone number (Hopefully not Rosalie's. She was hot yes, but very intimidating.) she tried to sort herself out.

All she could figure out was that the whole thing had left her unsatisfied, confused, scared and surprisingly (read stupidly) the fact that she was extremely irritated that Rosalie had not been caught chewing gum.

Bella's equilibrium had been damaged and she fully intended on restoring it once more...Starting with Alice and Rosalie Cullen.