"Grandpa read this story." The little girl said as she climb onto her grandfathers lap.

He lifted the book out of her hands, with his rough and wrinkled ones. "What do you have there kiddo?" He saw that it was the old family photo album "Are you sure about this one, it's not really a story book?" The Little girl nodded "You can tell me about the pictures."

Grandpa smiled "Ok, where do we start?" The little girl opened it up and pointed to a random photo "That one."

The grandfather looked down and saw a pictuer he well remembered of a young man holding his arms out at his sides as he ran around the bedroom of his young daughter. He smiled at his grandaughter "Ok, we'll start here."


Tommy was chasing a laughing three year old Hannah around her room, as they played before she went to bed. As he ran he didn't notice Jude standing in the doorway holding a camera up to her eye.

He scoped her up and droped her on the bed, and tickled her. "Ok Han, what book do we want tonight?" Hannah smiled "The one about me." Tommy laughed "Again?" Hannah nodded, and Tommy got up to get her baby book.

She had always loved to look through it and have him or Jude read what they had written in it. Tommy sat down on the side of the bed "Ok, here we go."

As he read Jude walked away, leaving the two alone to finishe their story. He read the whole thing and she still wasn't asleep, he knew she wouldn't be, she alway had to look though it again after he was done.

She was studying every page, until she got to the last one.

Just as she was closing it, she saw something sticking out from behind the back cover. She pulled it out, and it was a piece of paper, with something written on it. "Daddy, what's this?"

Tommy looked at it, and smiled "That is a song that me and Mommy wrote along time ago." Hannah looked up at him "When?"

"The day you were born." Tommy told her. Hannah looked at it, wishing she could read the words "Why's it in my book?"

Tommy shrugged "Because we wanted to keep it safe." Hannah looked thoughtful for a moment "I think you should sing it."

Tommy smiled "You do?" Hannah nodded "Yeah, let's go get Mommy and tell her you're gonna sing it."

Hannah jumped up off the bed, and Tommy went after her. "Hannah, slow down." He reached Hannah just as she ran into the bedroom with Jude. "Mommy!" Jude looked up and smiled "Hannah!" Hannah jumped onto the bed "Daddy's gonna sing the song."

Jude looked at Tommy than back at Hannah "What song?" Hannah held up the paper "The one from the book about me."

Jude looked at Tommy, then at the paper Hannah held "She found this, and thinks I should sing it." Tommy told her Jude shrugged "Maybe you should." Tommy raised a brow "Really?" Jude nodded "Yeah, I think it would be good."

Hannah looked between her parents and smiled, knowing she had just gotten what she wanted.

the next day

Jude was sitting behind the sound board, and Tommy was in the booth. Sadie and Kwest walked in to hear the song also.

Jude smiled at him "Ready when you are."

Tommy nodded, telling her he was ready, and she counted him down. He closed his eyes as the music started, then he opened his mouth, and started to sing.

(The love song, Jeff Bates)

first time i felt it, think i was five years old

i was scared, had a nightmare,

mama was there for me to hold,

daddy he was different, he never said it much,

but i heard him loud and clear, when he brought home

that ball and glove

and it took on a brand new meanin', i wasn't just a boy nomore

when she moved in next door

When he wrote this song with Jude, he had written this part about his very first real girlfriend.

where you from what's your name, want to go to my game

got the keys to my dad's old truck

turn the radio on to remember the song,

we held hands and there it was,

love (love love)

pages kept on turning,

there i was with someone else,

first time in my life time i wasn't livin' for myself

i knew i wasn't fallin', anywhere i'd fell before

the place was different, it was deeper it was more

As he sang this, he looked at Jude, and saw her smiling, with Hannah on her lap.

and it took on a brand new meaning

yeah it was strong and it was true,

new what i had to do

found a ring hit my knees, couldn't talk couldn't breath

my heart had me all choked up

said i do as we cried, weddin' bells, waved goodbye

and the whole church new it was

love (love love)

and it took on a brand new meanin', when the doctor said,

it's time to watch your miracle arrive

He remembered hoping and praying for a miracle for his little girl, that she would be alright, and then how thankful he was when she was ok.

thank the lord, cut the cord, take her home, help her grow

and complete the circle of

love (love love) that's the circle of love (love love)

the circle of love

After the song was over, Tommy came out of the booth, and went and pick Hannah up into his arms and hugged her to him.

Then he sat her down and he and Jude hugged "That was great." Jude told him. Hannah nodded "Yeah Daddy, I love it."

Tommy smiled at Hannah and picked her up again with one arm still around Jude "Thanks Han." Sadie nodded to them, and looked at Kwest "Look at them, it really is the circle of love."

Kwest put his arm around his wife "Yeah, it is."