Hannah walked into her childhood home. She didn't knock, but that was just how things were there, no one ever knocked.

She hung her jacket and purse on the banister, and turned to the living room, where she saw her father asleep on the couch, and her youngest child asleep on his stomach.

Hannah smiled at the picture they made and grabbed a throw from the chair and covered them with it.

That was when she noticed the photo album laying open on the floor, and picked it up. She sat down in the chair and began to look through it, smiling at some of the memories.

A few minutes later, Jude, and Hannah's oldest child, a little boy of six names Jensen, walked through the front door.

Hannah motioned for them to be quite and pointed to the pair sleeping on the couch. She told Jensen to go and play in the backyard, and Jude told him Lucas, Jamie and Kats oldest grandson of seven, was staying over with his grandparents, so Jensen headed out the back door.

Hannah and Jude headed into the kitchen, where Jude set about making coffee, when she noticed the album that was still in Hannah's hand. "Looking at pictures to huh?" Hannah looked up from the book and nodded "Yeah, it was laying on the floor when I came in and I picked it up, I haven't seen some of these pictures in years."

Jude nodded as she placed two mugs on the counter "Yeah, your dad and Amy were looking through it, she was picking out pictures and he was telling her stories about them."

Hannah smiled and turned a page, and saw a picture of herself along with Sara, Julia, and Lexie, a friend from school. Hannah was in the middle of the group and she was wearing a wedding dress made out of toilet paper along with a vial that was teetering off the side of her head. "Wow, I forgot about this one." Jude looked at the picture "Remember how much trouble we had, getting that vial to stay on?"

Hannah chuckled as Jude set a mug of steaming coffee in front of her "I remember you guys all blindfolding me and not telling me where we were going." Hannah said with a shake of her head, "And then when I felt those bars on the windows I had a sudden feeling that maybe you lied about liking Will and you were locking me up to keep me from marrying him." She said with a laugh.

Jude laughed along with her and took a sip of coffee. "I still miss that place, sometimes I still can't believe they actually tore down the rehearsal space." She said with a sigh.

Hannah raised a brow, "Really? Mama that place was so bad they should have torn it down before I was even born, they should have torn it down probably before you were even born." She said with a chuckle.

Jude smirked, "Yeah well," she said as she flipped a couple of pages and saw a picture of her and Tommy sitting on the couch, a guitar in her hands and a notebook open in his, looking at each other, "It had a lot of memories."


Jude sat on the couch beside Tommy and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders, "Hey girl, you have a good day at the studio?" he asked. She didn't record to much anymore, but she still loved the behind the scenes aspects of the work. She and Tommy both worked as producers now, and she loved every minute of it.

"Yeah, it was good." She nudged his side, "Did you have a good day with Amy?"

Tommy nodded, "Yeah, that kid sure knows how to wear a guy out though." He said with a chuckle.

Jude chuckled, "She gets that from her mother."

Tommy raised a brow. "Yeah, who got it from her mother." He said with a chuckle of his own.

Jude laughed and picked the photo album up off the coffee table where she had placed it earlier after Hannah left. She flipped it open and pointed to a picture of the three of them, Tommy, Jude and baby Hannah, from the day Hannah was born "Tell me about this one." She said.

Tommy smiled and pulled her into his side. "This one is two people that love each other very much, and the little girl that they loved that made them a real family."

I had a lot of fun writing this story...all three in this series actually. The first one, His Song, was actually my very first fanfic ever, and I loved every minute of writing it, and you all gave me such great feedback, and made all the writers block and struggling worth it. Thank you, you have all been amazing readers, you all make me keep at it. :o)

A special thanks to thatgirl2006, without her at least half my stories would never have been started in the first place, much less finished.