a/n: This story is probably going to be a series of interconnected one-shots in no real chronological order, is AU, and I can't promise the quality of it unfortunately since I have no beta. Either way, I hope you enjoy!


Tino Väinämöinen sighed as he ran a hand through platinum blond locks, violet eyes staring at the house worriedly. Honestly, what was going on? After he had finally saved up enough money in his job to buy a house for himself that was relatively close to his job (closer then the two hour commute of before) he realized something.

There was somebody else on the lawn. A very tall someone, that was staring at the house as well.

A very sick feeling began to rise up from the pit of his stomach, as he cautiously began to approach the larger man standing on the lawn. "Erm, excuse me?" He asked quietly, only to flinch backwards as the man turned around to pin his with a glare that could peel paint at twenty paces. "Eek!"

The glowering giant blinked silently at him, and Tino gathered up all of his courage to ask quietly, and in the least offensive way he possibly could, "W-Why are you here?"

The man held up a set of keys, that Tino recognized all too well. "Oh dear."

The man's eyebrow rose as his gaze sharpened on the quivering Tino. Something Tino could've sworn was impossible. Tino very quietly held up his own set of keys, and silence fell.

Then, Tino forced a very brave (in his mind) laugh, as he attempted his lamest joke ever. "Looks like we've both been scammed."

A few minutes later and a quick phone call to the police, both men were sitting at the kitchen table, staring at the two sets of keys glumly. Tino sighed as his head sank down to rest against the cool plastic.

He had spent the last of his money to buy this house, so he would be at least stuck here until he could save up enough money to go back to the dingy little apartment that he had left. It would take at least five months however, and judging from the look that the other blond haired man was giving him, he really ought to find himself on the streets.

It wasn't a friendly look at all.


Berwald Oxenstierna had not been having a good day at all. His boss had told him that because he had a 'high-enough paycheck' he ought to get himself a house and a wife. The traditionalist man was from Korea, which meant that he preferred men that were married and with children as compared to the unmarried, no children whatsoever Berwald.

In order to keep his job, he had reluctantly agreed to the 'house' business despite the fact that he liked his small apartment much better and gotten the cheapest thing he could that was at least a little close to his job.

He had been rushed into the buying, and as such hadn't been able to check out the mans offer properly. That was why he had been scammed so badly, and gotten a roommate to boot.

Blue-green eyes rose to the worried violet ones, and he attempted to soften his look. A squeak came from the other man, and his eyes dropped back to the keys. A small bubble of frustration popped within Berwald, and he extended his hand, determined to at least get the name of this mysterious stranger that was so badly cheated as well. "M' n'm' 's B'rw'ld 'X'nst'rn'."

A completely blank look crossed the mans face, before his mind seemed to register the words. "Oh, oh! I'm Tino Väinämöinen. P-Pleased to meet you." He reached forward to take the hand, and Berwald shook the small hand gravely. At last the both sat back in their seats, and Tino nodded slightly.

Berwald nodded back, as Tino took a deep breath. "Sir, umm, I suppose we're going to be stuck with each other for the next few months?"

Berwald nodded again, murmuring, "St'ck t'g'th'r. "

"Ah?" Tino's brow furrowed, as if trying to translate his thick accent. "I-I see. But erm… I'm sorry."

"N' n'd." Berwald said. "M' f'lt 's well."

"No, no, I mean sorry that this is so awkward." Tino smiled at him, surprising the larger man- very few people smiled around him, and even his boss despite knowing him for over two years seemed intimidated by him.

"'s 'lr'ght." Berwald mumbled again. "n't you're f'lt."

"But well, I was just wondering, how should we split the house up? After all, it's… erm…" Awkward for two guys to be living in the same house.

"'m w'll'n' t' sl'p 'n th' c'ch."

Tino's reply fired back after a few seconds worth of processing his accented voice. "Ah, no no no! You're big enough that you wouldn't fit on the couch anyways- besides, isn't there two bedrooms for whatever kids come?"

Berwald nodded, and Tino jumped to his feet, chattering the entire time. "I suppose we should go through and decide what we should do for the future, even though its temporary."

Berwald followed quietly, watching the hands that waved and flapped in the air like lost little birdies, as the blond quickly paced through the house.


Choosing bedrooms was much, much harder then it should've been. Berwald had nearly insisted on choosing a bed two sizes too small for him, and that Tino ought to take the giant double bed, when Tino had quickly refused, stating that he would be more comfortable in the smaller bed.

Berwald had left it at that, and by then the police had come to interview them and get their statements. Said police had very, very quickly reassured Berwald they'd do all they could do to stop the scammer, and left as hurriedly as possible, leaving the two alone once more.

Tino had mentioned something about getting his luggage, and attempted to flee. Berwald had tagged along after him, and offered to carry the luggage into the house. Tino had tried to tell him it was alright- Berwald had at glanced between Tino and the suitcase, before he hefted the large suitcase over one shoulder and carried it gently back into the house. "Ah! Really, I can carry it!"

"M 'lr'ght."

"That's not the point! I really can carry it-" Tino followed Berwald through the hallways, attempting to cajole him into putting it down and letting Tino take it the rest of the way it. By the time they were at the smaller bedroom, Tino had given up and reflected glumly that he now owed the man a favor. And he was determined to get that favor done with as soon as possible before something too unreasonable came up.

Silently he slapped his cheeks and took a deep breath. Just because the man looked scary didn't mean that he would be bad… It was better to reserve judgment until later. "Erm, since you carried up my luggage, how about I make dinner for both of us?"

Berwald's head tilted to one side as he considered it, eyes fixated on him. It took every bit of Tino's courage not to scurry away and go to a friends house to beg for sanctuary. "D'n't w'nt t' b'th'r y'."

"It's not a bother, really. And I have the necessary ingredients for dinner since I had already planned on making something. It's not a problem to feed two."


"Good." Tino bustled away with a smile, a slight, true smile gracing his lips. He could deal with this for a few months, until he got enough money saved up.


a/n: Oh Tino, you're going to be staying with Berwald for a lot longer then 'a few months'. Trust me on this XD