Tino always did know he was probably a world class forgetful person at times. He always did manage to forget those really important details, especially when they really mattered.

Like right now for instance. He had just opened the door to rush out in embarrassment over kissing Berwald, forgetting two very important things. One, he never could tell when Berwald was asleep, and two- Berwald had a very, very long reach.

That was why he had squeaked in surprise as a long arm shot out to slam the door shut, and another arm dragged him back bodily away from the door. Tino flushed bright red as his back collided with a warm mass, and then it was two arms wrapped around him in the middle of the hallway.

Harsh breathing filled the hallway, as the Finn's mouth completely and utterly failed him.

A harsh, desperate sigh sounded from above his head, and Tino jumped as he felt something bury itself into his shoulder. "B-Berwald?"

"... go..." The soft murmur confused the small Finn, and Tino attempted to struggle out of the encircling arms.

Berwalds arms tightened. "Don't go." He insisted, just a little bit louder this time.

Tino took a deep breath. "Berwald, please, let go of me. I need to-"

Giant arms that had easily picked him up and swept him off his feet that awkward night a month or so ago tightened possessively. "Please don't go." t\The plea was loud enough for Tino to hear this time, and Tinos surprised twitch traveled through his body to Berwald.

Berwald's head slowly rose, as those scary, terrifying eyes uncomfortably looked away from Tino. "You kiss'd me."

Tino blushed at the reminder, and an arm began to windmill frantically as he said, "Well- I just- It wasn't like- there was some circumstances-"

"I l've you."

Tino choked on his breath as some part of his mind told him that the Swede needed a warning label. After all, people did not just up and state that as if it was the most common thing right in the middle of an awkward spot, and was Berwald expecting an answer to that, because he was in no right state of mind to be replying it, because this had to be an illusion dreamed up by a fevered mind-

"I l've you." Berwald repeated softly, his tight grip loosening slightly, eyes softer then what Tino had seen in a long time. Tino shifted, shaking his head automatically, missing the hurt that flickered onto Berwalds face.

"Even though I kissed you when you were asleep? Or at least when I thought you were asleep, it was really bad of me because I thought I was taking advantage of you like that-"

Tino's babbling was cut off as Berwald pulled away from him, lips pulling into a frown. Not that he was staring at those lips. Tino's eyes jumped up higher to meet Berwalds eyes, before flinching away. Scary, it was just too scary. No matter how much he was in love with the man, he just couldn't do it.

Berwalds hand reached out, gently nudging Tino's cheek. Tino's head tilted up to look at him, confusion dancing in the violet eyes as his hands reached out to automatically touch the larger man, before stopping mid air.

What to do?

Berwald slowly leaned forward, eyes searching Tino's face carefully, giving the Finn plenty of time to back away- He wanted Tino to decide to stay, not simply be forced to stay.

Lips gently pressed against lips, as Tino's eyes half-closed. It was electrifying- and at the same time normal. "Stay here, with me, please." The Swede begged, eyes staring straight into Tino's.

Tino stood there in the doorway, silently stunned, mind refusing to work. Berwald = great kisser. Now, if only his mind would jump start beyond that...

Berwald was beginning to draw away, taking the silence for a refusal. Tino grabbed Berwalds hand, staring up at the darkening face. Wait, darkening face?

"AH!" Berwald jumped at the loud shout from Tino as he pointed directly at his cheek. "Your cheek! Your bruise is turning black! Come on Berwald, we really ought to put some ice on it-"

Just like that, the awkwardness was shattered, and Berwald bemusedly allowed himself to be towed out of the hallway as Tino babbled away. Was this really alright? Berwald glanced down at his smaller companions head. Yes, he could keep the status quo for a few more months... right?

Tino sat him on the couch, rescuing the hastily discarded icepack, and placing in on one cheek, before hesitating. Berwalds own hand reached up to gently take the weight of the ice pack off of Tino's hands.

Tino took a deep breath, leaning forward to press a quick kiss on the lips before standing up and whirling around to go towards the kitchen, blushing bright red.

Berwald slowly smiled.

He was home.


Berwald impassively filed out the forms, listening to his wifey and the cross-dresser talk in the living room. "You know, you really ought to come up with some incredibly cute nickname for him."

"Ah, I don't know about that Feliks, Berwald doesn't seem the type to like nicknames-"

Feliks plowed on determinedly, ignoring all arguments to the contrary. "It ought to be perfect for him as well..."

Tino hastily redirected conversation, making Berwald sigh slightly in relief. Although they were brand new to this couple thing, they were slowly but surely figuring out a way to do this, and he doubted nicknames would help that much.

Slowly the conversation dropped into a lull, and Feliks asked casually, "Tino- what do you think is a good name for a tall, slightly scary girl?"

"Tall, and slightly scary? Why- I suppose it'd have to be that one American girl named Susan... I believe she came from the area of Texas..." Tino looked slightly thoughtful as he looked at Feliks. "Why do you ask?"

"Berwalds new nickname will now be Susan!"

The pen in Berwalds hand snapped.

"Wha- absolutely not! That's a girls name-"

"But, you don't like being called the wife, so thus it makes sense to give your husband the girly sounding name, doesn't it? Ah, I got an idea, let me call the weird Japanese guy and see what he thinks about it-"

"Ah, wait-"

"Hey there Japanese guy! I was just wondering what you think about a name like Susan-"

Feliks paused, listening to what was being siad with an interested glint on his face. "Oh really? Like Totally? That's so awesome!"

Feliks turned to Tino with a wink. "Guess what honey- in Japanese if you call him Su-san, that would be the same as calling him Sweden."

"I'm calling him by his country name?"

"It's what the Japanese guy calls us all anyways- haven't you noticed? He calls us by our nationality names instead of our actual names."

No Feliks, Tino thought, I didn't notice. And I don't see how you of all people could notice!

a/n: THE END! (Omake was there to just add a little bit of fluff. I have to admit this chapter was hardest to write- simply because lately I've been swamped by fic writers that believe the second they confess they should be getting on the bed- or against the wall, or wherever. I don't think it quite works that way in real life. Of course, that may be just because I'm a slight prude... XP Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed this fic!