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F66 raised its head off its paws as the explosion shook the pure white walls around it. The thick fiber glass vibrated harshly. It watched intently as a huge crack spread over the smooth surface, sending spider web-like cracks along its path. F66 felt a surge of adrenaline as it stood, sharp cruel black claws sliding silently from its huge black paws. Energy crackled around the huge animal as it lowered its head and charged at its deteriorating prison walls. The glass shattered against the force of its blow and F66 finally got to taste a whiff of sweet unfiltered air. Something familiar seemed to be laced in the burning scent in the air.

It bounded down the corridors and made short work of the panicked researchers along the way. Sniffing curiously, it realized the smell was getting heavier. Half along the way, E35 joined in the chase.

F66 frowned. It didn't really enjoy the company of the other red feline. Their meetings usually consisted of forced fights between each other to test how strong they were. Of course E35 stood no chance against F66, but it still hurt like hell when those sharp teeth met flesh. Fortunately they had a common goal-to discover the source of the smell.

As they appeared silently in the main building, they saw a winged figure tear open a thick glass specimen container like paper before launching itself through the huge gaping rip in the ceiling. F66 took another curious sniff, memorizing the familiar scent before hurling itself through a high window. Down below, the other specimens and test subjects were pouring out of the building like skittles. Biting and killing skittles.

F66 shifted its great black paws and jumped down into the mass of torn flesh and frantic humans. It was time for revenge. Then afterwards, it would track down the mysterious winged creature that smelled so much like home.

The afternoon sun sent shafts of solid golden light through the canopy of trees above his head. the distant sounds of a stream trickling and his younger sisters' laughter floated past the tall blades of grass encasing his head as he lay stretched out on the warm grassy earth. The scent of delicious warm food wafted gently toward him. His parents were nearby. Everything felt right.

Then Ichigo remembered that he hadn't heard their voices in over a decade and the scene changed.

The scent of burning flesh and the sounds of agony and pain overwhelmed his senses. He was looking unblinkingly up at the dark sky, stained gray with the billowing smoke of the carnival fires. He ached everywhere. Pain throbbed dully in his head where he had hit it against a tree and there was the feeling of sluggish blood running down his collar. Something tickled Ichigo's left cheek and he realized he had closed his eyes without noticing. They opened and revealed the grinning face of the carnival freak with the long matted white hair. Blood streaked down his chin but Ichigo felt numb as he stared into the glowing eyes.

"Please... just kill me..." he begged.

The scene dissolved into nothing and he closed his eyes again. Something cold and wet dripped onto Ichigo's cheek and he opened his weary eyes, almost expecting to see Shiro slobbering on him as usual. Instead, the albino was pinned like a grotesque mangled butterfly above him on the white ceiling, which was now smeared with black fluids. Ichigo scrambled away from the nauseating sight, his heart seizing in fear. Blood dripped steadily from the open wound on his abdomen.

The scene broke again and Ichigo was flying. Inky black wings encased his body as they raised high above the burning building. Ichigo could see small dots running around the perimeter. Here and there, red blobs glistened in the pale light of dawn. His stomach churned with unease. Struggling to turn himself, he caught sight of what was carrying him and screamed.

He woke up screaming.

His lungs burning from the sharp intake of breath, Ichigo rolled off the small bed he had been lying on and tangled himself in the smothering sheets. He struggled weakly, head pounding and mouth tasting oddly metallic. He ended up with his head pressed against the cold wooden floorboards, eyes raking the unfamiliar ceiling. A sharp smell hanging in the air reminded him of wall paint and he could make out the ruckus of a construction company working nearby. In the distance, he could hear the sounds of cars rushing past. He was alone.

Taking a few deep slow breaths to clear his head, Ichigo untangled himself from the sheets and sat up. His body felt numb and the urge to throw up was becoming too strong to ignore. He heaved himself up on trembling legs and walked far enough to the small tiled bathroom before emptying his stomach in the sink. The metallic taste exploded in his mouth and Ichigo pried his tightly shut lid open to see the dark blackish crimson slush coating the white bowel. He stared unseeingly at the blood and looked up into the mirror.

The sight that greeted him made Ichigo throw his head back and laugh, tears blurring his vision.

"Serves you right for trusting a fucking monster!" he snarled deliriously at his pale reflection and punched the glass, feeling the mirror fracture as the sharp bits bit into his knuckles. He turned suddenly and scrambled to the bed. He had suddenly realized that this was probably his only chance to escape.

Gathering the thick sheets into his arms, Ichigo made an unsteady dash toward the apartment door. Just as he had guessed, he was in the finished bit of a half built hotel.

Trying to look inconspicuous, he slowly took the stairs down and stepped out of a fire exit. Ichigo tugged the hood of his sweater over his face and vibrant hair, bundled up the sheets and walked down an alley.

His eyes lit up as he spotted the heap of coal near the trash bins. Ichigo got to his knees and grabbed the crumbling bits, smearing them into his vibrant orange hair and smeared them over his face. Finally hoping he was unrecognizable, he slowly slumped against the cold wall. It felt like he was dying. Ichigo's stomach seared like it was being burnt. The metallic taste seemed to have seeped permanently into his taste buds. He knew he had to escape while he could, while Shiro was still away. He shuddered to think what the monster would do to him if he were caught.

The sky darkened gradually and rain soaked through the thick sheets around his shoulders, making it even colder. But he was too tired to move. Ichigo wanted to die.

Something warm touched Ichigo's skin and he jerked awake to see two giant cats, one a bright fiery red with a huge flaming mane and black tiger-like stripes and the other a deep blackish blue color with huge electric blue eyes. Ichigo began to laugh wildly when he noticed the black feline had bright blue balls of flames around its huge paws.

"This is fucking hilarious," he reached out a hand and tugged on the midnight black fur of the nearest cat, earning a grumpy hiss. "Tell me, what kind of fucked up thing will I see next, hmm? A fucking talking wiener?"

They ignored this rather rude comment and the red cat padded over to him and seated itself next to Ichigo, putting its great head on his left thigh. It purred and closed its eyes. The black feline seemed skeptic as it circled the dirty human. Finally it could stand it no longer.

"How do you know it's him, Renji?" it demanded silently. The red lion-like cat pressed closer to the human, watching it slip into unconsciousness again with a soft and certain expression.

"Because he smells like home." it finally replied in equal silence.

The black cat hesitated for a few seconds, its agitation showing clearly through its lashing tail. Then, mimicking its companion, it also settled itself next to the human. It was true, the human male indeed smelled of home.

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