Title: Hands of Fate - By My Side
Author: Shadow Arashi
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Ichigo x Grimmjow
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 1011
Summary: A chance meeting turns the life of an Espada and a shinigami upside down. Kurosaki will stop at nothing to get what he wants, but will his prey give in?
Warnings: AU, shinigami!Grimmjow and arrancar!Ichigo. Dub-con in the beginning, smut, angst, breaking of a character and stockholm syndrome. Grimmjow may seem a bit OOC but I tried to explain why to the best of my abilities in the fic.
Disclaimer: Bleach and all its characters belong to Tite Kubo, this fic is written for entertainment only and I don't make any profit of it.



"Are you sure you want to do this?"

Ichigo looked at the blue haired man who was currently resting by his side on their large bed, his head laying against his chest, his eyes dark and serious.

"Why are you even asking me? I thought we went over this before. There is no going back and you know it."

"That's right. I guess I'm... I guess I'm just worried."

The Sexta admitted, sighing as he drew his mate deeper into his embrace.

"You don't trust your leader?" Grimmjow asked lowly, not the smallest trance of a frown on his features at the mention of the runaway shinigami ex-captain.

He was calm and relaxed, and no one could have imagined that only a week ago he was still a prisoner of the very man he was now cuddling with.

Ichigo felt a wave of pride, having fought hard to be rewarded in such a manner for his efforts, for he now had the heart of the one who he called his mate until death do them part, as the humans said.
The Sexta ignored the feeling for the moment though as he opened his mouth to answer.

"I do-"

"-and I trust you," the shinigami cut him, lightly touching his lips with a fingertip "so let's get this over with."

"Eager much?"

The arrancar couldn't help but tease as he gave a little smirk.

"I'm simply going along with the cards I've been dealt. Not that I mind, I'm actually quite comfortable where I am."

His mate chuckled, before pulling his head back down onto his lap.

"I know. You are just-" Ichigo shook his head, deciding to change the topic "come on then. I can't wait to see what kind of vizard you'll turn out to be."

Ichigo nearly growled at the sight of his -he still couldn't get over that fact- Grimmjow grinning back at him, strong and confident. All previous traces of fear and hesitation gone. A heartbeat later the soon to be vizard was pressed down against the bed, his mouth thoughtfully attacked by the Sexta.

Long fingers latched onto orange locks as they shared a kiss, the two lovers alone in their little world.




The Espada gave a small bow to his master. Grimmjow was standing proudly by his side, looking straight ahead at the man who would soon become his superior in command.

The former captain and current King of Hueco Mundo observed them both silently, his expression calm and serene as usual, before he gave a small nod, deciding to cut straight to business.

"I'm pleased to see that you have finally accepted my offer, Grimmjow." He declared.

Aizen knew very well why they were here after all. He had followed with great interest the developing relationship between his faithful subordinate and his prize, and had already discussed the matter in great details with Ichigo.

They were only making official what had been facts for weeks.

"There was no reason to refuse anymore, so why the hell not?" the blue haired shinigami shrugged, completely at ease among the inhabitants of Las Noches, causing Aizen's lips to curl into a smile "Beside, you said something about how I would become more powerful?" he continued with a grin, expression flashing in something quite similar to Ichigo's.

"That is correct. Come forward then my child, so we can properly turn you into a member of our family."

Grimmjow nodded, only looking back once toward his lover. Ichigo's burning gaze on him was enough to comfort him. He had made his choice, there was no going back.

He walked up the steps separating from his destination without hesitation.

Aizen looked down at the two lovers from his throne, the hyougoku glowing gently in his right hand.

The young shinigami stopped just in front of him, eyes serious and determined.

Aizen held out the hyougoku.

Grimmjow told his brain to shut down, and seized the brightly glowing ball of mystic energy.

The world dissolved into a flash of white.



"How do you feel?"

The familiar voice that cooed into his ear worriedly was the first thing he became aware of as he slowly gained back his consciousness. Grimmjow couldn't help the smirk that slowly began to spread across his face at the predictability of his lover.

"I feel abso-fucking-lutely fantastic." He breathed, nipping at the slender fingers exploring the brand new bone-like hollow mask on his face.

Ichigo laughed and crushed his lips together.

Their hollow masks grind against each others as they kissed, a sharp reminder of what he had became and what he had left behind.

Though Grimmjow couldn't help but think he had never felt more alive as Ichigo ripped off his clothes and explored his new body with him.



Night found them curled up next to each others in their bed (no longer was it just Ichigo's, and the thought made the newly turned vizard purr), exhausted but sated, the tail of Grimmjow's new, feline-like hollow form wrapped loosely around them.

Ichigo sighed contently, his hand rubbing absently the soft, furry.

"The order came. We will attack Karakura town tomorrow." He murmured, breaking the comfortable silence between them almost regretfully.

Grimmjow nodded once, his face giving no indication of being bothered, even looking rather excited. His rough, cat like tongue darted out to lick playfully at the corner of Ichigo's mouth, a glint in his eyes that the Sexta was growing familiar with.

"It's gonna be a blast."

The electric eyes shone with the same darkness and lust that possessed Ichigo and the Espada pulled away slightly to look at his lover. He silently marveled at the changes once again, delightfully surprised at how well Grimmjow had adapted to his new condition.

It was like he had been made for this, he thought distantly.

"We are gonna burn Seireitei to the ground."

Ichigo said breathlessly, a hand tangling into his mate's long locks of blue hair.

Grimmjow bared his teeth in a feral grin.

The shinigami would never know what hit them.



A/N: FINALLY. I know I'm saying this a lot but damn. This took forever to do because I was never happy with what I wrote. So I said f*** it and went with what my muse consented to give me. Which is what you just read. Once again weird-ass editing but I don't care anymore. I'm just SO glad this fic is over. I really wasn't expected the epilogue to resist so much. Don't get me wrong though, I loved it and I loved writing it, but having it done is a weight of my shoulders because now I can write other fics. *rubs hands and starts plotting*