Naruto the Fox Sage.

Summary: this story begins with Naruto returning from training with the toads at Mt, Myobuku (don't know if that's how you spell it) but instead of Naruto returning to the village with three big toads he returns with the two old little toads on his shoulders (like the manger) and his riding well wait and see. (I do not own Naruto or any of the characters)

Chapter 1: Naruto returns.

Tsunade shouts "As Hokage I will defeat you and your others body's Pain".

Pain replies "You can try but you shall not succeed Tsunade the village will be destroyed and once I have the nine tails the rest of this world will fall".

(Meanwhile at )

Gamakichi asks "Hey paa what's Naruto doing meditating when we should be going to the village".

Paa replies "Naruto says he's trying to talk to the Kyuubi in improving his powers in sage mode even though I doubt such a thing could happen".

(Naruto's Mind)

Naruto speaks up "Hey fox we need to talk".

Kyuubi asks "What do you want boy?"

Naruto talks "Listen I know over the years we haven't gotten along but the Village is in trouble and I really could use your help please help me save my Village".

Kyuubi replies "Your right we haven't gotten along but I'll be dammed if I let Madara Uchiha get his way after forcing me to attack your village and letting the Fourth Hokage seal me away in you and giving you a horrible childhood alright I help you".

Naruto shocked asks "You will great what do we do first".

Kyuubi speaks "If you wish to have my power we must work as a team kit".

Naruto shouts ''What" "Ok what you had in mind'' Then Kyuubi throws a scroll at Naruto. ''What's this Fox''.

Kyuubi explains "It's my contract for summoning Foxes like you do normally for Toads".

Naruto surprised "Ok so what do you want me to do with it sign it and then what".

Kyuubi says "Kid once you sign this contract you will be able to summon me to fight by your side like a normal summon".

Naruto shouts "WHAT you mean you'll come out of the seal and fight with me thats cool. Wait how do I not know you'll just go away and live me while you finally get your freedom".

Kyuubi speaks firmly "You have such little faith in me I said I would help you and a proud Kitsune never goes back on his word please trust I want to help you stop Akatsuki once and for all".

Naruto asks "Why are you so eager to help me I know they want your power but is that all".

Kyuubi replies "No and Yes the Akatsuki have gone to far in there evil ways I want to get revenge for my fellow tailed beasts they've taken from this world".

Naruto says "Ok let's do this partner" Naruto then bites his thumb to make it bleed and signs his name in the Fox Scroll.

Kyuubi says "Ok once you've left here summon me and we'll go take the Akatsuki down together partner".

(Outside the mind)

Naruto wakes up puts on his sage cloths and walks over to the Toads.

Paa asks Naruto "Are you ok what happened".

Maa annoyed says "Who cares lets get Gamabunta and the other two and get to the village alrea.." But she was stopped by Naruto saying.

Naruto interupting "No only you and Paa come with me we won't need Gamabunta and the others".

Paa & Maa shout "WHAT"

Paa speaks "Are you crazy we won't be able to handle pain allowne".

Maa says "For once I agree with him what's wrong with you".

Naruto with a smirk bites his thumb and starts the hand signs. "I'll show you (slams his hand on the floor and shouts) SUMMONING JUTSU".

Then a lot of smoke appears blinding the Toads and once it clears the amazed at what Naruto summoned.

Naruto smirked "Shall we go then (while the two Toads gulped and jumped on Naruto's shoulder) let's go save the village".

(Back at the leaf after Pain's speech)

Tsunade shouts "OH YEAH YOU DEVIL".

Tsunade goes to attack fist ready Pain not moving when suddenly (BOOM) a giant cloud of smoke appears and something large appears before all who can see it (because it's so big).

Standing in all his glory with Nine Tails flying around his back with Naruto on his head along with the two old Toads on Naruto's shoulder The Nine Tailed fox Kyuubi roars

Then Naruto says "Hey Granny you don't mind if we take over do you".

Tsunade standing there amazed and the ANBO looking aware at what there seeing as well when Tsunade whispers "na-ruu-to".

END of chapter 1.

(Author) so what you fink I'm wolf191000 an this is my first Naruto fanfic I'm going to make this into a rated M story because later I'm going to bring in some lemon action the paring my favourite is narusakuino people so get ready action fighting first romantic stuff later. Please Review.