The Power?

Disclaimer: I do not own Captain Planet or affiliated in any way, this is just for fun and entertainment.

Chapter One: The Power Is Yours

Leadsuit was sprinting down the corridor as fast as he could. His breathing was heavy and labored as he tried to remember where the control room was. He looked behind himself to see if he was still being followed. The one person in the world that he did not want to see spotted him and now was hot on his trail.

He tried to call his master again on his cell phone only to get his ring back tone of 'It's the end of the world as we know it' but no answer. "Where is master" he said out loud as he made another turn but this time was lucky. In front of him stood Duke Nukem working on his latest devious plan to take over the work using nuclear power.

"Bwaa Haaa Haa I have done it" He held up a small gun looking device "I have a way to destroy that so called hero of the people"

"Sir we have a problem" said Leadsuit through ragged breath.

"What is it now moron?" snapped Duke Nukem.

"We have company" gasped Leadsuit.

"What do you mean" Duke said.

A loud crash was heard as the wall to Leadsuit's left fell to the ground revealing Captain Planet. He steeped over the rubble "This is the end of your evil plans".

"I think not" said Duke Nukem as he took aim with his new invention.

Captain planet quickly reacted and jumped into the air as a beam of green light flew underneath his feet and evaporated a pillar. The ceiling started to shake and crake as the supports where weakened by the destroyed wall and missing pillar.

Leadsuit hid behind Duke Nukem as the building they were in started to crumble and Captain Planet started his approach toward them again.

Duke Nukem brushed back his graying hair saying "You really think you have won this time don't you?".

"You do not stand a chance against the forces of nature, and good always wins over evil" he said as he picked up a nearby rock.

"Not this time you …" Duke Nukem tried to say until the rock that Captain Planet threw hit him directly on the chest.

Duke Nukem flew through the air smashing into Leadsuit causing them both to crash through a brick wall. Duke Nukem groaned as he looked over at the gun in his hand that was his plan to destroy Captain Planet. Just then police officers ran up and surrounded Duke Nukem and Leadsuit.

"I am getting to old for this" Said Duke as he was surrounded.

"Freeze, do not move we have you surrounded" said some random officer.

A man in a suit walked up to the man that was floating in the air. "Thank you Captain Planet, you kept Duke Nukem from creating a nuclear disaster"

A man garbed in Red armor with blue metallic skin and silvery blue hair hovered in the air in front of the inspector "It is my duty to serve the greater good". He then flew off toward the five people standing up on the hill waving and walking toward them.

Captain Planet flew between them with a great big smile on his face. He looked down at his friends "I am proud of you my friends you did a great job and" he paused for a sec "The Power Is ..".

Before as he finished his signature saying and started to fade away a green blast game from the ruble and hit captain Planet square on the symbol on his chest. An Officer tackled Duke Nukem and brought him down smashing the weapon, but the damage was done.

Five beams of light of varies colors with a hint of green shot out from where Captain planet was and flew towered the five adults who tried to block but the beams hit five rings. Everyone looked up in horror as a bright light and loud explosion could be heard when the beams hit their targets.

The inspector uncovered his eyes and gasped as he saw that where a hill use to be was now a crater. He ran over to the crater to see if anyone survived but he doubted anyone could survive that. He looked down in the crater to see five motionless forums laying in the whole. He took off his hat and healed it in front of his heart.

"They were true heroes" he said out loud as the crater was surrounded by police and spectators alike "For years they fought to keep our planet clean alongside the greatest hero the world has ever seen" he continued. He pointed to his officers "I want their bodies recovered so we can hold a proper burial for them and I want ….".

Whatever he was about to say we do not know because at that instant mother nature appeared in the crater with tears running down her face. She bent down and waved her hands over her champions and they all disappeared.

"Sir what do we do?" said one of the officers "and who was that?".

"I do believe that was Mother Nature, the one that gave them their powers. She must have took them to where ever she stays" He looked at everyone "Now clear the area I want this place scrubbed and cleaned, and arrest that man" he said as he pointed to Leadsuit.