The Wrong Cullen


There's a gentle wind blowing, steadily getting stronger. A beautiful young girl stands at the edge of a cliff, a passerby might think she was there to watch the beautiful sunset if it were not for the shaking hands removing her shoes and the tears making tracks down her face. She looks up just before she jumps and I can see it's Bella.

I open my eyes gasping for breathe. I can't take this anymore and I will not let that be followed through on. I'm going to Forkes and nothing can stop me. I have the oppurtunity in half an hour, I just have to have the patience not to show any sign of what I'm planning. Thank God Edward's not close enough to read my mind or I would be completely screwed. I'm not sure if the others will approve or not but they should understand, we all miss her terribly and she was my bestfriend.

Argh how time drags on when you're a vampire waiting for something. Everyones going shopping, maybe I'll go dress Jasper to save him trouble, even though we broke up when we first moved here we're still close friends and he's the only one who knows my secret. "Jazzy! I was just coming to find you! Would you like help picking an outfit?", I ask enthusiastically as he walks into my room. "Will it calm you down Alice?", his voice serious. Damn this man's sense of emotion is way too finely tuned, I mean sometimes it's great but can't he just ignore it this time? "Nope but it'll pass time." I reply truthfully. He sighs and walks towards his room, he knows in time he'll find out why I'm uptight but I can't chance telling him unless the others hear.

I dress Jazz and we joke around for a while until Emmet yells at Jasper to get his butt downstairs and asks if I'm sure I'm not coming. I yell back that I'm positive and not to miss me and I know that Jaspers realised what I'm planning. I hug him tightly and he whispers goodbye, he knew it was only a matter of time, kissing me on the the cheek we go downstairs and I wave them goodbye. As soon as they're gone I race around packing a bag of essentials, which ends up being a rather large bag which still contains barely a fraction of my clothes. Next job, write a note for Esme and the others..


I'm sorry I didn't say goodbye properly but I had to go to her and I didn't want to be stopped. I've never agreed with Edward's decision, as I'm sure you all know, I've respected it but I can do so no longer. She's not safe or happy and I have to do this, please don't try to stop me.

I'll miss you all

Love Alice xox

That done, I grab my handbag and sunnies and jump in my car with no intention of stopping until I reach Forkes and the girl I love.