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"Aww, come on Ali all I did was not let you drive, you can't ignore me forever!" Bella pleaded with me as we drove towards Port Angeles. This was turning out to be more fun than I first expected, I already knew I wasn't going to win. I'd seen the outcome but that was fine with me, I was going to let her win. I just sat in the passenger seat giving her silent treatment while she begged me to talk to her.

"For God's sake Alice! You're being unreasonable", She sighed then giggled," I bet I can make you talk eventually".

I just shook my head and continued staring out the window as the truck crawled along, I seriously don't know what was wrong with my driving.

"If you don't talk you're a smelly human"

"I'll hate you forever"

Still I stay silent; I know she wouldn't really hate me.

"Seriously Alice, if you don't talk I am pulling over, kicking you out and driving home"

"10..9..8..7..6..5..4..", she counted down to as if she was going to follow through with her threat but I couldn't see the gleam come into her eyes as she got an idea, "3..2..1..". She started slowing and down and pulled over but instead of kicking me out she leant across and quickly pressed her lips against mine. Her lips were so soft and warm against mine and I could feel the buzz of electricity run through us and then it was over and her lips were gone all too soon.

"That would have worked if I hadn't seen it coming", I teased.

"I WIN", Bella triumphed until she realised exactly what just happened, blushing and falling silent. Luckily we were almost there.

"So where do you want to go first? We have to buy you some new tops for winter", I started waffling excitedly, partly to stop myself from marvelling over the kiss even though I had known it was coming, secondly to stop the awkwardness and mostly because I was excited. "Um, I really don't care. Not too many, I already have a wardrobe full", she mumbled. "Bell's if this is about money then don't worry I'm paying for it all no protests". She sighed in response but I took it as acceptance.

We finally got Port Angeles and hit the first shop, I started looking through the racks, "hey Bella sweetie this would look amazing on you! Go try it, oh and this", shopping is so exhilarating! Not that Bella appeared to agree, I grabbed a few more shirts, all low cut and clingy, they would look beautiful on her, and joined her in her cubicle. "Ali, you could at least warn me!"Bella squealed with a shirt half way over her head. "Yeah, yeah whatever, hurry up and get dressed", my thoughts opposing my words as I run my gaze over her stomach. "Oh yeah and when we're done with shirts and pants, you really need some new underwear, you can't wear granny underwear forever", I laugh as she cringes. This could be interesting.

We walk out with shopping bags for both of us having tried on half the shirts, skirts and pants in the store until we found the perfect ones and even Bella had to admit she was starting to have. This day was going to be perfect; everything was as it should be. Ok I realise nothing is ever perfect and in my head it could be so different but it was still going to be a great day. We found a cafe and sat down so Bella could eat lunch.

Bella and I are sitting in the lounge room at my house in our pyjamas, giggling and mucking around like little kids. She throws a pillow at me and I throw it back. "Hey Bella I have an idea! Want to play truth?"...It's a little later that night and we're playing truth while eating popcorn and listening to music. The question I've been waiting to ask, "Have you ever thought about being with a girl?"

"What did you see?" Bella asks as soon as I come back to reality.

"Nothing important really, just that I'm driving us home this afternoon", I laughed at her.

"You did not"

"Did too"

"Nuh uh"

"Ah huh"

I had a feeling we would have continued much longer if the waiter hadn't have arrived with Bella's lunch. It felt so right to be back with Bella after so long, even just sitting here watching her eat was enjoyable in some strange way. Although I miss Esme and Carlisle and the others I'm a lot happier here than I was with them.

Bella finished eating and we kept shopping, our next stop being the lingerie shop. Oh this was going to be soo much fun. I immediately went to the section with the lacy bras and matching underwear and starting picking some that would look good under her new clothes and just look damn sexy on Bella. I shoved them at her and told her to try them on, not game enough to go help knowing that if I saw Bella like that I wouldn't be able to restrain myself.

"Ali, if you're going to make me buy and wear these vile things are you at least going to come see how they look?" Damn. I walked in to find her wear a lacy revealing matching dark red and black matching bra and underwear that showed off her cleavage to maximum advantage. If I had a heart it would be on overdrive, my breath caught and my mouth dropped open, she was perfect; better than I had ever imagined.

"What?"She asked as I stood there staring, making me come out of my little daze.

"Oh, um sorry, it looks great Bella, it really accentuates your cleavage", hoping that I could save myself from having to explain my quite obvious ogling. She blushed at my words, making her look even more beautiful. "Hey do you want to catch a movie or something before we go?"

"Sure sounds good, let me finish here and we'll go see what's on ok?"

I left the change room quickly and let her call me back in every time she had a new set on. I also chucked a couple of flimsy pyjama's in for her too rather than her ratty old oversized shirts, even

though she looked cute in whatever she wore. They were more for hope for the future than anything. We finished up and bought everything, by the time we put it all in the car the boot was crammed.

"Hey Alice, can I ask you something, kind of personal?"

"Umm, yeah sure, go ahead"

"What happened with Jasper? I mean he hasn't called since you've been here, that I know of"

"We broke up just after we moved, we're still great friends but we he knew I loved him but I wasn't truly in love with him"

"Oh, ok sorry"

"It's fine", and with that I grabbed her hand and we walked into the cinemas.

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