Me: I don't own twilight!

Bella: WTF?

Me: what?

Paul: I told her about the imprint!

Me: ok then! Lol!

Paul: I imprinted on you!

Me: WTF? (Faints)

Bella: OK she finally got it then.

In this story Bella is not Charlie's daughter but Levi Uley's. Hold on tight, we're in for a bumpy ride!

The Beginning


I had to go, if I didn't this torture wouldn't stop. My mother had remarried but her new husband was a total bastard. He does things to me; not nice things. Let's just say that I haven't been a virgin since I was 13.

"You aren't leaving." His voice was dangerous; his face was a mask of pure hatred. He was always doing this; not letting me have my own opinion. Right now all I wanted to do was go back and live in La Push with my real dad.

"You can't stop me. I'm practically an adult; don't tell me how to live my life." I continued packing keeping my eyes down. His hands made iron clasps around my wrists and he pushed me against the wall.

"You forget sweet Bella," his voice was dangerously calm, "I own you!" before I could talk he ripped the bathrobe that was around me off and threw it to the floor, leaving me completely exposed to him. His eyes glazed over with lust, he caught both my wrists in one hand and went to his jeans with the other.

Before he could reach them I need him in the groin. He collapsed on the floor in pain. Grabbing my bag and pulling on my coat I ran out of the door. I didn't care if I was naked underneath I just needed to get away from here.


I got to La Push the next day. I was tired and scared. The plane had taken ages to get here and then I had to hitchhike to get here. It was horrible; the person that had given me a lift had dropped me off at the edge of the woods. Walking through here as a kid I was always with my dad –Levi Uley- and even then I was scared.

Crack! Swivelling around I see a dark shape coming toward me.

"Bella? Is that you?" I know that voice. It was my brother Sams.

"Sam?" the dark shape came toward me and warm arms came around to pull me into an embrace.

"What are you doing here? You should be in Arizona. Come on let's get you home." His voice was full of concern. I let him pull me along but when I got tired he picked me up and carried me.

I blacked out then, falling into the safe harbour of sleep.


when I wake I'm in a comfy bed. And two figures are standing over me.

"Bella, what the hell do you think you're doing here?" this voice was full of anger but an underlining of relief.

"Nice to see you too dad." Propping up onto my elbows I look into the eyes of my brother and dad. "And the reason I'm here... well you can ask mums new husband for that. It's been five years I've had to put up with what he's done to me." Tears had brewed in my eyes so a fiercely brushed them away, not wanting to cry in front of them.

"Bella baby, I know. Your mother told me. She was willing to send you here but Phil wouldn't allow it. If it makes you feel better I'll send some of the boys over to go knock his lights out?" at this I let out a low giggle.

"As tempting as that offer sounds dad I don't think I really want that." With another shaky laugh I got up and went to the bathroom. When I was finished I went down the stairs, before I reached the bottom I heard voices in the living room.

"She was a wreck there. Nothing but a coat on, god how I want to go and kill that fucking bastard for what he's done to my baby sis." I love Sam.

"Come on Sam, I bet she could keep her own. And anyway she may go wolf on s, especially since Leah has." I knew this voice. It belonged to Jacob Black.

"Yeah bro. Maybe she might go wolf, then she can attack him herself." A round of laughter came after this comment, but I didn't know this voice.

I descended from the stairs to the living room. The laughing died down as I entered.

"Bella, how much did you hear?" Sam was eyeing me suspiciously.

"Well, I might turn wolf on you and then attack Phil myself. Oh and thanks for telling them I was a wreck last night." I walked over a smacked Sam round the arm. His face went red and I could tell he was blushing.

Unlike the rest of my family, I inherited my mum's pale skin so in this room I stuck out like a lion in acute little fury thing exhibit.

"What was all that about me going wolf? Wait a sec, please don't tell me all those stories about the tribe and the wolves and the cold ones are true?" my voice had started to go a bit hysteric.

"Bella, calm down. Yes they are true, and unfortunately so is the imprint thing." I looked up at him questioningly. With a gesture of his head he looked at one of the boys I didn't know. I followed his gaze and saw the way the boy was looking at me.

"Bella, this is Paul. And he's imprinted on you." I looked into the boys eyes and felt it then, the strong tug that pulled my heart. His face was smooth and perfect. His body, well, his body was like a god.

"Hello Paul, I'm Bella." I held out my hand as if to shake his. He obviously had other plans. He took a step forward and took my hand bending down and pressed his lips to my hand. My breath caught in my throat as his lips sent electric shocks up my arm.

"Paul, I would appreciate it if you would not make my lil' sis faint when you first meet her." Sam came up behind me and protectively put an arm around my shoulders. I shake it off and stick my tongue out at him. He stepped back hand over his heart with a look of pure shock on his face. It was almost too hysterical. I started laughing and was ambushed. Sam ran up and threw me over his shoulder.

A growl came from those who had watched us and I looked up with confusion clear on my face. I met the eyes of Paul straight away and I understood. He didn't like people touching me. Hitting Sam in the middle of his shoulder blades he let me go. I walked up to Paul and put my hand on his cheek; he leaned into it and closed his eyes.

"Oh please! No!" we turned to see my dad storming into the room. He slammed his fists into Paul's chest and started shoving him out of the door. Paul didn't phase like I thought he would, he just stood there and took it as my dad started his tirade. On the other hand I started to shake, my hand clenched into fists and my teeth gritted. Before I knew what was happening a blinding hot feeling went through my body. I fell to the floor and landed on... wait what? Paws?

"Bella!" I heard my brother shouting at me. I turned to face him and he had a look of sheer terror and confusion. Before I could understand what had happened there was something in my head.

Bella, it's me Sam. It's ok don't be scared you just phased its ok!

Sam how can you tell me it's ok, I'm going to be a freak.

Oh Bella, by the way I would look into Pauls eyes if I were you!


Just do it.

I looked up at Paul who was standing in front of me and froze. He was even more gorgeous than he was only 2 minutes ago. I took a step toward him and a smile broke out onto his face. He reached a hand out to me. Without warning my dad smacked it back. A rumble came from my throat and I realised it to be a growl.

"Bella! Don't growl at me." His voice was a command in its self. I narrowed my eyes at him and he took a step back.

"Here Bella." I turned around to see Sam in human form handing me a top and some shorts. "You need to focus on being calm to phase back, if you want you can go into the woods to change." I nodded my head, took the clothes in my mouth and trotted off into the woods.


She trotted off and I watched her go. Something strained inside of me as I watched her go. She was mine and I was hers, nothing could come in between us, not even her pushy obnoxious dad.

"Paul." That sweet voice came from the woods were my imprint stood, in all her glory. "Can I talk to you for a minute?" I nodded my head unable to find my voice and followed her into the woods. She walked a few paces in front of me before stopping. She turned around an emotion I could not place was in her eyes.

"Are you ok Bella?" I was getting concerned now.

"Better than ok!" she stepped toward me wrapped her arms around my neck and brushed her lips on mine.