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[Love Lectures :: 6996]

[Lecture 1]

' lovely Chrome, do you know one thing that I can't stand about children that I plan on having?'

That was a random thing for Mukuro to bring up in a conversation. The two illusionists don't communicate often and when they do, it often has something to do with what Chrome was up to, the family or something along those lines - they were never private or personal like that.

', Mukuro-sama.' Chrome blinked.

'Oya oya, the one thing that I can't stand is my children to be ugly.' Chrome never knew Mukuro was that shallow, 'would you, now, my dear Chrome.'

'...I've never really thought about that before, Mukuro-sama...' Chrome pondered on the possibilities, 'but...I don't think I will mind.'

'...' Mukuro seemed to be at a loss for words for the first time in his life, '...well, what would your choices be for a future husband?'

Chrome had to think for a while. She never really thought about things like that - not like she had to. There's no one to tell her to get together with someone. But now that Mukuro brought it up, Chrome pondered on the possibilities.

'...maybe Boss?'

She wondered. Tsuna wasn't that bad of a guy, he seems to be able to look after girls and didn't seem to harsh on them. He gets serious and reliable when needed, though on normal circumstances, he's not that ideal for company. But he's the Vongola X so there should be something in that, right?

', he's too useless. Too much of an uke, if you have a child with him, I'm afraid I won't like it...kufufufu~'

Chrome never really thought that her child would have to please Mukuro, but..well...after all...


Though immensely loud and annoying, rash, impatient and to be honest, absolutely unpleasant, he's not actually that bad of a person. He's loyal and seems to be determined. Though Chrome wasn't sure if she would be able to tolerate it, it couldn't get that bad.

', he's too annoying, a waste of time. Too hot headed, a child with him won't last a day before your child gets run over by a truck.'

Mukuro was rather pessismistic, Chrome never really thought of him that way.

'...what about Yamamoto-san?'

Yamamoto seems like a good boyfriend/husband. He would care about the child, and he doesn't seem too pushy or anything. He would most likely get along well with the child without being too stern or too seems rather ideal.

'oya...he's undoubtly a good candidate, but he's too naive and care free, you wouldn't want to have a child like him. Besides, all he cares about is baseball...'

Mukuro sure has high expectations.


Chrome didn't know why she was bringing him up.

'...Oya, My dear Chrome, we both know that he is too extreme...kufufuf~'

'But Mukuro-sama, you can't be expecting me to say Lambo!'

'...kufufu~ if you can put up with the age-difference, Chrome...'

'Mukuro-sama!' Chrome flushed in embarrassment.


Chrome had to wonder why her master was such a sadist, it's uncomfortable sometimes.

'So... Xanxus-san?'

Xanxus is the Captain of the Varia Squad. He should be reliable to his love ones? And he is strong enough to protect them from getting hurt. Maybe he is a reliable man afterall, or so Chrome thought.

' way, he talks to much trash.'


Levi is the lightning guardian of the Varia Squad. He is loyal, honest and determined to serve his boss. He seems to be the best choice for a father amongst all of the other Varia Squad members.

' way. He's too ugly, to boring, to solemn and he's pretty much in love with his boss, not loyal, but obsessed. Which is wrong. He'll ditch you before you know.'

Chrome blinked.


'Kufufu~ Chrome...he's too loud, too pushy and really not pleasant at all...Chrome, you must chose wisely~ kufufu~'

'...what about Bel-san?'

Bel was rather unique and he seemed to be the type of person who would be proud of having a kid. If what he says is true, he has the 'Prince-quality'...

' dear Chrome, are you nuts? He's arrogant, obnoxious and absolutely unpleasant. Besides, he has a weird laugh, kufufu~'

Chrome winced slightly at the irony, but she dared not bring it up.

'..what about Lussuria-san?'

'...Chrome, you're kidding, right?'



' Fran-kohai?'

Chrome couldn't even imagine the chances of the two of them ever being together. They just have two very different personalities.

'Impossible. I won't let my apprentices get together, especially not when one of them is an absolute idiot.'

Chrome couldn't imagine a master speaking like that about his apprentice then again this is Mukuro they're talking about, so he takes it to a whole new level. The point now, was that the two of them were talking about Chrome's husband, not Mukuro's...right? Chrome shook her head.

'...Mukuro-sama, that only leaves Hibari-san but-'

'No! You must never marry him! that would be utterly unacceptable!'


'...because...because...oya, just because!'

Chrome pondered on a while.

'...Mukuro-sama, what about Ken?'

'Kufufu~ April Fools, April Fools...'

It's wasn't April. More like July.

'...Chikusa?' Chrome couldn't think of anyone else.


There was only one person left.

'...Mukuro-sama...could it be...'


'Does Mukuro-sama wishes me to say 'Mukuro-sama'?'


There was silence.

'...Ah! My dear Chrome, I knew that you love me!'

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