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[Love Lectures :: 6996]

[Lecture 2]

The sun shone brightly upon the streets as the young illusionist made her way around the bustling city, a toddler holding onto her skirt. She sighed slightly, looking around. The toddler tugged onto her skirt, his other hand pointing towards the ice-cream stand on the other side. He looked up at her expectantly.

"Sorry, I don't have enough money…" Dokuro Chrome muttered as she continued to navigate her way around the crowd of people. The child gave a unsatisfied grunt before stiffly following Chrome, his eyes still on the melting frozen cream.

'Oya, Oya…Chrome, who's that?'

Chrome perked up as the familiar voice sounded in her head. It's been a while after Mukuro last talked to her, especially after that certain talk. '…um, it's a child, Mukuro-sama.'

'Kufufu~ Is that your child, my precious Chrome?'

Chrome paused for a moment, short of words before shaking her head. 'Mukuro-sama, that's-.'

'…don't tell me it's your child with Sawada Tsunayoshi!'

Chrome didn't know where Mukuro got that idea from. It might've been from the previous talk about kids she had with Mukuro, but still. 'No Mukuro-sama…this isn't a child between me a boss. You told me yourself that I can't be 'together' with boss because he's not good enough. This kid is-…'

She couldn't finish before Mukuro interrupted her again.

'No way! Would this be with the Storm Guardian then?'

Chrome was rather speechless, she didn't know how to answer that. She never really considered Gokudera-san at all. Despite the fact that she did mention him last time…but that was only because… 'Mukuro-sama, Gokudera-san is not really up to my taste, besides, Mukuro-sama said I couldn't be with him either…but the child-?'

'oya? …then the Rain Guardian…you're not serious, Chrome! I would never allow you to get together with a baseball-crazed person!'

'…Mukuro-sama…as I was saying, this kid-…'

Mukuro wasn't exactly giving Chrome the time and chance to speak as he kept interrupting her. '…Chrome…this can't be a kid with the Sun Guardian…no! That's way too extreme!'

'…Mukuro-sama, it's not a child with…Sasagawa-san…' Chrome replied as she felt another tug and looked down to see the kid had tripped over. She sighed and helped him up, making sure that he doesn't grip too tightly on her skirt that it would fall. 'As I was saying-…'

'…' Mukuro interrupted Chrome with silence this time.

Chrome replied with equal silence.


'Yes, Mukuro-sama?'

'…you can't be saying that…the cow…five…with…that…' it seemed like Mukuro was rather troubled in forming the words. Chrome took it into consideration, her face burning after she understood, 'of course not! Mukuro-sama! How could you…Lambo-san…I…don't…'

"Gaha! Blushing! You're blushing!" the kid said as he pointed up at Chrome's suddenly red face, "Did you see your boyfriend?" Chrome looked down at him.

'Oya? Did I hear…boyfriend?'

'Mukuro-sama…I don't have a boyfriend…I…'

'So whoever it is, the two of you are already married? Well, that's more like it. I wouldn't allow you to have a kid when you're still not committed to each other. Kufufu~'

'…Mukuro-sama…' Mukuro has rather excelling imagination.

'But Chrome…really, this child is rather disgustingly ugly, who could be his father? It's definitely that…uh…Xanxus right? He's the only one who can afflict such ugliness upon a being that comes from the angel that is my Chrome…'

Mukuro should really learn to be a poet. Chrome nodded to herself. 'Mukuro-sama…it's not Xanxus-san…'

'Oya? Then who could it be? It can't be Levi-a-than or whatever his name is…he's too much of a gaytard. Lussuria would be immediately crossed out.'Mukuro mused, 'My Chrome has better tastes than that…no…Chrome, you can't be serious about it being that shark!'

'…Mukuro-sama, I never said anything of that sort,' Chrome sighed. She looked down at the kid who kept nudging her thigh, constantly reminding her of his presence. She kneeled down and looked at the boy, he was pointing this time at a Merry-Go-Round a little further down the street. He dragged her over as he jumped on the horse. Chrome watched as he spun round and round.

'…he doesn't look princely…kufufu~'

Chrome blinked, '…Mukuro-sama…I can't stand that weird laugh.'

'kufufu~ can't you?'

…he didn't seem to get the idea. Chrome sighed.

'…but the last time I heard, Fran didn't get married and is still currently a virgin…so…could it be…you…with that…that…that…thing?'

Chrome blinked. Thing? … Could be referring to Hibari?

'…ah no. Mukuro-sama, Hibari-san would've bit me to death before anything…'

'…oya? Then…Ken? Chikusa? But it's not dog-like…nor is it…no, it doesn't seem like Chikusa…oya oya~ Chrome…who exactly is the father of this child?'

Chrome paused. Is Mukuro-sama really that desperate? '…Mukuro-sama…this isn't my child…'


'…it's a lost kid…I'm trying to find his mother…'


And Chrome didn't hear anything anymore.

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