Title: Stuck

Author: Glitnir_Gebo

Parings: None.


Note: Set early in/pre Havemercy

"Fuck!" Rook swore. He couldn't believe it. He couldn't fucken believe it!

"I warned you to watch your step. You're the third person to almost do that today. " Havemercy loomed over Rook, her green metallic eyes looking right at him and right through him at the same time.

Rook tugged at his right leg, cursing once more. "How the bastion fuck did they get outta it?!"

"They didn't. I said they almost did it. You were the first to actually fall in." Though her expression didn't change Rook got the feeling that she was laughing at him.

"You can wipe that smirk off yer your face, Have! The longer I'm stuck here the longer it'll be 'til we can get in the air, so it'd be in your best interest to help me here!" Rook tugged at his leg once more, trying to pull it out of the hole in the floor grating that he had somehow managed to get it lodged in.

"Would you like me to bite your leg off? Or you prefer I use my claws?" From the deep growl behind her voice Rook could tell that Havemercy was annoyed at being spoken to in such a manner, even by her pilot. With a creak she tapped one claw against the metal grating that made up the floor; the sound of metal on metal ringing throughout the room.

Rook refused to back off. "Cut it out Have!" he half whispered, half yelled, glancing over his shoulder to check the entranceway. "If the others see me like this I'll never hear the end of it!"

"And whose fault would that be?"

"You could have given me more warning!" Rook flicked his blonde plats out of his face and tried to kick about with his stuck foot.

Havemercy backed up a few steps, as if she were loosing interest. "I've heard that Anastasia's pilot will be dropping by in a little while. He's not so wild...I'm sure he will help you out," she said, the ting of her voice full of mirth.

"Fuck! Not Balfour! Even if he helped me out, after the things I've put him through I'd be lucky if first he called the others in and spent just an hour laughing at me! Do you know what this could do to my reputation?"

"Your reputation isn't exactly good to begin with. You've never should much interest in appearances before. And besides… you pilot the most powerful dragon to have ever existed."

"Ego much?"

"Stuck much?"

"FUUUUUUCK!" Rook took off his leather flying gloves and started beating at the grating with them, his blonde and blue hair flailing about his face.

"Trouble?" a deep voice cut out from behind him.

Rook attempted to turn around to confront the person but only succeeded in getting his foot stuck even further in the hole and falling on his ass. Tossing his gloves aside he tried to act as flippant as he possibly could with his foot stuck in a hole and a giant metal dragon laughing at him. "What the fuck do you want Chief?"

"I came to see what all the noise is about. Apparently all your cursing has scared off one of the dragon handlers. Need some help there?"

Rook leaned his head backwards as far as possible to see an upside down Adamo with his arms crossed and his square jaw firmly clenched. Was he trying not to laugh? "Of course not! And I can fucking swear all I fuck I like!"

Adamo half nodded and turned to leave. "Suit yourself then."

Rook waited until the sound of Adamo's footsteps had disappeared before tugging at his leg again. "Fuck!"

"You could have let him help you. He wouldn't have told anyone." Havemercy cocked her head at him.

"Why the bastion would I do that? He's probably telling everyone right now!"

"No, he wouldn't do that. You see...he did the exact same thing yesterday..."