Rose watched the Doctor babble beautiful, loving, sexy words. At first, she was bemused. The drugs they'd given her must have put her into a coma. This had to be a dream.

And then she realized what was going on. The Doctor wasn't afraid.

He was nervous, sure. By admitting he knew why she'd been locked up, he was changing everything. And by admitting his own desires, he was changing everything in the best possible way. So, yes, he was nervous, she could see, because they could never go back after this.

But he wasn't scared. He knew that she wanted him. He might've even realized that she loved him, but she wouldn't put her money on that. Still, for the first time the Doctor knew she wouldn't reject him, wouldn't laugh at him. So, he could be honest.

Because he was nervous, the words came pouring out. Because he wasn't afraid, he spoke the truth. And Rose loved him even more for it.

But better safe than sorry. "God, if this is some sort of drug-coma dream," she muttered. "I never want to wake up." She pulled him down to attack his lips with her own. She'd wanted this too long, and the adrenaline of his admission was mixing with the adrenaline of her escape. This wasn't going to be gentle. Hell, they might not even make it to a bed.

The Doctor pulled away as soon as Rose remembered she needed oxygen. Rose didn't know how he did that, and she didn't really care.

"Doctor, you should know," Rose began, needing everything out in the open. "The doctors there were wrong." She could see his face begin to close up and cursed herself for not finding a better way to phrase this. "I don't just want to have sex with an alien." She emphasized the word just, hoping he'd catch on. Caressing his jaw line softly, Rose smiled a gentle, loving smile. "I am in love with an alien. Yes, he's a dead sexy, impressive alien who I want to shag into the carpet, but it's more than that. He's the most generous and compassionate person I've ever met." The Doctor tried to protest, but Rose clamped a hand on his mouth, and sternly continued, "And too bloody minded to know when to take a compliment. And I need him to know that I love him before I shag him 'til he can't see straight."

The Doctor's eyes were over bright with lust flaring at the edges. "Rose Tyler, he murmured reverently, a tender hand brushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear. "You have no idea how much I love you. You can't do, because I'm learning everyday that I love you more than I thought was possible the day before." His lips tickled her earlobe, and his hot breath sent fire merrily tripping through her veins. "I'm gonna make you beg for me," he whispered against her ear before fusing his lips to hers.

One large hand spanning her lower back possessively, the Doctor speared the fingers of his other hand through her hair, anchoring her so that he could take full control of the kiss. For a moment, Rose was overwhelmed by the blatant desire he showed in the dance of their tongues. If introspections were on the menu, Rose would have wondered how they had managed to hide from one another. As it was, she was too busy fighting to explore his mouth as he was exploring hers to care.

There was nothing slow or gentle in their actions. They had waited too long to take turns. Rose wanted to know everything about the Doctor, and she wanted to know now. If his actions were any indications, he felt the same.

His lips tore from hers, and while she was still dizzy from his delightful assault and its sudden loss, his mouth was her throat, licking and sucking. Her head fell to the side, granting him better access. When he nipped hard enough for an edge of pain to sharpen the pleasure and send wet heat rushing to her core, Rose ground against him, relishing how hard he already was.

A second later, Rose was shirtless, and the Doctor's hands were kneading her breasts through her bra. "Rose," he hissed, "I thought I could wait." He broke off panting when she cupped him through his black jeans, mapping his length as best she could. "Need you," he moaned.

"Yes," she agreed breathlessly as he nipped at the hollow of her collar bone. "Now. Please."

His hands skittered over her ribs and around to cup her bum. Hoisted up to the Doctor's height, Rose wrapped her legs around him. For the first time, the Doctor's hardness pushed against her center, even if it was through two layers of denim. Wantonly, she pushed against him, seeking more contact, more friction.

"Rose," he gasped. She felt his knees buckle beneath them, but he caught himself, his grip around her tight and protective. "Rassilon, but you will be the death of me," he told her, his forehead pressed against hers as he struggled for control. His steps were clumsy, but Rose knew he'd never drop her. Gently, she was placed on the jumpseat, and immediately the Doctor renewed his onslaught. He bucked sporadically against her while reaching to undo the clasp of her bra.

Rose realized that the Doctor intended to fuck her, right here in the console room. Lust flared through her, followed by a brief flash of clarity.

"Doctor," she started, only to devolve into a moan when his tongue wrapped around her nipple. Rallying what was left of her wits, Rose tried again. "What about…oh god." The Doctor suckled her breast with abandon, moaning appreciatively when she ran her fingers over the soft spikes of his close cropped hair. The vibrations sent a buzz shooting from her breast straight to her clit.

On her last attempt, Rose could only get out one syllable. "Jack," she insisted. The Doctor fumbled in his coat pocket until he withdrew the sonic screwdriver. Aimed at the front door, it let out a brief whirr before falling silent and dropping back into the pocket of his jacket, which then fell to the floor.

"I'll let him in tomorrow," he whispered against her skin. "I'm sure he can find someplace warm and dry to stay for the night."

Rose nodded absentmindedly, her hands already reaching for the hem of his jumper. His lips found hers in a duel of desire. Before the night was over, Rose intended for the Doctor to know that he was indisputably hers. The way his tongue twined and danced with hers was a clear sign that he wanted to prove that she was his.

Her hands had found their way under the wool of his jumper. Her fingers explored the lean muscles of his torso, tickled by the sparse smattering of fine hair that trailed down towards the bulge he pressed insistently against her. The Doctor took a step back.

The haze of need and want and Doctor and now that had been settling over Rose's mind receded enough for her to pout at him. She hooked her heels under his bum and tried to pull him closer. The Doctor grinned savagely at her, but stayed his ground.

Then his shirt was gone and the haze was back. She had imagined what he would look like more times than she could remember, and the reality was just as exquisite as she'd dreamed. There was an almost sculpted quality to his lean, rangy muscles that begged to be examined. His work roughened hands fell to his belt buckle, and Rose's mental fog was burned away by a fiery need to see and touch, to be seen and be touched. The Doctor looked up at her, his hands lingering over his belt. Wickedness danced in a dark blue gaze. "I'll show you mine, if you'll show me yours," he murmured huskily. Rose shivered and hopped down from the jump seat, her fingers already attacking the button of her jeans.

It was an awkward race that both won. They each tried to watch the other as they undressed. Fingers fumbled blindly, muffled curses sounded, but most importantly, clothes were shed. In trying to get rid of his boots, his trousers and pants already around his ankles, the Doctor stumbled. He caught himself on the jumpseat, his face inches from a breathless, naked Rose. "To hell with it." He muttered and crashed his lips against hers. One of his hands came down to caress the skin of her now bare bum.

Rose ground against him, pulling him flush against her, reveling in the feel of his skin on hers, his hard planes against her curves, his erection pressing into her belly. As soon as she had been lifted back onto the seat, Rose wrapped her legs around the Doctor, trapping him. Her sodden curls pressed against the underside of his cock.

He groaned. "You're so wet for me."

"Doctor." She panted, nuzzling the hollow at the base of his throat. It felt like every molecule of liquid in her veins had evaporated from the heat he created in her. And if she didn't have him now, she'd not only go up in flames, she'd take the TARDIS with her.

He trailed a finger through her slit, just glancing her clit. Rose jerked against him, a pleasant tension building in her. With her eyes locked on his every movement, the Doctor cleaned his finger of her juices.

He was far too collected for her liking. Rose was out of her senses with need for him, but he seemed to be almost calm in his exploration.

She traced a light path from the tip to the base of his cock and back again, swiping a bead of pre-come from his head and sampling him. He tasted like nothing she could describe, and she wanted more.

But almost as soon as she touched him, the Doctor's entire pretense of control snapped.


The Doctor needed so badly to be in Rose, to feel her warmth and passion surround him. He wanted to burrow into her mind and make himself at home; he wanted to dive into her body and feel her muscles try to pull him father in. It was all he could do not to claim her forcefully.

Even without establishing a claim, the intimacy of their words and actions had put the Doctor more in tune with her mind than he'd ever dared allow himself to be. Every look that she cast his way felt like a tangible caress. Images of what she wanted to do to him, what she wanted him to do to her flickered in his mind so quickly, it was hard to tell which came from her and which from him. The Doctor knew that he shouldn't allow even this much closeness without her permission, but he didn't know how to stop.

As long as he kept control over their contact, as long as Rose was too distracted to retaliate against his onslaught, the Doctor was able to hold back the violent urge to take her. He fought to act more collected than he was, desperate not to scare her. But Rose rebelled against his calm manner, and she found his aching cock, which twitched eagerly in her hand. Her lust flared against his mind when she tasted his seed, and it was his undoing.

"Rose," he panted. "I need…to be in you." He bit back a moan at the heat that burned in her at his words. "So much I wanted to do to you."

"Later, Doctor. Just fuck me, now."

The Doctor lifted her up a few inches, his fingers digging into her bum, bruising her. He lined up quickly and drove into her in one thrust. For a heartbeat, nothing existed but Rose's walls clenching around him. He froze, fighting off the explosion within him, fighting to keep from plunging into her mind like he had her body. He couldn't ask for that. Just because she wanted him, even loved him didn't mean she was ready to spend her eternity with him, and it didn't mean she wanted to be with him everywhere, to quite literally carry a piece of him with her.

When Rose whispered, "Fuck me, Doctor," in his ear, the Doctor realized that he had been still for over a minute.

"Rose," he moaned, when he pulled nearly all the way out. "Rose," he panted when he thrust back in so hard that his balls slapped against her. "Rose," he breathed when she tightened her walls around him.

He was trying so hard to concentrate on the physical, to ignore the tantalizing warmth from where he stupidly allowed his mind to brush hers. He almost succeeded. The Doctor was so focused on the push and pull, the slide and the friction that he almost missed Rose's words.

It wasn't his name in breathy tones that sent him over the edge, it was one word that fell from her swollen lips, almost lost in the tide of need.


That one word changed everything.

The Doctor stuttered to a stop. Rose whimpered in protest.

"Say it again," he demanded roughly. "Say you want me forever."

"Yes," Rose said, nodding desperately, trying to encourage him back into moving.

"I need to be inside you," he blurted nervously. Rose glanced down to where he was buried in her pussy to the hilt. "No, your mind. Time Lords are slightly telepathic. And you, all of you is so beautiful. I want to feel you surround me."

Surprise and love and even lust danced in her mind when she realized what he wanted. Wordlessly, she nodded.

"It can't be undone, and it can't be hidden. Any telepathic species will know," the Doctor warned her, anxiety desire warring for control. "You will be…mine forever. And I will be yours. Forever."

"My Doctor. Yes," she whispered across his lips. The Doctor crushed her to him in a punishing kiss and finally slipped inside her mind.


Rose had never before liked the idea of being branded by a man, but that was because she had never thought of herself as belonging to anyone but herself, and she had never wanted to own any of them in return. With the Doctor, she knew she belonged to him just as much as he belonged to her. She would wear his mark with pride.

A sense of love and belonging that had tickled her mind many times since she'd started travelling with the Doctor pressed against her with an insistence that it had never exhibited. A brief pain flashed when something snapped on the outside of her mind, but then he was there with her, and for a moment she was overwhelmed.

"My Rose," the Doctor murmured, brushing her hair back from her face. Rose could feel the fierce joy that coursed through him and being able to utter such a possessive phrase, and it warmed her. She smiled. "Open your eyes, precious girl."

Rose's eyes fluttered open to lock with his. She had always loved the intense blue of his eyes, but to have them focused on her, with his love and affection suffusing throughout her was almost too much.

She cupped his cheek and the Doctor leaned into the caress, yearning for her touch despite the wonder he felt at knowing the depth of her love for him. "You do deserve it, my Doctor," Rose told him when she sensed his flicker of self-doubt.

A manic grin spread across his face. "You can feel me," he murmured in awe, but his lips didn't move. Rose nodded, her eyes wide. The Doctor kissed her in joy, teasing her lips and tongue. "I was afraid you wouldn't be able to," he told her even as his tongue was sliding past her lips.

The kiss quickly turned from playful into something that echoed need and entwined bodies. The lust that had been pushed back by the wonder of being bonded flared into the forefront of their minds. Rose scratched her nails down his back when the Doctor shifted within her, and answered his moan with a whimper as he began to thrust into her. The Doctor bent and took her nipple into his mouth, suckling like a man rediscovering a great love. For a moment, Rose forgot how to breathe.

It was like microphone feedback. His lust and arousal and pleasure fueled hers which fed his. When he brought his thumb down to circle her clit, Rose thought she would explode. Her walls clenched around his and she knew he nearly did.

Rose felt more complete than she ever had, but still she needed.

"Doctor," she whined against his neck. Her breath was as shallow as her thoughts. There were no deep currents of philosophy or morality flowing through her brain; no sonnets being composed. All of her was reaching for the peak, and she was reduced to single words even in her mind. "Need. Want," she panted.

The Doctor pressed his thumb a little bit harder against her clit and whispered darkly in her ear. "Come for me, my Rose."

Rose nearly screamed when her orgasm ripped through her. It was like she had been sprinting uphill when someone pulled the ground out from beneath her; she was freefalling through a cloud of love and Doctor and yes.

When the Doctor shouted her name, she forced her eyes open, though her body still shook, to see his face, strained with lust and exertion as he finally let himself come. The blinding flash of his orgasm met the dwindling fire of hers and together they went supernova. Rose knew she must have screamed as her body dissolved its tethers from time and space to drift lazily with his in a post-coital fog.

There was a thunk and sudden chill, and Rose opened her eyes to see that the Doctor no longer stood in front of her perch on the jumpseat. He sprawled in an undignified heap. His trousers still 'round his ankles, his quickly softening cock still wet with their juices.


He said nothing, just pushed himself into an sitting position, glaring disgustedly at the universe. She was aware of embarrassment coming off him in waves, and she focused on them. In a flash, she knew why he was currently on the ground, and took a fierce pride in the knowledge that she could make The Last Time Lord's knees go out.

"Well," she said, sliding off the jumpseat and crouching next to him. He turned his face away, but Rose refused to let his humiliation cast a shadow on the beginning of their bond, not to mention the best sex she'd ever had. She straddled his lap and rubbed against his cock, feeling a small twitch in response, which was more than she expected so soon. "I know of at least one thing we can do that won't tire out your legs." A wicked glint in her eye, Rose lifted herself a few inches and then lowered herself in blatant suggestion.

For a second, the Doctor's eyes glazed over, then she was in his arms, and he was running down the corridor to his bedroom. Rose didn't know how he'd gotten rid of his boots and trousers, and she didn't care. She simply laughed in delight at the love she had for this beautiful man, and the love he had for her. They must have been crazy to wait this long.