/- NOTES -\

Escaflowne – An Angel in Mid-Flight

A PlatinumPlayer Productions Fic

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Just a few things to get out before you read the story.

NOTICE: sorry about the first uploaded chapter it was in the wrong format and has been corrected again I am sorry.

This is what you could call a "what if…" or an "a/u" fic.

All characters are 17-22 just razed the age range.

Hitomi is a Draconian and Van a normal everyday king (well as normal as a 17 year old king can be.) Allen and the rest are their normal selves.

Yes and sorry about this but Dilandau is not the psychopath but Allen's sister Celena is! (Ya I know there the same person but I thought it would be fun to see Celena being evil. It also gives me much more to work with charter building later on.

I have no real direction or plot set yet. Just a spur of the moment fic. To help you imagine how I'm righting this think about picking up a pen and just start righting for a few hours. If I get any good ideas I'll be sure to continue.


My spelling and grammar isn't the best so if you are a person that loves to flame over that be my guest but please send it to my e-mail and not on the review board! Since you usually take up 2 pages yourself to say my 1 page of text was all wrong!

Anyway on to the fic!