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The Missing Letters (FGB Outtakes)

"For women the best aphrodisiacs are words. The G-spot is in the ears. He who looks for it below there is wasting his time."

~Isabel Allende

Chapter Six: A is for Aphrodisiac

"Bella? Have you seen my sweatshirt? The dark blue one?" Edward yelled from inside their bedroom. Bella was busy brushing her teeth in the bathroom. She had barely heard Edward.

"Have you checked the closet by the front door?" she mumbled around her toothbrush.

"What?" Edward poked his head out of the bedroom as Bella was making her way back to their room. "Can you repeat that?"

Bella rolled her eyes and got the sweatshirt for him. She tossed Edward the garment and walked into the living room.

Grabbing the throw blanket, she wrapped herself up in it and sat on the couch. It was a chilly, September morning, and the last thing Bella wanted was to move from the couch, but she could see Edward had something planned.

"Where are you going?"

"For a run. Do you want to come?"

Edward silently prayed that Bella wouldn't. After last week, Edward had been finding it extremely difficult to choose a letter that would outdo Bella's. Every time he thought of an activity, he brushed the idea aside. He hoped the run would give him some time to think of an idea—anything really. A week had passed, and he still had no clue.

"I don't want to move from the couch."

Edward chuckled and headed toward the kitchen. He found a bowl of cereal and milk, and some sliced fruit and orange juice.

"Is this for me?" he shouted.

"No. It's for the Boogeyman."

Edward chuckled and began to eat.

"Are you sure you don't want to join me?" he asked again.

"Positive. I just want to sit here and watch some television," she reaffirmed.
"Alright." Edward tried to eat his cereal as quickly as possible. He left most of it uneaten, since it was already quarter-past ten. He would get lunch when he came back.

It was as he checked his watch that he caught sight of the familiar paper on the refrigerator. There were only seven letters left uncrossed: A, E, F, G, N, T, W, and he had no idea which letter he wanted. He had a few ideas for some, but nothing concrete.

Edward pulled the pen out of the kitchen drawer and sloppily scribbled the seven letters on his palm. He quickly chugged his juice and put the fruit in the refrigerator for later. He made his way to the living room and ducked down to kiss Bella goodbye.

"Mhmm, minty," Edward commented.

"You're stalling. Go already."

Edward kissed her once more and headed out toward the park. Since being in New York—he usually ran for about an hour a day—sometimes in the park and other times in the neighborhood. Mostly, he tended to use the treadmills in the building's gym.

Today, he needed the crisp air of the New York City morning to help clear his head. While standing outside the building, he took some time to stretch his limbs, to avoid from cramping up somewhere around the third mile. It had happened more often than he liked.

Once he thought he was loose enough for running, he searched through his iPod for his "Workout" playlist and started running at a moderate pace. His breathing only picked up slightly, before he reached the entrance to Central Park. There, he found himself among the dozen other runners that morning.

Even though the music was blaring loudly in his ears, he didn't focus on the thrashing guitars. He kept listing off the remaining letters.

Idea after idea came up, but none that he liked. He stopped thinking about it for a while and began to concentrate on the pounding of his feet against the concrete. With each step, he picked up a bit more speed. He was back in front of his building before he even realized it.

Slightly deflated, he stepped into the elevator—sweaty and winded. The writing on his hand had smudged and had become a smeared mess. All the letters were illegible, except for a faint reminder of the letter A that only he could tell was A, because he had written it.

As the elevator ascended, he contemplated what he could do with A. Back when they had started the game, he had thought of using A for apologizing, but then S had worked out so much better.

By the time he reached his door, Edward was still undecided about what to do. However, he was sure that it would have to do with the letter A.

"I'm back," he called out, as he stepped into the apartment.

There was no response. Edward walked toward the living room and found Bella sleeping. The TV was on, but she was sound asleep. She was resting her head on the arm of the couch with the blanket tucked tightly under her chin.

He smiled. She looked incredibly serene. He leaned over and kissed her forehead. The sudden movement woke Bella up.

"Hey, Sleepyhead. Do you want to get an early lunch?"

Bella groaned as she tried to wake up from her short nap. She lazily stretched and sat up on the couch.

"Sure. Do you want me to make something?"

"No. Let's just order some pizza."

Bella drearily nodded and grabbed her phone on the coffee table. "What kind do you want?"

Edward took a seat beside her and pulled a menu out from under the coffee table. He skimmed through it quickly and selected a pepperoni pie. He wasn't in the mood for anything elaborate.

"Does pepperoni sound good?" he asked and leaned in closer to Bella. She made a face and scrunched her nose. A few seconds later, she covered her nose with the end of the blanket.

"Sounds great. Now, please go take a shower. You smell awful."
Edward chuckled and made to move even closer to Bella, but she quickly hopped off the couch. She pointed a finger in warning as he tried to get closer.

"I'll call. Just please. You're sweaty, and you're stinking up the couch."
Edward stood obediently.

"Of course," he answered with a bow. Bella tried not to smile, but she couldn't stop it. He was incredibly cheesy at times, but she wouldn't have him any other way.

"You are such a dork."

Edward smiled and walked toward her. He kissed her forehead and headed off to the bathroom, disrobing as he went on his way. He was fully nude by the time he reached the bathroom door. He turned his head and playfully winked back at Bella.

She had almost followed him in.


It wasn't until Sunday night when the idea for A popped into Edward's head. He and Bella had been lying in bed watching a Mariners/Yankees game. Bella was into the game, screaming at the TV about shoddy umpire calls, but Edward paid no attention to it.

Ideas had started to form in his head earlier in the day. Bella had mentioned something about a character in a manuscript she was reading. She had called the male protagonist "seductive and enticing." She had gone on-and-on about how perfect the character was. That little comment had led to a lighthearted argument and an afternoon romp in the living room, but it had given Edward his idea for the letter A.

It was clear from Bella's comments that the male character was seducing the female. Edward knew extremely well that he could easily seduce Bella. She had described a few of the scenes in the story, and her comments about the scenes, made the concept stick for Edward.

When Bella went to shower that night, he jotted down a shopping list of all the things he would need for the following night. He made sure to hide the list in his wallet, so Bella wouldn't find it and ask him about it.

During breakfast the next morning, he stood up and crossed out the letter A.

"Well, I'll be damned. I thought you were never going to choose a letter," Bella teased as she bit into her bacon.

"It wasn't easy. I couldn't decide."

"Afraid it won't live up to mine?"

Bella was smug. Edward smiled in feigned disbelief. He loved when Bella got cocky. There was something so alluring about it. The little smile that tugged at her lips did him in—all the time.

"Of course not. I'm just positive that I'll have you begging before I even start."

"That confident, huh?"

He nodded and kissed her on the forehead.

"I'll need some time to set up tonight, so try to be out of the house between six and seven."

"Set up? What do you have planned?" The amusement in Bella's voice was obvious.

Edward smiled and winked.

"Don't worry about it. I'll see you later."


Edward took some time during his lunch break that Monday afternoon to go to the fish market to buy some oysters and stop by Godiva, and the supermarket. When he walked back to the office, he made sure to put all the perishables in the refrigerator in the lounge.

He had thought of going home, but he wanted the whole thing to be a surprise. The last thing he wanted was for Bella to question why he had so many candles, or why he was carrying two bottles of wine.

It hadn't stopped his assistant from making a face when Edward walked passed him.

"What's with all the food?" Alec had asked when Kate had been around. Edward just smiled at the two.

"I'm surprising Bella with some dinner and dessert."

Kate seemed to swoon while Alec rolled his eyes.

"You're making me look bad here, boss."

"You could pick up some tips, Alec. Maybe then, you could keep a girl. Edward obviously knows how to treat his girlfriend," Kate admonished.

"Soul mate," Edward corrected, and this time Kate sighed, girlishly.

"Did they break the mold when they made you? Please say no." Kate giggled, and Edward chuckled. Alec scoffed and sat back down in a huff, though he tried to keep it in check. He liked Kate and hoped to ask her to dinner, but with Edward floating about, it seemed impossible.

"Actually—" Edward began as he looked down at an upset Alec, and then up at Kate. He noticed the way Alec kept staring keenly at her. "Alec was the one who gave me the idea."

Alec's head snapped up at Edward to see his boss wink at him. Kate stared disbelievingly at Edward and then at Alec.


"Definitely. Alec is a romantic at heart. Don't let him tell you otherwise," Edward added before excusing himself from the two. Alec walked into Edward's office shortly after and thanked him.

"So Kate, huh? I don't know her too well. She's nice—I'm guessing."

"And funny, smart, beautiful," Alec added cheerfully. Edward chuckled and watched as his assistant walked out of his office almost as if he were floating on clouds.

For the remainder of the day, Edward took calls from clients and worked alongside some of his colleagues on a campaign they were working on for children's art supplies.

Before Edward even realized it, the end of the workday had arrived. He quickly collected his belongings, made short work of retrieving his purchases from the refrigerator, and headed home.

The commute home on the train felt long for Edward, but he tried not to get too eager. His nerves were getting to him. He wasn't nervous per se, but he just wanted to get started. He wanted to have Bella swooning by the time they reached dessert.

He got home at around 5:30 and made quick work of kicking Bella out of the apartment, so he could get everything set up. Edward had no idea where Bella would go for the next 90 minutes, but at that moment, he didn't particularly care as long as she was safe.

Edward began by preparing filet mignon just as he knew Bella liked and placed it in the broiler to cook. He peeled two potatoes and made short work of putting them to cook on the stove. The oysters were sitting in the fridge shucked, and he had lemons sitting ready to cut for when he served the oysters.

He had two wine bottles chilling in ice trays and chocolate covered strawberries in the refrigerator. He placed candles throughout the dining room. He didn't light any of them, opting to light them just before Bella would come back.

He checked the food once more and headed to take a quick shower. He had already laid out his clothing for the evening the night before.

He had about 15 minutes before Bella would return, once he stepped out of the shower. Quickly, he dressed in just a pair of black slacks. He decided that he would remain shirtless for the evening.

Just as he was pulling the filet from the broiler and the potatoes from the pot, Bella called Edward to tell him she would be back in five minutes. He hurriedly sliced some of the meat, placed it on a plate with potatoes, and slid the plate into the oven to keep it warm while they ate the oysters.

Hurriedly, he lit the candles in the dining room and sat patiently waiting for Bella. Five minutes later, there was a knock on the door.

"Bella," he greeted her and grabbed her hand to pull her into the apartment. He watched her eyes move from left to right as she took in the lights in the dining room.

"Wow, Edward. This is lovely," she whispered, almost afraid to speak because she didn't want to disturb the mood. She moved her gaze toward Edward and took in how handsome he looked. All he had on was a pair of slacks, and she could tell that that was all he was wearing.

He smiled at her, and with her hand still in his, he pulled her toward him. He seized her around her waist, brought her tightly against him, and kissed her soundly, before walking her to the kitchen table.

Bella slowly sat down in the chair, breathless from the passionate kiss they had just shared. Her heart hammered rapidly against her chest, and she remained still as Edward hurried off to the kitchen.

He returned shortly with a platter of oysters and some sliced lemons. Bella stared amazed at the extravagant appetizer and then at Edward.

"Before we begin our meal, I feel a bit overdressed, so please remove all your clothing," Edward instructed. Bella complied—simply because the look Edward was giving her felt as if it would burn the clothing right off her body.

"Everything," he added when she got to her undergarments. He stared intently at the green bow at the center of her bra. Obediently, she reached behind her and lifted the garment from her body. His eyes lit up as her breasts came to view.

"Everything," he reiterated, and Bella shook her head.

"The chair is cold, Edward."

"Everything Bella."

She removed the green cotton panties and hesitantly sat back down in the wooden chair.

"Place your arms on the rests," Edward ordered and waited until he saw Bella raise her arms and put them firmly on each the armrests. He pulled two red ties that he had hidden in his pockets earlier. He tied one around her right arm and the chair and another around her left. He checked that she was secure in the chair and then sat in his own seat.

He pulled his chair closer to her and brought the platter toward them.

"I think you have a fixation with tying me up," Bella joked and Edward chuckled before leaning in close to her.

"No, I have an obsession with keeping you to myself. It's an entirely different fetish."

He stared at Bella for a moment before gently pulling her toward him for another searing kiss. With this one, Edward could feel Bella squirming in her seat.

"Would you like an oyster?" Edward asked as he kissed along Bella's jaw.

Bella moaned.

"Was that a yes?" he teasingly asked. His voice was low and deep, and it made Bella's stomach flip. He was staring straight into her eyes. Bella couldn't help, but be turned on. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it too.

"Yes," she timidly replied and inched her chair closer to his.

Edward grabbed one oyster from the platter and squeezed some lemon on it, before sliding the shell toward his own mouth and sucking on the shucked mollusk. Bella watched captivated, following the motion of his Adam's apple as he swallowed. She squirmed against the chair and brought her thighs together.

Edward watched in amusement and satisfaction as Bella rubbed her thighs together. He was getting to her—he loved it.

He grabbed another shell and placed some lemon on it before placing it by Bella's mouth. Slowly, he brought it against her lips and cupped her chin to tilt her head back. This way, he could watch the oyster slide into her mouth.

As soon as she swallowed the oyster, Edward kissed her. He pulled away from her lips and kissed along the expanse of her throat, delighting in how he managed to get her pulse to race and her breathing to become heavy.


"Mhmm," was all Bella managed to say.

Edward grabbed another oyster from the tray and placed it against Bella's mouth. This time she tipped her head back and swallowed the oyster as Edward continued to kiss and suck along her neck.

Again, he pulled her toward him and kissed Bella. This kiss lasted longer than the previous. Edward's tongue easily fought for dominance and won. Bella moaned uninhibitedly against his mouth. Edward loved her sounds of pleasure and the sound of her clutching her thighs against the chair. He could hear her skin pass over the wooden chair with every second that went by.

When he pulled away from her mouth, Bella fell forward toward him. Edward chuckled and stood up.

"Where are you going?" Bella asked. Her voice was quiet and revealed just how affected she was by Edward. She almost sounded awestruck. She couldn't describe the feeling, but lightheaded seemed to be a decent enough word at that moment.

"To get the main course. And the wine."

Bella nodded and waited in the dining room as she heard Edward shuffle about in the kitchen. Before she knew it, Edward was walking in with a plate in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

Slowly, he placed the plate down between them. Bella took a deep breath, sighing after the aroma of the food hit her. It smelled like heaven; her mouth watered with the desire to taste it.

Edward sat back down beside her with the wine glass in his hand. Bella stared at his hand as he held onto the wine glass. His fingers wrapped around it delicately—elegantly. He moved with such poise.

"It smells delicious," Bella whispered. Edward smiled as he took a sip of the Merlot. Again, Bella watched the motion of his Adam's apple. His whole appearance was regal-like, even in just a pair of slacks. He was such a graceful being.

"Let's see if it tastes as good."

He leaned forward and kissed Bella. The two groaned at the contact, but Edward quickly pulled away.

He watched as her chest rose each time she inhaled. He was tempted to toss the food aside and just take her on the table, but ignored the notion and the throbbing hardness in his slacks.

Bella watched as Edward cut a piece of the steak and wrapped his lips around the fork. The motion was sultry and seductive, and Bella moaned, catching Edward's attention. He took a bite of a potato and smiled smugly.

"Would you like some?" he asked.

"Yes," was Bella's response. He cut another piece of the steak and brought the fork to Bella's mouth. This time, it was Bella's turn to tease Edward. She stared straight at him as he slid the fork into her mouth. She wrapped her tongue around the metal and slowly moved her head back away from it. She sighed; it was delicious.

Edward stifled the moan that threatened to reveal just how turned on he was by her little display. He reached back down for a piece a potato and fed it to Bella, this time kissing her as he pulled the fork away from her.

"Tastes much better on your lips."

Edward continued to feed Bella alternating between giving some to Bella, taking some for himself, and kissing her until the plate was cleared.

"That was delicious," Bella complimented him. Edward smiled politely and thanked her. He kissed her sweetly on the cheek.

"Would you like some wine?"

"I thought you would never ask," Bella teased making Edward chuckle.

He brought the glass to her lips and poured the Merlot slowly into her mouth. Bella tried to swallow it all without letting any spill, but a drop managed to slip from the corner of her mouth. It slid down her chin and continued to run down her neck until the drop splashed onto her thigh.

Edward smiled wickedly before running his tongue along the trail the wine had traveled down Bella's chin and neck. He sucked gently. He started at her neck and moved his kisses upward toward her chin, and then her mouth He kissed her hard, holding her head firmly against his.

He pulled away, knelt in front of Bella, and began to kiss up her leg, starting from her ankle until he reached the drop of wine that had fallen.

Bella trembled in anticipation. He was so close to where she wanted him, but yet so far. She moaned as Edward began to lick, and then suck on the wine on her thigh.

He continued long after the wine no longer stained her thigh. Unrelentingly, he continued to suckle on her thigh, moving his kisses from the spot on top to her outer thigh—never inner—never anywhere close to where Bella wanted him to kiss.

Bella lost herself in the sensation of his mouth moving along her thigh, that she didn't even notice when he began to kiss up her stomach.

He licked around her belly button before kissing up her ribs to the center of her chest. He ended by kissing her once more and standing up.

"Wh—where are you going?" Bella breathlessly stuttered.

"To get dessert." His voice was hoarse, and the bulge in his slacks let Bella know that she wasn't the only one affected by what was going on.

She pulled at the ties around her arms, but it was useless. If anything, it had just caused the restraints to grow tighter.

Before she knew it, Edward had returned with dessert — a box of chocolate-dipped strawberries, and he had grabbed a lit candle.

"These are my favorite." He picked up a strawberry covered in dark chocolate before he placed it back into the container. He grabbed the glass of wine and motioned to Bella to see if she wanted. She nodded her head.

He brought the glass to her lips and slowly tipped the wine into her mouth. He wiped the stray wine with his thumb and sat back down in his chair.

He grabbed the wine again and let his fingers play a little rhythm along the top of the glassware. The intricate movements caught Bella's attention.

She moaned as Edward finally took a sip of his wine as he stared at her. It was ridiculous to be wound up by such a simple gesture, but Edward's gaze was so intense. His eyes were permanently fixed on hers. There was an unspoken desire there, and Bella could feel it. Her body felt as if it were on fire.

She watched him pick up the strawberry again. This time he placed it over the candle. Soon enough, the chocolate began to melt. Edward lapped up the dripping chocolate with this tongue. Bella watched memorized as the tip of his tongue reached for more chocolate. He deliberately darted his tongue in a way that made Bella think of how skilled he was with the organ.

Bella had to stop herself from lunging at him. She leaned forward as he brought the strawberry to his mouth and slowly wrapped his tongue and then mouth around the chocolate morsel.

She watched as he slowly bit the end of the fruit and pulled the other end out of his mouth, leaving a small chocolate trail along his bottom lip. Before she could lean forward to lick it clean for him, his tongue darted across it sensually. The act was deliberate, and it elicited a desperate sigh to come from Bella's mouth—the exact reaction that Edward had wanted.

"Edward," Bella whined. He smirked, and Bella felt a flash of heat deep in her belly.

"You're not playing fair, Edward."

"You know I like to play dirty," he charmingly replied. He reached for his wine glass and took another sip. Again, Bella watched tantalized, while he swallowed the Merlot.

"Cruel," she murmured under her breath, and Edward chuckled once more. Bella tugged her hands against the armrest.

"Oh alright," Edward teased and grabbed another strawberry. He held it over the flame of the candle and then brought it toward Bella.

He traced her lips with the melting chocolate before placing it where she could bite it. Bella bit slowly into the strawberry savoring the richness of the dark chocolate and the sweetness of the fruit.

"So good," she mumbled around the strawberry. Bella began to lick at the chocolate on her lips, but Edward stopped her and began to suck on her bottom lip. He then moved to her top lip, until he had licked all the chocolate away.

"Delicious," he commented, before he untied Bella's arms. Immediately, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. She couldn't stop herself from doing it; she needed him.

Edward groaned against her mouth, picked her up, and began walking toward their bedroom. Bella moaned noisily against his mouth. Quickly, she tried to slip her tongue between his lips. He acquiesced, immediately, as he tried to place her gently on their bed, but the two plopped rather ungracefully onto the mattress.

They briefly laughed before Bella found herself underneath Edward's wandering hands. He lightly ran his fingers up and down her arms. He kissed along the nape of her neck, and Bella tilted her head back in rapture.

She carded her fingers through his hair, holding him closer against her. She lifted her naked hips against his still clothed ones and moaned as she encountered his hardness. Edward moaned in return and moved his left hand to her hips to stop her.

"I'm not done with you, just yet," he murmured against her hipbones. He sucked gently on the skin just above her belly button.

Edward was so close to where Bella wanted him. She could feel his hot breath just above her sex, and she wanted to push his head down. She wanted to be vulgar for once, wanted to beg him to taste her, order him to make her lose control.

Edward noticed the way Bella kept trying to lift her hips up to where his mouth was. He smiled against the top of her right thigh, and chuckled lightly as he heard the need in Bella's voice.

"Edward," she pleaded, again, but still he teased her. He kissed down her right leg, up the back of her calf, and sucked softly on the skin on the back of her knee. He knowingly avoided her inner thigh, and moved to do the same with her left leg.

"Edward!" Bella pleaded and writhed on the bed, but he ignored her.

He moved back up her body and kissed her soundly. Bella desperately tried to convey what she wanted by wrapping her legs tightly around his hips. He chuckled against her lips.

"I have an idea."

"What it is?" Bella breathlessly asked.

"I don't know if you'll like it."

"What is it, Edward?"

"Oh, impatient, I see," he teased and ran a hand down the front of Bella's chest until he reached the wetness between her legs. Bella gasped as his skilled fingers worked her into a frenzy. Her body felt hot, and she could feel the sweat forming at the roots of her hair.

"I want to taste you—" Edward began. He slowed the speed of his fingers and lessened the pressure. "I want to taste you—while you're sucking me off."

Bella blinked and yelped. The statement caught her off guard, as did Edward slipping two fingers inside her.

"You want to 69?" Bella breathed weakly.

"Oh, it sounds so dirty when you say it. I like it."


"Yes," he answered and sped up the speed of his fingers. Bella moaned and gripped Edward's arm tighter. "What do you say?"


Edward smiled widely, and Bella returned the gesture. They kissed briefly before Edward slipped his fingers from her, and lay on his back, in the center of the bed, and quickly shoved his slacks and boxer briefs down. Bella sat on her knees by his shoulders.

"Are we really going to do this?" she asked timidly. Edward caught the apprehension in her voice and sat up to be face-to-face with her.

"We won't if you don't want to."

"I want to."

Those three little words sent a thrill through Edward, who had been hard for the last twenty minutes. He was dying to taste Bella—to have her mouth on his dick. He grabbed Bella by the back of her head and sloppily kissed her, not caring that their teeth knocked against one another before they found a rhythm.

Edward slipped back down the bed and rested his head on one of the pillows. Bella studied his body with awe. He was beautiful, and he was all hers. She knew she was the luckiest woman alive.

She straddled his hips and pushed her groin against his. Edward moaned and grabbed her hips to stop her.

"That's not where you're supposed to be."

Bella coyly smiled and moved her body up toward his mouth, and as soon as her heat was in front of Edward's mouth, he licked the wetness between her legs.

She gasped as her body shook from the pleasure. Edward continued lazily licking up-and-down. He was waiting for Bella to turn around and lean forward. He was desperate to feel her warm mouth around his dick. He yearned for it—he needed it.

"Turn around."

Bella complied and wrapped one of her hands around the base of his hardened arousal. He grunted and grunted again as she moved her hand up and then back down his dick—just the way he liked it. By now, she knew how hard she had to hold him and how fast she had to stroke him.

Edward took a few moments to bask in the feeling before he gripped Bella's hips and lifted his head between her legs. He quickly slipped his tongue inside her and spread the wetness to her clit. He sucked expertly on it, enjoying the way Bella moaned. He moved his hands to her rear and grabbed her cheeks. He massaged them, gripping and pushing his fingertips into the soft flesh. He continued to lick and suck on her clit; Bella moaned even louder.

The pleasure was beyond words. Bella couldn't get enough of it. She tried to push her hips against his mouth, but it pulled her too far away from where he wanted her, so she ceased.
She stopped just using her hand on him and took the head of his cock into her mouth. She sucked on it, before slipping her tongue under the crown and slipping her mouth down further on his arousal. Edward's hips rose in joy toward his mouth.

Bella didn't know how long it was before she felt the familiar electric pull of her orgasm starting. The feeling started in her toes and traveled up the back of her legs before it spread throughout the nerves in her body, and she shook violently on top of Edward. She pulled her mouth away from him, but never stopped stroking, as she screamed his name.

Edward followed moments later, coming in Bella's hand. He sighed heavily as he leaned his head back against the pillow. Bella crawled off Edward's shoulders and moved to lie down beside him, but he pulled her toward him, and placed her in the crook of his arm.

"I enjoyed that, immensely," Edward announced, and Bella giggled in return.

"I did too, but I don't think you outdid me"

"I don't either."

"Does that mean I get the next two letters?"

"No." Edward laughed. "It wasn't a TFC, so no dice."

"Damn. I should have called it. I would've won."

"Yeah, you would have, but you didn't," Edward teased her, and Bella playfully hit his arm, and Edward laughed.

"I need to shower."

"Why? I'm not done with you just yet."

"What? I thought—" Bella began, but Edward silenced her with his mouth on her chest.

"I hope you slept well, yesterday. We're in for a long night."


"Oh, indeed."