"I made cookies!" Annie announces as she enters the library. She quickly notices that everyone is there except the Professor. She's started calling him that in her head. Every time she does, she blushes a little.

"You're cheerful this morning." Britta says almost accusingly.

"Something obviously happened to calm your anxiety last night." Abed stated.

"Unless she poisoned the cookies. Don't eat the cookies!!" Troy shrieked. He's still a little afraid of Annie after the verbal lashing he received from her yesterday after asking if she was ok.

"No. That would be too large of a character shift and this is a sit-com, not a soap opera. "Abed purses his lips and considers his own words. "You're not pregnant with Shirley's mixed-race twins are you?"

"Her breasts do look larger." Pierce offers. "Milk coming in?"

Annie just stands behind her chair gripping the tray of cookies in her hand so hard her knuckles are white and her hands have begun to shake. Her eyes are the size of saucers and her smile is forced and a little scary looking.

Jeff enters the library and immediately senses something is…off? "What's up guys?" Don't panic. Hey my cookies!

Britta turns to Jeff and explains, "Annie poisoned the cookies and she's pregnant with Shirley's mixed race twins."

Jeff nods and says, "So not much?"

"Apparently my breasts are larger, as well." Annie comments almost to herself.

Did she just say "breasts" in public? What is he doing to her?

Jeff shoots her a knowing look and asks, "Pierce?"

She nods in return. She's beat red and he can't tell if that's embarrassment or anger coloring her features. Either way, it's turning him on and he hates himself for it.

Annie has placed the cookies in the middle of the table, but no one will touch them.

"Guys, she didn't poison the cookies, you can eat them." Jeff says while reaching for one. Troy jumps up and smacks his hand away.

"OW. What the hell!?" Jeff looks at Troy. "They're good cookies. We worked hard on these and you guys are being really rude." You're such a girl.

Everyone turns to look at Annie whose eyes are even larger than before and is staring at the table, and then all eyes fall on Jeff again.

"We?" Shirley asks in her sugary motherly voice. How does she make him feel like he's 16 being questioned by his mother with one syllable?

"Oh this is getting interesting; pregnant with one woman's twins and "baking cookies" with another man. I amend my earlier statement; we are like a soap opera, but a cool one, like The O.C."

"What I meant was…"Jeff tries, but is cut off by Britta.

"You and Annie "baked cookies" we understand COMPLETELY Jeff." Britta smiles at Jeff knowingly.

"OKAY!" Annie speaks up and now the group's attention is back on her. "We baked cookies. You caught us!" Where is she going with this? "I helped Jeff with some more extra credit and he helped me bake cookies, ok? I mean, he didn't really help help…he just kind of sat there."


"Well, you didn't!"

"I scooped!"

"Yeah you scooped Annie's…" Pierce started, but was stopped by a glare from Jeff and Annie.

"I really think you wanna watch it, old man." Jeff warned. He wasn't joking and everyone could sense that this wasn't Jeff's typical snarky, but light-hearted tone.

"Hey! Who you callin old man? Cradle robber!" Pierce countered.

"First of all…" Jeff yells

"ENOUGH!!" Annie screams and pounds her fists on the table. "Jeff was kind enough to help me make these cookies…"

"Because you did his homework!" Britta interjects.

"…While I HELPED him with his extra credit for Spanish class. He is in danger of failing and didn't want to tell everyone."

"Because you're the easiest one to take advantage of." Britta said while she glared at Jeff.

"I am not taking advantage of Annie! Quite honestly I'm a little offended. Annie is my friend and I asked her for help and she was nice enough to accept and let's face it, she's the smartest."

"And I like helping people." She smiles warmly at Jeff and he returns the smile ten-fold.

Pierce destroys the moment, "Well Annie, I sure could use some…"

Jeff and Annie cut him off in unison, Jeff says, "NO" and Annie, "Not a chance."

"So, we're sure the cookies are safe?" Troy asks. Abed is already eating one and tells Troy that they are delicious. "Nicely done, Jeff."

"Why thank you, my beige friend." Jeff pushes the tray closer to Troy and smirks at him.

"All he did was scoop!" Annie yells.

"Calm down, Eddie."

"Jeffrey? Who's Eddie?" Shirley asks looking very concerned and sneaking a glance at the empty chair to Jeff's left.

Abed answers for him, "Annie Edison. Edison. Eddie. I like it."

"Oh! Well, that's nice!" Shirley turns to Annie, "Do you like that?"

"Ummm…I don't not like it." Was Annie's witty retort.

"Am I allowed to speak yet?" Pierce questions no one in particular.

"What's up?" Troy asks him.

"Well I was just wondering if we should plan a shower for Annie?"

Everyone looks at him as if he's grown three heads. "Oh! I'm sorry, for Annie and Shirley, of course."


"That was MUCH better than the Glee fiasco, Eddie. You handled that one like a pro."

"I wish I could say the same to you, Winger."

"I said "we."

"You said "we!"

"That was regrettable, but you handled that like a champ, I mean…"

"Yeah, you said that."

"Well I think we can strike "master of deception" off of the list."

Annie stops in the middle of the hallway and props her backpack on her leg while she starts digging for something inside. "You made a list, didn't you?"

"Of course I did."

"Of course you did."