Hey hey! This is my first Host Club fan fiction, don't worry though my Max Ride Fanfics will still live on. I don't own Host Club, but I wish I did.

=====Haruhi POV========

I sat in my beanbag chair with my laptop in my dorm room. I looked around to see I still had a crap load of packing to do still and only had 4 hours to do it. After two long years studying in America I was finally going home. See I had gotten a scholarship to spend the rest of my years in high school in the United States to study law. At first no wanted me to go, actually I wasn't sure I even wanted to go, but then I realized what a good experience it would be and said goodbye to me friends and dad and left. I promised I would be back, though I never gave a specific date. Today I was keeping my promise and coming home.

"You still not packed yet Haruhi?" My roommate Leena asked. (Authors note: when they speak English in this story it is in Italics.) I looked to see Leena who had just woken up looking down from the top bunk. Sophie and Faith had already gone back home yesterday, so it was only me and Leena. Leena would be the last to leave, she was going back to New York in two days.

"I will don't worry." I replied with a smile. I had learned to speak English and picked it up quickly with help form Leena and my other roommates Faith and Sophie. I guess it also helped that Faith new not only fluent English, but also Japanese. As you see now I'm hanging out with girls instead of guys, and yes they do all know I'm a girl, though they wish I would sometimes dress a bit more girly. I was going to really miss them when I left, but I was happy to go back to Japan soon.

"You'll write won't you?" Leena asked with a slight frown worried that I wouldn't just like I had done with the host club. Yeah I know I should have written, but I was just so busy and never really gotten around to it. I didn't mean to ignore them, not to forget they never really made any contact with me either.

"Of course I will, I have all of your addresses and you guys all have mine."

=========14 hours later, about 8 o'clock at night.======

I got off the plane and made my way to the bus to get home. It had been about a 10 hour flight from San Francisco (where the school was located.) to Japan. Tonight I was going to go home, my dad didn't even know I was coming home today. He should be home from work by now though.

Finally the bus pulled up at the stop by my apartment building. I walked up my steps and knocked at the door. "Coming," I heard my dad's voice call form inside of the house. Then the door flew open. I looked at my dad he looked exactly the same as I remember him. "Haruhi, is that you?"

"Yeah dad it's me." I replied with a smile. Just then I was gathered into a big hug. After what seemed like forever, he let go of me and we walked inside. With him complaining the whole time about me just getting back I made us some dinner. We then sat enjoying our food and talking about the past two years.

After dinner I made my way to bed. I was actually really tired, which could be because I had stayed awake on the plane the whole time. Before I fell asleep I thought about a lot of things. The biggest thing on my mind though was that tomorrow I would visit the host club.

I know it's not much, but I promise it will get better. I just wanted a little intro and stuff. Hope you like it. Comment review!

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