Disclaimer: I no own TF:A or the characters, Hasbro does. Blinx 182 is mine. The following stores I don't own: Hot Topic, Pac Sun, Claire's, Wet Seal, and Victoria's Secret.

Summary: Blinx gets some new clothes.


Blinx 182 woke up in a strange large room with stacked boxes and partially broken windows, she was confused about where she was and how she got there until she realized she was in the Autobot base. Optimus Prime had allowed Blinx to temporarily reside in the base so she could rest and recover from the ordeal 7 days ago.

During those days, she was reunited with her creator Isaac Sumdac, reformed her sister relationship with Sari, and got to know the Autobots a little better since getting off on the wrong foot the first time she saw them. They were all very good to her in her time of need and she became good friends with each of them, but she was still unsure about Ratchet because of his gruff nature.

Her wounds were getting better with each passing day as well, Ratchet checked on them daily and would change the bandages whenever needed. The days went smooth and quiet, there were no reports of the drones anywhere in the city, they were probably too scared to even show themselves around there again.

With a gentle stretch, Blinx climbed out of her makeshift bed and made her way down the hall to the living quarters where everyone was present.

"Hey, look who's finally up. How're ya feeling, Blinx?" Bumblebee said.

"Much better today." Blinx replied. "How long was I snoozing?"

"About 3 and a half hours, it's just about 10:30." Sari said.

"Really? that's a lot later than I've usually slept."

Sari then threw her a white T-shirt, a pair of grey sweatpants, and a pair of flip-flops.

"What're these for?" Blinx asked.

"For you to wear when we go to the mall. I'm going to take you shopping for some new clothes, cuz' there's no way you're going to be wearing that anymore." Sari said.

Blinx then realized she was right, the NOAH had been wearing the same dirty ragged gown every day for the past 6 years since she was kidnapped, and it was definitely time for a change. After Blinx showered and dressed in the outfit, she and Sari headed to the mall with Bumblebee to drive them.

When they got there, the yellow bot was told to wait outside, cuz' hell, he couldn't fit through the door, but brought along something to keep him busy for a while. The first store the sisters went into was Krak-a-Laka, Sari began to rummage through some racks, picking out different things.

"Ooh, this would look cute on you." She said to Blinx.

She displayed a spring themed halter-top, blue Capri pants with bejeweled pockets, yellow open-toe sling back shoes, and a frilly yellow headband. Blinx frowned at the outfit and her sister.

"Do I look like a Barbie doll to you? I am not wearing that." She rudely said.

"Hmm, not the girly-girl type, huh? Ok, what do you think suits you?"

Blinx began to rummage through the racks herself while picking the ones she would like. She then went into the fitting rooms and came out wearing a magenta tube top with a high-cut fishnet shirt underneath, blue flare jeans with a belt with an ornamental buckle with a heart in the middle and tow circles on each side, azure calf-high boots, a bubblegum pink kerchief, and a cerulean baseball cap with a blue shamrock in the middle.

"Ooh, rockin'." Sari complemented.

"Totally, this would be great for parties and raves." Blinx said.

After paying for the outfit, they headed over to Wet Seal for the next one. After hitting Hot Topic, Delusion, Pac Sun, Club Capricorn, and Virgo Vertigo, they stopped at the food court for lunch. They popped into Victoria's Secret to buy undergarments, Blinx was a 36 DD-cup in bra size and a 6 in underwear size, they got some sleepwear as well.

They stopped last in Claire's to get some accessories that would go great with the outfits and left the mall. Bumblebee drove them back to the base and the sisters rushed to Blinx's room, grinning like hyper maniacs. The Autobots were curious as to what they were up to, a few minutes later, Sari came in holding up Blinx's ragged gown.

"Hey guys. Any of you know what this is?"

"Um…that's the piece of clothing that Blinx was wearing." Prowl answered. "Why are you asking?"

"Because she wont be needing it anymore, it's garbage now." Sari said, tossing the gown into the trashcan beside her. "Everyone, get ready to set your optics on the new and improved Blinx."

She gracefully stepped aside and Blinx sashayed into the room. She now wore a sleeveless maroon catsuit with dark maroon strips down the sides and a light maroon collar similar to Sari's, only cut low and had an amber stone embedded in the middle. She also wore leather maroon thick-heel kinky boots, dark maroon snap-strap fingerless gloves, and a mock gold chocker with a dark amber stone pendant.

It only took one look to make the Autobots' mouths drop wide open in absolute shock. Bulkhead's jaw detached itself and fell off, Bumblebee toppled over face down, and Optimus, Ratchet, and Prowl just stood with their mouths agape. They've only seen Blinx in one piece of clothing since day one, now it's like she's a whole different person, it was just shocking.

Blinx giggled at their reactions and wished she had a camera. Luckily Sari had one and took a picture, she said she'd give it to her later.

"I see you're all speechless. I take that as a 'you look hot' complement?" Blinx said in a sexy tone.

She then began to put on a show of seductive poses to show off her new look, making the meches turn hotter than a flame on a welding torch.

"Ok, I think that's enough, Blinx." Sari said.

"Yeah, you're right. I'll give them time to cool of before showing them the next outfit."

The sisters began to laugh as they headed back to Blinx's room, leaving the bots frozen in their spots as their cooling fans whirred like crazy.

I bet you can just picture the looks on their faces in your mindsXD