Summary:What if Shiro was Ichigo's twin? They both meet Rukia Kuchiki when the hollow attacks and she transfers some of her powers to each of the twins. Thus the story begins differently. There is no yaoi or pairings in this story (except maybe one-sided IchiHime) just close friendships and bonds with family.

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"Tadaima." Ichigo says as he enters the Kurosaki house. He then receives a kick to the face and lands unceremoniously in a heap on the floor. Shiro then punches their father in the face and pulls Ichigo to his feet.

"Nice welcome home gift dad but can you give a rest? Geez, one of these days you're gonna break something." He says to their dark haired and bearded father.

"Never let your guard down. And that's your punishment for being late for dinner. Speaking if which…" he then jumps and spins a kick towards Shiro but he easily catches their father's foot and throws him across the room.

"Dinner's ready!" they hear a voice call from the dining room.

"Goat Face stop trying to beat up the boys and get out here!" they hear another voice call.

Isshin, the boys' father, then proceeds to start crying and rushes to hug a giant poster if a beautiful woman with wavy long brown hair. "Masaki," he cries. "What have I done? Our children are being so cold to daddy!" He then gets thrown across the room by a kick to the face from a young girl with short black hair.

"Shut up and stop talking to that poster of mom!" she shouts.

"Nice kick Karin!" Shiro laughs. Ichigo smiles next him. Karin 'hmphs' and walks back toward the dining room saying, "Yuzu made a nice dinner, get out here and eat it before it gets cold. And you have another one behind you."

"GAH!" Ichigo gasps. "Why are so many popping up lately?"

"We can see spirits, they are probably just drawn to us somehow….don't see why though, we can't do anything for them." Shiro responds shooing away the middle-aged ghost floating around their heads. The ghost floats off moaning and the boys go to dinner.

Later that evening Shiro and Ichigo are in their room doing their homework. Well, Ichigo is doing his and Shiro is just copying. "Is there even a brain beneath that white hair of your's Shiro? I am pretty sure there is so why don't you use it!" says the orange haired twin.

"But Ichigo, you're so smart! I would just get everything wrong; besides, you already have the answers so why do them again? I can just get them from you!" says the slightly older twin.

Ichigo just sighs and says, "Why do I even bother?" and goes back to his homework while Shiro continues to copy.

A few minutes later, however, a short girl with black hair steps through their wall and stands on their desk. Shiro notices her first and pokes his orange haired doppelganger on the shoulder, "Psst! Ichigo, looks like we have a visitor?" the statement sounded more like a question.

"Huh?" Ichigo looks up a little and see the girl then shouts, "Hey! Who are you and what are you doing here?"

The girl acts as if she didn't hear. Ichigo gets a little ticked off and knocks the girl off the desk. "I asked you a question!"

The girl looks surprised and Shiro tries to calm his hotheaded brother down. "Chill Ichi! Maybe she didn't hear you…" They both hear a faint gasp from the girl and she asks, "You two can see me?"

"Psh, ya! If we couldn't would you be on the floor right now?," Shiro reasons. "Who or what are you anyway? You don't look like other souls we see."

"So you can see spirits too…well, I am a shinigami." She says. "May I ask who you two are?"

"I suppose so, I am Shiro Kurosaki and he's my little twin Ichigo." Shiro explains. Ichigo slaps upside the head, "I am not little! I am only younger by a minute or two!"

"So; what difference does that make? You are still younger than me!" Shiro retorts, he turns back to the girl and asks, "So, why are you here, exactly?"

"I felt a strong spiritual pressure in this area but it's gone now…" she looks a little confused at the end of her sentence.

"Dammit! Would you leave me alone old man?! I thought we got rid of you earlier!" Ichigo suddenly shouts. The shinigami and Shiro turn to see Ichigo trying to shoo away the ghost from earlier.

"Yeah, we did shoo him off before dinner…what's he want now Ichi?" Shiro asks. Ichigo looks over at him and says, "How should I kno…" he suddenly stops what he was saying and asks, "What was that?"

"What was what Ichi? Did you hear someth…" Shiro stops too as he apparently hears whatever Ichigo heard. "That howl?" he asks his younger twin. Ichigo nods but the girl just gives them a blank stare and asks, "What are you two talking about?

The twins look over at her incredulously and ask in unison, "You didn't hear that?!"

Suddenly a long spine shivering howl echoes through the room again and the girl hears it too this time. 'How did they hear the hollow before me?' she thinks to herself. "You two stay here!" she orders. "WHY?! What are you gonna do?" they ask, again at the same time.

She then quickly explains with drawings about Plus spirits and Hollow spirits and shinigami. [A/N: If you have watched the show you know this stuff, if not, it's in the first episode. ^^] After her explanation the brothers just stare at her with obvious disbelief. "Yeah, and I'm Dumbo the flying elephant!" shouts Shiro as he flips a table. Ichigo just sits there, taking it all in.

All of a sudden they hear a crash from downstairs and a cry from Yuzu. They hear another of the strange howls too. The door to their room opens and Yuzu falls to the floor in the hallway outside with blood running down her face from a wound on her forehead. "Run," she says weakly. "Run away Ichigo and Shiro. The monster knocked out daddy and has Karin….run before it finds you!" she then loses consciousness.

"YUZU!" Ichigo cries and rushes to her side. The shinigami puts a hand on his shoulder, "Don't worry, she only passed out. She'll be fine." The girl then runs past him and down the stairs. Ichigo follows her and yells over his shoulder towards Shiro, "Take care of Yuzu!"

"What the hell are you gonna do you dumbass?!" Shiro shouts back, but he is already gone. Shiro curses under his breath and follows after his brother.
When he gets outside he is just in time to see a giant monster with a white mask throw Ichigo to the ground. Ichigo grunts in pain but gets right back up, Shiro then sees Karin in the monsters fist. He runs towards the masked monster, which he assumes is the Hollow that the shinigami talked about, and rams a spinning kick to its face. The monster flies backwards and Karin falls from its grasp. Shiro quickly grabs his sister and dashes over to Ichigo.

"Ichigo are you alright?" he asks worriedly. Ichigo nods and looks behind them, his eyes widen then and he shouts, "Shiro look out!" He shoves him down as the beast lunges and the Hollow rams into Ichigo sending him flying into the wall of the house. Ichigo gets back up stiffly and says, "Definitely gonna feel that later…" Shiro sets Karin down and whacks his brother on the head. "You idiot!" he yells. "Are you trying to get yourself killed?!"

"I just saved your life and this is how you thank me? Wow you have suchgratitude!" Ichigo retorts.

"Will you two save it and stay back? You are no match for this Hollow as you are!" says the shinigami girl, she is leaning against a wall next to a telephone pole clutching her shoulder.

"What happened to her?" Shiro asks. Ichigo rubs the back of his head. "I hit the thing with a baseball bat and the thing broke. The Hollow tried to come after me then and she," he points to the girl. "Had to jump in and save me. So she got hurt."

"Do you want to save your family?" the girl asks them.
"Why would we not?!" the brothers say together.
The girl holds her sword out in front of her and says, "If you want to save your family you have to become a shinigami too. Push my zanpakto into your chest and I will transfer some of my powers to each of you."

They do as they are told and Shiro and Ichigo are suddenly in the same black and white clothing as the girl. They each have a large, broad zanpakto; Ichigo's is as big as himself with a short blue ribbon on the end. Shiro's is the same size but a bit thinner with a short red ribbon the end. 'They took nearly all my power! I have never felt such strong spiritual pressure from anyone! It could be stronger than a captain's! And I have never seen zanpakto become so big! …Who are these boys?' the girl asks herself.

Shiro and Ichigo jump towards the Hollow and each slice off an arm. "Aim for the mask!" the girl shouts. "Got it!" the twins shout and launch themselves toward the monster again. This time they slice cleanly through the white mask and the Hollow disintegrates into the air.

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