Disclaimer: I do not own Bomberman in any way shape or form so there. And also this story has no effect on the main canon whatsoever, this started off as an origin story for Sirius, and now it's become a larger origin story. I also never played any game between Bomberman and Bomberman 64, so some of these recaps may or may not have actually happened.

Chapter One: Robot Recap (or the Bomb Squad, I'll let you pick the name)

It was just another day in the bomb factory for many of the Bombermen building and creating new and improved bombs each day. One such robot was model 51R1U5 or the White model Bomberman. He only created the basic bombs to use for the factory and was also the one that was bossed around by the higher up bombermen who was allowed to create bombs specially made for themselves. One of the other Bombermen model AL7A1R was a black bomberman rather than the white, and like the white Bomberman he too is a standard model robot. The White Bomberman felt like he wanted to do something more with his life artifical or not. He wanted to be free, to see the world whenever he desired, to fill that hole in his metallic heart. The Black bomber was another one who felt that he could do more with his life, and by more with his life, I obviously mean more that he wanted to get out just because he wanted to; there was no real reason behind it, no ulterior motive, nothing more than just wanting to get out. The White Bomber waited for the right moment and then he headed to the outer parts of the factory. As he continued, more and more robot guardians making sure that nothing goes in or out started to show. The Black Bomber waited a few minutes after the White Bomber did, and followed him out of the factory. That factory break was the beginning of a grande adventure.

Soon, the white bomber joined with a police force that he felt would help him find his calling. Almost immediately after he joined said police force, that was when Black Bomber made his first move in the universe. He started to do a little petty theftry, nothing to big, but it led to some big trouble. White Bomber was the one framed for this, and both his life and job were on the line. Some other Bombermen, perhaps under the Black Bomber, perhaps under another leader, tried to kill White Bomber before he could get to Black Bomber. However, soon, White Bomber was able to take in Black Bomber and prove his innocence to the universe. It turns out that the unknown bombers were under a leader, by the name of Bagula. Later, Bagula and White Bomber and even Black Bomber had a showdown. It seemed that two criminals were gone as Bagula and Black Bomber apparently met their doom, however, Black Bomber was able to escape and because he helped White Bomber, he was given a full pardon as well as the chance to join with the officers. Black Bomber at first denied the offer, saying that it was too much of a hassle. Though to make sure that everything remained A-okay among Bombermen, White Bomber proposed to Black Bomber a plan, they start a small group of Bombermen who can handle missions to stop rogue Bombermen. Black Bomber suggested that there may be a FEW left in the old factory that they were in, so the two set off for this factory. Once they returned back to where they were first at before they escaped, five bombermen remained at the factory: a White Bomber model C0RV1U5, a Red Bomber model AR73M15, a Green Bomber model 0R10N (it was an older model), a Blue Bomber model B1GF007, and finally a Pink Bomber model V1RG05. All five of these were still working on Bombs, their workmanship had piled up quite a bit and since no one was coming by the factory anymore, the bombs were all sitting in a large storage area.

White Bomber came up to the Pink Bomber and said, "Why are you still making bombs here? And not going out to the world out there?"

The Pink Bomber scoffed and said, "Because I have nothing to do with my life other than to make bombs. Nothing at all......."

White Bomber replied, "Then why not find another purpose? I have found one with mine."

The pink bomber looked at White Bomber very angrily and said, "Not all of us wanted to leave, not all of us wanted to ruin everybody else, I-I mean, We wanted to make bombs for a living, and now YOU have ruined that for us as well."

These words struck White Bomber hard and true. Black Bomber came in and replied, "Well, these bombs are piling up here, why don't we put them to good use?"

"And why would we?" asked the older green model. "These bombs can't have a good use other than to blow things up."

Black Bomber smirked and answered, "It depends on what we blow up." After a few words exchanged back and forth between the duo of white and black and quinto of the ones who stayed in the factory, the vote was decided. The five joined with the duo if they will also return to making bombs in the same factory. The factory was a bit outdated but the Green Bomber told the others that he was working on a few projects other than just making bombs, for example a rocket propulsion system that could not only lift up the factory but also do it with an efficent amount of effort with little to no energy expired. When he showed the plans to everyone, they all decided to work on it. Because of its color and soon to be purpose, the ship was dubbed the Black Fortress.

After naming the ship, the smaller of the White Bombers, model C0RV1U5, asked, "Why don't we name ourselves as well? I mean it seems fitting."

Meanwhile, just in space straight above the Black Fortress. Eight figures floated out near a man-made satellite. One of them, a red figure asked, "Are you sure about this Mihaele?"

"Yes, his presence is near...He might come any moment..." replied a womanly figure. She appeared to be human, but something about her was...different.

"Hmph, I don't see why you have to send Behemos instead of me," replied another woman, but was more robotic than the first one. She was pure white as light itself. "After all, everyone knows that a woman is a better fighter any time."

"You're just jealous that you aren't stealthy, Zoniha," replied a man in a black suit. He wore a belt with a red "V" in the middle. He also wore a helmet to conceal his face unlike the rest of them.

The same woman replied, "Shut up, Regulus, it's not like you're any better. Besides what if Behemos gets controlled by him? Then what? Our plan will be compromised. I have the strongest will out of all of us, I should go."

Regulus replied, "No, I have a will far stronger than yours, plus my element matches his. Who was it that said that 'Opposites attract, while similars repel'? Anyways, Mihaele chose Behemos and we'll stick to it."

The human woman answered, "Behemos, I have made a decision. You will not go to this factory to infiltrate, instead, Regulus, I want you to instead."

"Me?" asked Regulus a bit shocked with her decision. Sure he was proud, but the fact that Mihaele changed her mind immediately meant that something was up.

"Him? But but...Mihaele he isn't even the right color." replied Zoniha. She was a bit miffed that Behemos was chosen to go to this factory first, but this was a slap to the face for her. Her greatest rival, Regulus, got to become a spy to look for a special artifact that contained a beast in great slumber. Now, Zoniha was mad until...

Regulus handed Zoniha a black stone and said, "Take good care of it until I return, Zoniha."

Zoniha looked ath the stone for a minute, then said, "All right, fine, I'll take care of it, but why me?"

"Because you're the only one who wouldn't abuse it's powers unlike some people I know," replied Regulus as he glared at Ashtarth and Behemos, signalling that he trusted them with it last time, and something bad happened.

Baelfael snickered for a little bit, "Oh sure, we know the other reason why you trust her, Regulus." Ashtarth joined in on said snickering.

Regulus' body turned from a dark black to a deep blue. He lifted up his left arm showing a small claw attached to his wrist. He asked, "Are you sure you want to press your luck?"

After a quick apology session from both Ashtarth and Baelfael, Regulus took off toward the Black Fortress to find and infiltrate the Bombers that still live within it and look for the artifact. Soon he found himself outside the factory, after a few fancy moves here and there, he found the group of Bombermen inside the factory. One of them, a short White Bomber asked, "Why don't we name ourselves as well? I mean it seems fitting."

The Blue Bomber replied, "How will we name ourselves? I mean it's not going to be as easy as naming a ship..."

"Well, I second this plan," replied the bigger White Bomber. "After all, it does seem fitting that we do get names."

"Well, let's wait for a bit before immediately deciding what our names are. Perhaps something will come to us for names soon enough. Besides, I'm mighty tired after this," proposed Black Bomber. He headed toward a hallway to the left, obviously where the Bombers stayed to rest. Most of the others followed, with Blue Bomber being the last in the room. Now was Regulus' chance to do the old switcheroo. He snuck behind the Blue Bomber and grabbed him. He then proceeded to strike the poor unfortunate Bomber with his wrist claws and tear apart the machinery.

Regulus noticed something connected to the back, a jettison like armor, but it seemed to be more balanced than anything. He took it off the Blue Bomber and noticed something, the end that connects to the robot is strikingly similar to the pattern on the back of his belt. He placed it onto the belt to see that it fit perfectly. That can't be just a coincidence can it? He shook his head for a minute and went into the same hallway. He opened up one of the doors to see that everyone had gathered in there.

"Ah, Blue Bomber, you're just in time..." said the red bombergirl. "We decided on our names, well all but yours."

That was fast, thought Regulus.

The larger White bomber was the first to talk, "You see, we took our model numbers and created names from them. My name is Sirius."

"I'm Altair," replied the Black Bomber. He pointed at the others, in the order of the Red Bomber, Green Bomber, other White Bomber, and Pink Bomber. "They are Artemis, Orion, Corvus, and Vi-"

"I can introduce myself thank you very much Altair. I'm Virgo," interupted the Pink Bomber.

Regulus couldn't help but think, She acts just like Zoniha. Very independant.

Altair said, "Let's look at your number."

Regulus needed to get out of this fast. He didn't have a model number because he was not a robot like the others, he was indeed human-esque, created straight from Mihaele. "Th-that's okay, I thought of a name for myself already."

"And that is....?" asked Corvus.

"Regulus, my name is Regulus," replied Regulus.

Well, I'll leave it at that, with the introduction of all the main characters in this fanfiction. I hope to make better chapters in the future, and I apologize if I got the stories from the games outside of 64 wrong. I hope you all enjoy this fiction as I continue it.

Random Trivia: All the characters' names (except for the Elemental Knights) also share something in common: They are all either a constellation or a Star.