If Anyone Noticed

If anyone noticed that his smiles didn't quite reach his eyes that day, they didn't say anything.

His best friends were getting married and he should be happy. He was happy, he was friggin' ecstatic. For them. He had been waiting for them to get married since they were 11, a little young he knew but it was destined to happen. Once he pulled his head out of his arse and her hair-er head deflated slightly which had both happened because surprise here they were. And he was happy, really he was, for them.

For himself though he was miserable.

He had just discovered not two hours ago that his boyfriend had been having an affair with the redheaded slut that was standing across from him. Gah! he was going to have to touch her! He had to struggle to suppress the shudders that threatened to overwhelm him.

Three years, three fucking years and two miscarriages and this bint... he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, he wasn't going to breakdown in front of all these people. Not in the middle of the beautiful vows that he worked so hard to write. It's what he did, he was a writer. Vows, grocery lists, porn, murder, debauchery, conspiracies, anything and everything. He had used his feelings for Him when writing them, how he felt about Him and for Him. He hears a gasp from Her as she realizes what she's hearing. He can feel her eyes burning into him as he stares at the wall, the floor, the bride, the groom anything but Her, or Him for that matter.

She was three months pregnant and he was three months from the last miscarriage. Because wasn't that just fantastic. It still hurt, still tore at him. Why couldn't he carry to term? He had wanted nothing more than a family with Him. Now he was alone and broken and he was smiling and cheering for his brother and sister.

She laughed as She took his arm. She didn't realize, didn't know that He had told him, that He had left him for Her. He had gotten Her pregnant.


Someone had asked him why he wasn't dancing and he had replied that he still hadn't fully recovered from his work-related injuries and standing beside his brother had been taxing on his leg.

He watched as They danced together, as He danced with the Bride, as She danced with the Groom as they all laughed together, unawares that He had left him for Her and he just wanted to drown in the alcohol and there was a hand on his arm pulling him from the bar and the alcohol, he gave a pitiful whine.


He never noticed that he was being watched, that someone had noticed the not quite rightness of his smile or his distance from Them.

He was encased in strong arms, pressed against a strong chest as they stood away from the party. He sobbed into that chest, he hurt, he ached, he felt betrayed. He wanted to confront Them, to destroy them. But not today, today was for his siblings. Tomorrow maybe, or next week, but not today.

If anyone noticed the angry redhead pull the distraught brunet from the party, they didn't say anything.


Before everyone gets all demand-y about a sequel or an explanation or what not, hear me out. I do have a second part to this but before I post it I want to hear what you think of it, who you think the players are. It's posting in the Harry Potter section is your only clue. Oh and it is an alternate universe deal so use your imaginations, though if you read any of my other stuff you can probably figure out who I had in mind.