I Will Not Bow

Authors note: song belongs to Breaking Benjamin, all chapter titles will belong to them as well. This story is an insert an OC into movie then follow up with a squeal type of thing. I went to see Legion for Paul Bettany, I left thinking of the fact that I went and saw it was Bettany and was happy. This was defiantly not the greatest movie I have ever seen but it was goodish. On that note let's begin.

Disclaimer: I do not own Legion, because if I did the movie would have been longer, with more Paul Bettany and a lot more of him shirtless and the Gabriel/Michael paring would have been more pronounced then hidden in the shadows.

"Now the dark begins to rise"

The main diner in Paradise Falls was empty. Bob messed with his old television, attempting to get better reception of the one channel he got. Percy flipped pancakes with his right hand while slowly tapping his hook that made up his left on the counter. Jeep, Bob's son, was asleep at one of the booths a cowboy hat on his head, the brim pulled down to cover his eyes.

Aside from the rhythmic tapping and the occasional bang and swear word from Bob, the diner was silent. Paradise Falls was always empty outside of the rag-tag group. But then again the town only consisted of two run down trailers, located behind the diner, the diner itself which doubled as a gas station, and a small car garage. The only other thing in the area was the main road and sand.

Bob stepped down from the table and threw his arms up in the air in happiness. "There," he said turning to look at the other two occupants. "Fixed it."

Just as he said that, though, Charlie walked into the diner slamming the door against the wall with such force that it caused the TV to lose its reception all over again.

"Damn it Charlie, I just got the damned thing working again." Bob swore as he climbed back up onto the table to play with the thing again. Charlie ignored Bob as she walked over to Jeep.

"Hey wake up!" she ordered. The 19 year old continued sleeping. Growling she smacked his bent knee to wake him. Jeep sat up and in his scramble to remain balanced on the booth bench hi cracked his elbow on the table. His face tightened in pain as h glared up at Charlie.

"What? Is someone here who needs their car fixed?" Jeep asked. See that was Jeep's job around the place. He was a mechanic of sorts and only got business when someone's car broke down in the middle of the desert. For that reason Jeep had had little experience with fixing cars so the repairs took him some time. And of course during this time the stranded family would find itself enjoying a good meal in the comfort of Gas N' Grub. It was a well thought out plan that had happened by accident.

Charlie glared at Jeep. At times she wondered how she could put up with someone who was so stupid at times. "No! I need to borrow your car to go to town. "Jeep turned on the booth so he was sitting facing the table. He glared down at his folded hands and considered actually giving Charlie the keys.

"Why?" He asked cocking his head to the side and looking up at Charlie. He hated it when she went off like this. He was always afraid that she was going out with some guy.

"Because Jason wanted me to meet him so we could go to the movies." Charlie said. She was bouncing on the balls of her feet in excitement. Which could only mean one of two things; one she wasn't really going to the movies with Jason, or two she was going to the movies with someone other than Jason. Jeep went to tell her no but he looked at her smiling face and his resolve crumbled.

"Alright." He sighed and dug into his pocket to pull out his car keys. He threw them to her hand she jumped up and down in happiness.

"Thank you, Jeep." And with that she ran out of the Gas N' Grub diner. He watched her through the window. When she got into the car and drove away, Jeep slammed his head into the table.

"You can get brain damage that was son." Percy commented, his eyes never leaving the pancakes but his old military instincts told him everything that was going on in the room.

With his head still pressed to the table Jeep replied, "I just wish sometimes that she would stop going out with boys like Jason or Alex or Steve or Topher or…."

"We get the point, Jeep." Bob yelled over his shoulder. He hit the TV one last time then stepped down from the table. He looked at the still fuzzy screen. It was as good as he was going to get for the day.

"It's just…I wish she would stop looking for what she wants in other guys. " Jeep said his figure slumped on the table and his voice quiet and soft.

"Would you prefer she was into women?" Percy asked laughing.

Jeep smiled. "You know what I mean."

Bob laughed. "Yes we do and we…" he trailed off watching something in the distance.

"What is it?" Jeep got up to stand by his father. Both of them looked out the glass door as a figure slowly made its way through the desert. "Percy, get the first aid kit!"

The two of them ran from the building out into the hot air of the Mojave Desert towards the figure that was about to collapse. Jeep reached them first and he slid to a halt in front of a young girl who looked like she had been through hell. She had long brown hair that was partially in a long braid that ran down to the bottom of her shoulder blades. Her skin was covered in sand and grit from the harsh desert winds and her clothing was torn as if she had pulled herself from a car crash.

"Jesus Christ!" Bob swore as he got his first look at the girl cradled in his son's arms. Percy had the first aid kit ready and open and had cleared of the bar for the girl to be placed on. "What the hell happened to her?"

Her face was covered in cuts and scrapes. A large gash ran down the side of her face to her shoulder. As soon as she was set down, Percy began to remove the tattered and torn black sweatshirt she had on to get a better look at the cuts that marred her arms.

"She looks pretty beet up." Percy said slowly running a wet rag over her arms and face to wipe away the dirt and blood. Just as he passed over a particularly bad gash on her shoulder she sat up and tried to shuffle away from the three men surrounding her. "No, no it's okay. We're not going to hurt you."

The girl looked at the men terrified, her brown eyes widened as a pain raced through her side when it was disturbed by her movements. She looked around the room and realized that she was in a diner. She cocked her head to the side questioningly, but didn't say anything.

"Are you okay?" Jeep asked.

Bob glared in his son's direction. "Does it look like she's okay? Cuz it looks like she's been through hell to me."

The girl nodded vigorously. Everyone in the room stared at her.

"Is that yes your okay or yes you've been through hell?"

She nodded.

Bob paused a second to ponder why she wasn't openly answering him. "Are you mute?"

She cocked her head to the side.

"Can you talk?"

Her eyes widened in understanding, and then she nodded her head no.

"What's your name?" Percy asked. His tone was quiet as to not scare her. She mimed a person writing on paper. Jeep reached over the counter for one of the pads of paper and pencils stashed there. He handed it to her. She quickly started scribbling on the paper.

'My name is Faith. I don't really know how I got here or where here is. I'm 15 year old. I don't know where to go. Please help me.'

Bob read the paper first then passed it to Jeep who passed it to Percy. When all three had read it Bob spoke up. "You can stay, as long as you pull your weight."

Faith smiled and wrote on the paper again. 'Thank you.'

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