Disclaimer: I own neither the Lewis Carrol version nor the Tim Burton version of Alice in Wonderland. Sadness.

Author's Note: Well, after the last QueenxStayne piece I wrote, I thought I should let her get a little bit of love. Therefore, this is one of my more....fluffy pieces of fiction. Because, after all, every one deserves some love! (Even if you are a pyschopathic tyrannt murder.)

A Side Note: I'm looking for ideas for other one-shots, and I'd love it if you guys sent me your ideas! Now on to the story! :D


Sun shone faintly into the lushly decorated room. Maroon curtains, scarlet rugs, magenta lampshades, and a monstrous collection of stuffed animals in all assortments of reds littered the bedroom.

The russet colored curtain covering the canopy bed rippled; after a moment, a head the size of a small planet peeked out from the part in the cloth.


"Yes, m'lady?"

The Knave looked up from sharpening his sword. The Queen looked down at him, giving off her usual 'mightier-than-thou' expression. She folded her hands across her scepter.

"Entertain me."

He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"How so, Your Highness?"

"Hmmm." she tapped her chin ponderingly, letting her legs hang off the side of the bed haphazardly.

"Let's…play a game."

"Which gam-"

"You know which game, Stayne. Take your position." she interrupted irritably.

The Knave fought back a sigh and stood before his Queen. Her mood swings could be so unpredictable.

She watched him a moment, dark eyes glinting.

"Simon says…curtsey."

Resigned, he did.

"Simon says…bow."

Impassively, he did.

"Simon says…genuflect."

Irritably, he did.

"Simon says…Simon says…"

"Simon says…kiss me."

And, with perhaps the first real enjoyment he had had since the game started, he stood.

Eagerly, Stayne did.