When Ms. Hanagin, Nick, and I stopped in front of the headmaster's door I could hear someone talking through the door. Ms. Hanagin hesitated before knocking, and I could understand why. The headmaster (I don't know his first name, I don't think anyone does) was probably in an important phone call or something, and well, the headmaster doesn't really talk to us and tuck us in at night. But he has a reputation for being the big bad wolf.

"Come in." the headmaster's voice called through the door. Ms. Hanagin opened the door and walked in, me and nick following behind. The first thing I noticed about the room right away was the books. They were everywhere. Literally. All shapes, sizes and colours. There were old wooded book cases going all around the room, all the way to the ceiling. Some books were stacked on the floor and others were scattered around the headmaster's desk. Jesus, I thought. I mean yeah, I like reading but holy shit. What the hell does this guy do in his spare time?

The headmaster was sitting in a big leather chair, just like in the movies, that hid him completely when it was turned away from us. When the chair turned toward us I was totally shocked. For a second I thought he could be a student. For some reason I expected the headmaster to be some old guy. I was imaging an old man in his 60's with receding grey hair. I mean yeah, I've been told he was kind of young, but I was expecting at least in his 30's. This guy didn't look older than 20, 25 tops. He had light disheveled brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, very nice cheekbones, and a strong jaw. Wow. Definitely not what I was expecting. Not even close. The headmaster must have gotten used to seeing my expression because he didn't react at all, although I could tell he noticed my shocked look.

I let my eyes wander over his cluttered desk and noticed a metal nameplate with M. Bell engraved in it. Hmm… so his last name was Bell? I was learning something new everyday, and his first name starts with an M… Mark? Markus? I was burning with curiosity. He looked over Nick and me with expressionless eyes. "What is it this time Ervin?" My brain couldn't seem to understand what I was hearing for a moment, but finally understood. Oh. My. God. Ms. Hanagin's first name was Ervin? It was really hard to not burst out laughing, but I held it in. I could feel my face getting red with the effort. Jeez, no wonder Ms. Hanagin hates everyone. I would too if my name was Ervin. "What was so important that you had to interrupt me in my private office?" Ohh, he sounded mad.

"I caught these two fighting in the cafeteria." Ervin said stiffly. I glanced over at Ms. Hanagin. She was standing ram rod straight, with her chin tilted a bit upwards. I could tell she didn't appreciate being called by her first name. To me, that only made it seem funnier.

I glanced over at Nick. He was standing with his shoulders a bit hunched, his head tilted down so his greasy hair covered his eyes, looking at his shoes, playing innocent. I could tell how this was going to span out. Nick would get off with a slap the wrist while I got blamed for the whole thing, and probably got a life threatening punishment, like cleaning the toilets. I shuddered.

The headmaster's deep voice cut through my thoughts, making me snap to attention. "Well I can see that Ervin, unless they got run over by a bulldozer." His eyes roamed over Nick and me, taking in all the cuts, bruises and broken bones. The pain in my arm came back at full force then making my eyes water. I probably broke it. When I glanced down my thoughts were confirmed. My arm was hanging useless at my side still at an odd angle, and I couldn't move it. I also noticed a searing pain in my ribs. I wouldn't be surprised if I had a few broken ribs. I peered at Nick through all the hair in his face. He had a nice big bruise forming around one eye. I couldn't help but feel proud of myself; I had gotten him good in the face. See? I didn't need anyone no matter how alone or sad I felt. I could take care of myself perfectly well. Well, you know, besides being beaten into a pulp.

"I don't see how a little fight between two teenagers is so important that you had to bother me in my private office. Why didn't you take them to Creshelda?" Creshelda is like the co-headmaster around here. She's a plump woman, with straw coloured hair and big hazel eyes, and likes to think she's the boss around here. That's who I thought we were going to see when Hs. Hanagin caught us. Instead she brought us to the real boss.

"These two turned the whole cafeteria upside down sir; I thought you might want to punish them yourself." The headmaster sighed.

"You may go Ervin. I will deal with these two myself."

"As you wish sir," Hs. Hanagin left, closing the door quietly behind her.

For a while the headmaster just looked at us, like he was waiting for something. Then he sighed.

"Anyone want to tell me what happened?"

"Sir, I was just minding my own business when Eve just got up in my face, saying stuff about me and Doris-"

"What? I was getting up in your face? Pfft, yeah right!"

"Then she started hitting me so I tried to tell her to stop,"

"Are you kidding, that's a complete lie!"

"But she wouldn't so I had to defend myself."

"What? You're just going to blame the whole thing on me?"

"Enough." Nick and I instantly went quiet. "All I know is that according to Ms. Hanagin you two made quite a mess in the cafeteria. You two are going to pay for the damage and I'm going to have to give you punishments." The headmaster thought for a moment. "First all privileges will be taken away." What privileges? "Which means you are not allowed to participate in the outdoor activities," he makes it sound like these 'outdoor' activities are fun. But I guess it's the only thing close to fun around here.

"Do we still have to go to classes?" Nick asked.

"Yes of course. And I will have to call your parents to tell them of this, so they may pay for the damages." Oh crap. This will just give them more reason to hate me. When kids turn into darklings they are always shipped into the closest institution, but that doesn't meant there parents don't check up on them. I mean, how can you just give up your child without any second thoughts? Most families think of this as if there going to rehab, like they need help or something. Every month we all get to go check our mailboxes for packages that our parents sent. The first month I was here I was so excited, thinking my parents had sent me something or a letter, telling me they'll see me soon or something. But as it turned out they didn't send me anything. Every month I was always hopeful, just to be crushed when nothing came in. I watched as all the other darklings got a letter or packages of money and stuff from their friends and family and it just killed me inside, because I knew my parents didn't give a shit. If I died they wouldn't care. Actually they would probably celebrate. But for some reason I always check my mailbox. Although there's no reason too, maybe I'm just waiting for hate mail or something.

The headmaster grabbed a piece of paper and started writing stuff on it. I tried to look over without being to obvious but I couldn't see anything.

"You may go. Ms. Hanagin will bring you your new schedule later." Jeez we needed a new schedule? We must have a lot of punishments.

There was a soft knock at the door, and then Ms. Hanagin came in. "Ms. Hanagin will also walk you back to your rooms." Me and Nick got up from our seats and walked down the hallways back to our rooms with Ms. Hanagin.

Later that night I was staring up at the ceiling when there was a loud knock on the door. I got up quickly and opened the door and standing there was old Ms. Hanagin.

"Here." She thrust a piece of paper in front of my face. I took it. It was my new schedule. Oh great. Holy shit. My eyes widened as I looked at it. My whole month was filled. With punishments basically. Can life get any better?