I just wanted to say, before you read this, that i got the idea from a different story that i read on this website. So the credit for this story i would like to go to the person that wrote 'Boyfriend'. It was an amazing story and i'm not trying to copy it, but it gave me the inspiration to write this one. So thank you very much. Enjoy my story...

Viva La Bam

I lay still as the warm sun beat down on me. I was in Bam's garden after being set free of his stupid house arrest. Basically what had happened was that me and Bam were supposed to be having this race, me in my Ferrari and him in his Lamborghini, but someone had taken his Lambo out of his garage and hid it. Sounds pretty stupid right? That's what I thought. I closed my eyes and tilted my head back to get some sun on my neck and suddenly I felt a hot liquid over my stomach and heard a clattering of a steel cooking pan hit the floor.

"What the?!" I yelled, opening my eyes and looking down to see a dark reddish liquid. Bam's chicken tika that he was going to have for dinner. I looked around to see Bam standing next to me.

"Seriously Bam! What the hell!?" I'd known him for ages, and to be honest, he was really REALLY irritating at times.

"You took the Lambo!" He accused childishly.

"I didn't take the Lambo!" I yelled instantly. I'd had enough of his accusations. Lauren and Brendon were standing just behind Bam, laughing at our thousandth argument of the day.

"Yes you did!" He yelled back. I stood up and glared at him, causing him to hide behind Lauren and Brendon.

"GOD SAKE BAM STOP BEING SO IMATURE!" I yelled. He looked at me. I looked back. And as he said the next three words I stormed off into the house.

"But you did…"


"He is the most irritating man in the world…" I complained to Lauren as me and her sat on the settee that night watching the TV. I was back in house arrest for the stupid Lambo incident, because the person who had it still hadn't gave it back.

"I know what you mean!" Lauren agreed, just as Bam and Brendon walked into the room clutching a lie detector test. One of those professional ones that the police use.

"You have to be kidding…" I said, glancing over at him. He simply placed it down on the table and smiled.

"Nope. We're all going to have a go. Brendon first" Bam said, wiring Brendon into the machine. He made me go last just because 'I'm the guiltiest one'.

"Lynette… Did you really think you'd win our race?" Bam asked.

"Yeah…" I replied, the line staying straight.

"Uh huh… Did you take my Lamborghini?" I shuffled forward in my seat, looked up at him and said…

"Nope" The line was straight again.

"Right… Sorry…" He muttered.

"Net! I've got a question! Have you, or do you, have feelings, as in fancy, Bam?" Brendon asked. I hated him sometimes.

"N…No?" I said, glancing over at the line. It went squiggly. Shit! Lauren and Brendon started to laugh. There was no point denying it now. It would only make it funnier for them. Brendon is such a prick.

**Bam's POV**

I sat and stared at that line. Now whenever I close my eyes, I still see it. That lie. She has feelings for me? But we're forever arguing!

That night I heard her creep into the bathroom for a long bath like she does every night once Ryan has gone to bed. I still can't believe it.

**Lynette's POV**

I clambered out the bath and walked back into my room. I needed some 'me' time. So I wrote bam a note, and borrowed one of his skateboards, it was late at night but I really didn't care. I just needed to go out. Just as I sneaked out of the front door, and began to skate down the road, the yellow Lambo swerved around the corner, pulled up on the drive, and crashed into the garage door. I gasped and blinked repeatedly, hoping that what I'd just seen was all a bad dream.

But I was wrong…

The car door opened and my best mate Sophie fell out, clutching a bottle of vodka.

"That…Was…Amazing!" She said, laughing hysterically. I picked up the board and walked over to her.

"Look!... Net!... I saved the vodka for yooouuu…"

"You…You…You…The Lambo! NO!" It was Bam, standing in the doorway wrapped in his heart-a-gram blanket. I looked from Sophie, rolling on the floor laughing, to Bam scowling. And then the other door opened, and Johnny Knoxville and Steve-o fell out.

"Another great stunt for jackass…"

I looked back at Bam then. Sophie was crawling over to him and she used him to help her stand up.

"My car… Has turbo boosts… So much faster than yours…" She said, before passing out. Walking past him, I turned slightly and yelled…

"NOW DO YOU BELIEVE I DIDN'T STEAL YOUR PRECIOUS CAR!" Then I stormed off to my room leaving him to cry over his car.

**The next day**

I awake to hear the sound of Sophie, Johnny and Steve-o laughing. So I decided to see what was going on. I walked into Bam's lounge to see the video they had recorded of the car stunt playing on his TV. It looked as if they had just put it on.

"Oh My GOD! Lynette you have to watch this!" I turned to see Sophie wearing dark sunglasses and sharing a bottle of Bulmer's Pear Cider with Steve-O. I laughed at them and turned back to the screen.

"Hey… I'm johnny Knoxville, here with Steve-o and our extremely trashed driver, Sophie…"

"Woo! Look at the car drifting!" Steve-o yelled,


"Ouch… Nope. Defiantly not drifting anymore…" Sophie laughed

"Oops… Sorry Bam…" Johnny said. Sophie pointed at the wall where you could see the remains of yellow paint.

"That's the side of the casino we just left…"

"Damn… We never made it out the parking lot" Steve-o said

"Yeah… I think we should go now…" Sophie said, speeding off.

I started to laugh hyserically, but after taking a look at Bam's face I stopped. His eyes were starting to fill with tears. It was then I realised how much this was killing him to watch. After all he did love his car. Wait. Why should I care? Why did I care? Maybe the lie dectector was right... Prehaps I did have feelings for Bam. I turned back to the TV before anyone saw me staring at Bam.

"Sophie... Let's park here" Steve-o laughed. Sophie sped into the parking space, the car set in reverse, but there was a loud thud!

"crap... i think the bumper fell off..."

"Not to worry Bam! We'll fix it for you!" Steve-o said, holding up some masking tape, before clambering out the car and sticking the bumper back on.

"YOU LOT ARE A BUNCH OF COMPLETE ASS HOLES!" bam yelled, loosing his temper. He picked up an orniment and threw it at sophie, but his aim was a little off and he him her bottle of cider, causing it to smash and spill all over her trousers and his carpet.

"My CIDER!" She yelled

"I COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT YOU STUPID CIDER!" He yelled, storming out the room. I looked at the floor. Half of me wanted to go after him. But the other half of me wanted to stay in the room and be loyal to Sophie, Johnny and Steve-o. But my feeling to go after him were to strong.

"What a drama queen..." Steve-o muttered

"YOU TRASH HIS CAR AND YOU WONDER WHY HE ACTS LIKE HE IS!" I yelled, loosing my temper as well.

"Why do you care anyway?" Sophie said, looking up at me over her glasses.

"I...I don't... I... Erm... Just think you may have been a little to hard on him" I replied, before walking out.

I found Bam in his garage with his car. It was completely trashed and he was sitting on the floor, his back against the car, hugging his knees.

"Bam..." I muttered quietly, walking over and sitting next to him.

"What?!" He snapped. I looked at the floor.

"I came to see if you were ok" I whispered. I didn't blame him for snapping at me. He had had a tough few days.

"...I'm fine..." He said after a few moments of silence. I clutched his hand and gave it a reasuring squeeze.

"Good... Well, I'll help you pay for the repairs if you want. I know how much you love this car." i said. He smiled and stood up. Pulling me up off the floor as well.

"Not as much as I love something else" He said. I wanted to ask what, but before i got the chance, he smiled and walked out. Leaving me alone in the garage with his car.

**Bam's POV**

I didn't want to leave her by herself, but I knew she was about to ask what, and I couldn't have that convosation with her. So instead, i walked up to my room, locked the door and lay down on my bed, staring up at my ceiling. What was wrong with me? Where had these feelings suddenly come from? I'd never liked Lynette in this way before. It was scaring me.