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Sometimes he hates himself for loving her so much. It feels so fucking cheesy when he thinks about it. She doesn't want him, he doubts she ever did yet he'd still do anything for her. If she came running back to him, he'd take her. He fucking knows it. He's always there. He doesn't want to be. He wants to stop. Stop loving her, stop saving her. He just wants to stop caring all together. But he can't. He knows Freddie's there too, he knows she doesn't need him. Not really. But he just can't fucking stop. And sometimes he hates himself for that.

Sometimes she hates herself for stringing him along for so long. He didn't deserve it, he's too good to her. She hates that he fell for her, in fact she hates that they all fucking do. She hates the way he looks at her, hates knowing what she's doing to him. She knows he still loves her. She wishes he'd stop, so she could stop hurting him. She did love him once upon a time. But once upon a time's over, and she's on to a new fairytale, with a real prince. But sometimes she wonders who's the prince and who's the frog. She decides there is no frog just a prince and a knight. The knight would save her if he had to. And sometimes she hates herself for that.


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