This story takes place four years after the last story ended, and six years after Chuck and Blair were married. I hope you like it!

Chuck and Blair were sipping their coffee in a local Starbucks. They loved when they got the chance to just talk as Chuck and Blair. They loved being married and having two beautiful and ornery children also. Sometimes both Chuck and Blair wanted to focus on being friends along with being lovers and parents.

The lives of the couple had changed in the last six years. They were both college graduates, and the kids were in school.

Blair graduated from New York University with a degree in Child Psychology. She was excepted to the Columbia Law School. After she became a mother, she made it her passion to become a Children's Rights Attorney. Blair had also been accepted into the Yale Law School. She chose Columbia over Yale so she could stay in New York with Chuck and the children.

Chuck graduated from New York University with a degree in Economics. After barely making a C average, Chuck found that higher education was not his calling. Bart was so happy that Chuck graduated from college, he made him his personal assistant at Bass Industries. Chuck became Bart's right hand man. He was often responsible for business meetings when Bart was out of the country.

Ethan was now 5 years old and in kindergarten. He attended the St Jude's/Constance Billard Elementary School. He was quite the ladies man just like his father. Unfortunately, being a ladies man meant that Ethan was often asked to stay inside during recess. That didn't matter, Ethan loved his teacher, Mrs. Dalton. He absolutely loved torturing her.

Adele was now 4 years old and in preschool. She was sugar and spice and everything nice; while her teacher was watching anyway. Adele attended St. Emma's Preparatory Preschool, where she excelled in her subjects and being Princess B. Her teacher, Miss Allen, believed that little Adele Bass could do no wrong.

Today the kids were in school, Chuck was off from work, and Blair didn't start school for another four months. The couple decided that today would be the perfect day to be friends and lovers. It would actually only be for a few hours because the kids were done at noon. They had to use their time wisely.

After they dropped each child off at their schools, Blair and Chuck found a Starbucks down the street from their penthouse. They sipped their coffee and ate their croissants and remembered their few months of wedded bliss before they became parents.

"Those were the best days," Chuck snickered.

"Chuck!" Blair whined, "Don't talk about the kids that way!"

"Oh come on! You know I love them dearly. But everyday its...Daddy, Adele fed Kitty and I wanted to feed her, she's my cat...or... Ethan keeps looking at me...and...Pick me up, Daddy, I can't possibly walk with my own about...Ethan said Kitty was his cat, he has to share, make him share!" Chuck mocked his children.

Blair had to laugh, "Adele wants Ethan to share Kitty now? Last week she wanted her own cat."

"She doesn't need her own. Kitty is the family cat. She belongs to all of us." Chuck said.

Blair looked down.

"You didn't?" Chuck questioned, but already knew the answer.

"She wanted her own cat. I told her yes, but it has to be another sphynx because of your allergies," Blair smiled sheepishly.

"Thank you for considering my allergies, but you could have said something to me before you promised her," Chuck sipped his coffee and took a big bite of his croissant.

"WHATEVER!!" Blair yelled a little louder than she intended to, "You bought Kitty for Ethan on a whim."

"That's different,"Chuck stated with a smirk.

"How?" Blair inquired.

"Because I'm the man of house and you are the little women that stands behind me," Chuck laughed at his own bad joke.

Blair's mouth fell open, "You ass!" she giggled and threw her croissant at her husband who was now laughing hysterically.

Chuck was laughing so hard he was crying.

"I hope you don't pass on those words of wisdom to your son...or your daughter," Blair giggled and shook her head.

"Now that you mention it, I did get a call , at work, from Mrs. Demon yesterday," Chuck rolled eyes.

"Dalton," Blair corrected, "What happened now?"

"Apparently our son belched in the lunch room and didn't say excuse me," Chuck ridiculed.

Blair closed her eyes tightly. She was afraid of what Chuck was going to say next, "What did you tell her?" She eased the words.

"I told her to get a life and stop calling me at work for the stupidest things I've ever heard! Part of the reason why she can't control Ethan is that she doesn't use her own authority. Last week she called me because Ethan threw pennies at the girls. She can't handle those things herself? It's not like he brought a gun to school, Blair," Chuck threw back his head in frustration.

"I know she can be ridiculous..."

"Can be?"

"...but, your son can be difficult too. I just want to smooth this over so he can get through kindergarten in one peace. You making fun of her is not helping matters," Blair said.

"Fine," Chuck chuckled, " From now until the end of kindergarten, we are going to tell Mrs. Dalton that she has to take up all disciplinary matters with you. You'll see who is really difficult."


"That's what I said."

"I know that."

"I'm glad you know."

Stubborn Chuck. He always had to have the last word when he believed himself to be unquestionably correct.

Blair had been looking down after their brief tiff. When she finally looked up, she noticed that Chuck was making kissing faces at her.

"Stop it. You don't deserve a kiss," Blair said and she got up and threw away their empty coffee cups.

"I don't deserve a kiss?" Chuck put his hand over his heart and faked sadness.

"Such an over-actor," Blair mocked.

Chuck took her hand, before she could sit down again, and pulled her into his lap. He bent her backward enough that she couldn't wiggle her way out of his grasp. Then he kissed her. He kissed her lips hard. Then he kissed her cheek. Then he kissed and nipped her neck.


Blair and Chuck were walking hand in hand in central park. Before they left Starbucks, Blair made Chuck buy her another croissant so she could feed the ducks. He lovingly obliged.

"Now that the ducks have had their breakfast, we can talk about Adele's cat," Blair stated.

"Just keep putting it off and she will forget about it," Chuck concluded.

"Sure. We'll just keeping putting it off until she says, 'Daddy, I want one,' and bats her little eyes at you," Blair said as she batted her eyes at her husband.

"What's you point?"

"We should go down to the pet store and pick one out. We can get all of the extra cat supplies there too. Then when it is time to pick Ethan and Adele up from school, we can surprise them with the cats in the limo," Blair explained.

"You want to do this today?" Chuck whined.

Blair nodded.

Chuck scoffed but began walking in the direction of the pet store.

"Are you sure you want to do this now?" Chuck asked once they arrived.

Blair nodded again.

Chuck shook his head and led Blair into the store.

"Mr. Bass," The middle-aged store manger greeted, "and Mrs. Bass?"

"Yes, Andrew, I was in fact telling the truth when I said someone actually married me," Chuck joked.

"Ignore him," Blair playfully hit Chuck in the stomach.

"What can I do for you Mr. and Mrs. Bass?" Andrew asked.

"Our daughter wants a cat," Chuck sighed.

Andrew laughed, "I will show you to my last baby sphynx. Good thing you came now, he is the only kitten I have left."

"Oh, he is so cute," Blair cooed at the gray sphynx kitten, "We'll take him!"

"Alright, let me right up a sales slip," Andrew said.

"Yes, thank you. I would also like to purchase another litter box, litter, and food," Chuck said.

"Right away, Boss," Andrew chuckled.

"How do you know this guy so well?" Blair asked as she was petting the kitten.

"Andrew? This is his store. He helped me out when I bought Kitty. He helped me pick out medicine for Kitty when she got sick and threw up all kinds of colorful cat vomit on my new, white Bottegas. He also recommended a killer stain remover," Chuck explained.

"Its not like you to slum it."Blair whispered.

"Blair," Chuck warned.

Blair scoffed at him.

"He's a cool guy. Sometimes he is overly friendly, but he's does his job. He is a forty-three year-old man. He loves animals, so he opened this pet shop to make a little money, and find all of his pets good homes. The money he does make, he spends on the animals. He also tries to keep his meth addicted daughter, Lydia, out of trouble."

"How is he overly friendly?"

"When I told him my shoes were ruined, he gave me a hug," Chuck winced.

"Mr. Bass, I have everything for you. Lydia, will take care of you." Andrew said.

Chuck kissed Blair's cheek and walked to the counter to pay for everything.

Blair peaked at Lydia. She did look tweaked out. She was overly skinny and had post-its paper clipped to the sides of her head.

Blair was so focused on Lydia that she didn't notice that Andrew had walked over to her.

"He's a nice kitten," Andrew told her.

Blair smiled. This guy seemed nice, but Blair really didn't want him to hug her.

"So how long have you and Mr. Bass been married?" Andrew asked.

"Six years," Blair answered.

"He told me he was married, but he didn't tell me how beautiful you are."

Blair took a step away from Andrew, "Funny, that's usually the first thing he tells people."

"Even if he did tell me, beautiful is not strong enough of a word to describe you. You are just gorgeous," Andrew said with a huge smile on his face.

"Thanks, well if you'll excuse me," Blair said and she walked away from Andrew as quickly as possible.


"This is so yummy,"Adele announced to her friends, Mackenzie and Kayla.

"How did you get that lollipop?" Kayla asked.

"Miss Allen gave it to me because I wrote the entire alphabet out on the white board. She used my alphabet to teach the class," Adele continued to show off your lollipop.

"You are the smartest girl in the whole school," Mackenzie said.

"And the prettiest," A male voice whispered in Adele's ear.

"Daddy!" The girl shouted in delight and she jumped in is arms.

"You girls have a nice day," Chuck told his daughter's friends.

"I missed you, Daddy," Adele told her father. She hugged him tightly as he was carrying her to the limo.

"I missed you too, my little fryette."

"Do you like my lollipop, Daddy? Miss Allen gave it to me for writing the letter A on the white board."

"That's wonderful and I am very proud of you, but maybe you should get rid of it before getting into the car," Chuck suggested to his little girl.

"Daddy, you make a bigger mess in the limo than I do."

Chuck chuckled at his little girl, " I do not disagree, however our present company in the limo might be distracted by it."

Adele gave Chuck a weird look. A look that Chuck had seen on Blair's face many times before, "Who will be distracted? Mommy and Arthur?"

"Just trust me, Sweetheart," Chuck kissed her cheek.

Adele breathed hard and threw her lollipop in the bushes, "At least the ants will enjoy it."

Chuck put Adele down and opened the limo door for her.

"Hi Princess," Blair greeted her daughter.

Adele slid across the leather limo seats and kissed her mother. She noticed Kitty napping on the floor of the limo, "I had to through my lollipop away because of Kitty? She's not even awake Daddy."

Chuck slid in after his daughter and shut the limo door. He instructed Arthur to go to St. Jude's.

"Actually, Daddy was referring to your new kitten," Chuck stated and Blair put the kitten in Adele's lap. Blair had semi hid the kitten on the seat so Adele wouldn't notice it right away.

Adele gasped in delight at the sight of her new kitten, "Oh Mommy! Oh Daddy!" she cried, and then kissed at petted the kitten.

Chuck and Blair looked at their daughter and then they looked at each other. This was one of those moments they knew they would never forget.

"I want to name her Cinderella!" Adele announced.

"Its a boy, Sweetheart," Chuck told his little girl.

"Then I want to name him Cinderella," Adele corrected herself.

"Honey. I know that Cinderella is your favorite movie, but this kitten is a boy. How about naming him Jacques or Gus, like Cinderella's mice?" Chuck suggested. Yes, he does know the names of Cinderella's mice. Adele has made him watch Cinderella as much as Blair has made him watch Breakfast at Tiffany's.

"I want to name him CINDERELLA!" The four-year-old whined.

"It's a boy..." Chuck started but was cut off by Blair.

"And his name is Cinderella," Blair stated in complete annoyance with her husband.

"Blair. That is like cutting off his little cat balls," Chuck argued.

"Chuck?!" Blair yelled and covered her daughter's ears, "Why are you making such a big deal anyway? We all know your favorite color is purple."

"Alright," Chuck knew he had lost, "Name him Cinderella. Purple is a very manly color."

Blair scoffed.

The limo pulled in front of St Jude's. Chuck and Blair were not at all surprised to see their son wooing a young girl.

"Why should I hold hands with you on the play ground? Austin, Ryan and Dylan have already asked me," Ethan's lady friend asked.

"You see, Ingrid...Babe, Dylan has a bad haircut. Austin wears ugly clothes. Ryan, well, Ryan has cooties," Ethan explained.

"What makes you so special?" Ingrid asked.

"I'm Ethan Bass," Ethan smirked.

"Hey, Romeo! It's time to go home," Chuck told his son.

"Excuse me babe, My ride is here," Ethan said.

"Bye," Ingrid said with a smile.

"Daddy!" Ethan shouted and he jumped into Chuck's arms. Chuck hugged him, but when Chuck tried to put him down, Ethan insisted that Chuck carried to the limo. Chuck of course complied.


It was now night time at the Bass penthouse. Chuck and Blair had bathed their children and made then get into their pajamas. It was a half an hour before bed time, the children were keeping themselves occupied by racing their cats in the living room.

Chuck was sprawled out across the couch. He was lazily watching the kids and sipping his scotch.

"What are you thinking about?" Blair asked as she approached her husband.

"I was thinking about how blessed my life is. I love this. I love having a home and a family. I love watching the children play. I love going to bed with you at night, and I love waking up with you in the morning," Chuck said.

Blair smiled happily, and she lied on the couch with Chuck. Blair rested her head on Chuck's chest and watched her children play.

"I love this too,"She said.

Chuck and Blair seem to be pretty happy. Life is going well and smooth. Will life stay smooth? Are there some speed bumps coming? Who knows?

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