I decided to do the epilogue in two parts! Here is part 1!

Blair was going in circles around her bedroom, she was packing her suit case for the weekend. Chuck watched her as he lied in bed. He was concerned that she was having a spa weekend, with Serena, in the Hamptons. She had not been feeling well for past the few days, and even threw-up that morning.

"Blair, I think you should come back to bed. You can reschedule for next weekend when you are feeling better. This weekend, you should rest." Chuck commented.

"Serena is ready to pop. She might not be able to travel next weekend, and I promised her we would go before her baby is born," Blair justified as she continued to pack, "Besides, it's not like we are going hiking. I will get plenty of rest there."

Chuck still didn't like her leaving when she was under the weather, but he didn't argue with her.

"Do you have any plans today?" Blair asked.

"Yes, I plan to sit at the pool for the day. Since yesterday was the last day of school, I told Ethan and Adele that they could invite a few friends over and play by the pool," Chuck informed his wife, "Of course Ethan only agreed as long as I don't call him 'Fry' or even talk to him in front of his friends," Chuck scoffed and shook his head.

Blair giggled.

"It's not funny. One minute, he was my baby boy, and now he acts like I am the biggest embarrassment that ever happened," Chuck pouted and crossed his arms.

"Well, Chuck, you are the biggest embarrassment that ever happened. He treats me that way too. I find it to be quite humorous actually, watching him pretending to be a teenager." Blair said as she finished packing one suit case, and started on another.

"Is that supposed to make me feel better?" Chuck snapped.

"He's twelve, Chuck. That's how twelve year old kids act. We did the same thing," Blair sat on the side of the bed next to her husband and caressed his cheek, "It's great for me when I take them to the pool. I get to sit back and read my magazines without him interrupting me every five minutes."

"Adele doesn't act like that," Chuck countered.

"She's eleven . There is difference between eleven and twelve. Eleven is still in elementary school, twelve is in junior high. It's two different worlds," Blair leaned in and gave Chuck a quick peck on the lips, "I love you, Sweetheart. Now, I have to finish packing."


Blair said goodbye to her family and now was in the limo with Serena. Serena lied in a very lethargic position with a box of chocolate covered strawberries on her protruding belly.

"Want one, B?" Serena offered.

"No thanks," said Blair.

"Are you feeling okay Blair? You look a little green."

"I'm fine, I have been feeling a little nauseous. I will probably want one later. Lately, it's been nauseous one minute and craving chocolate the next."

"Really? You sound so...pregnant!" Serena joked and starting laughing.

"Oh, no," Blair laughed and shook her head, she wasn't pregnant. Then she thought for a second, she hadn't been on the pill in awhile. She had to go off of it because she was getting intense migraines. Chuck had been wearing condoms, but a couple of times he didn't. OH NO!


Chuck was laying out on lounge chair by the side of the hotel pool. He had his newspaper in one hand and a strawberry/banana daiquiri on a side table next to him.

Ethan went into the pool with Cody and Ryan. Adele's friends couldn't come, so she sat with Chuck for awhile.

"Don't you want to go swimming?" Chuck asked.

"No, I want sit with you. Cody and Ryan are so boring, I'll just wait until Ingrid gets here. Can I have a sip of your drink?" Adele asked. She was sitting next to Chuck on her own lounger.

Chuck smirked, "Yes, you may have a small sip." and he held the daiquiri up to her lips and excepted her to take a small sip from the straw. Instead, Adele took it from him and had a huge gulp.

"Hey, Missy, that has alcohol in it. I don't want a drunk kid," Chuck scolded but then laughed.

"It does not! Mommy gets them for me all the time, and I have never gotten drunk. You just don't want to share!" Adele crossed her arms and glared at her father.

"Oh really?" Chuck laughed. The kids could always make him laugh.

"Hey Donna!" Chuck called to a poolside waitress. The girl came over and smiled widely and Chuck and even flipped her long, blonde hair. Adele rolled her eyes at the women her mother always complains about, "Can you bring my daughter a strawberry/banana smoothie." he smirked at Adele.

"Yes, Sir," Donna said with dreamy looking eyes, "Can I bring you another daiquiri?"

"No thanks. I'll take a smoothie instead. My kids don't need to see their dad drunk," Chuck winked.

Donna started giggling a lot harder than she should have, "Maybe when the kids aren't looking, you and I could have a couple of real drinks together. My break is in an hour."

Adele shot up from her lounge chair and plopped on Chuck's lap, "Why don't you stopping flipping your fried, blonde hair at my dad, and just go get our drinks like you are supposed to, you ignoramus!" the little girl hissed.

"Adele," Chuck was completely taken back, but also cracked up at the miniature Blair that was sitting on his lap.

"Sweetie," Donna smiled, "Just because I'm a blonde, doesn't make me stupid."

"I don't think blondes are stupid, just you!" Adele snapped.

"Okay, Donna, please go get our drinks, thanks," Chuck cut in and the Donna left. "What was that?"

"She is always coming on to you! Mommy says it's very inappropriate!" Adele sassed and lied down on Chuck in a cuddling fashion.

Chuck hugged her, "Like I've told Mommy a million and a half times, she is not coming on to me, that is just her personality."

"Oh get real, Daddy!"

A few minutes later, the waitress came back with their drinks, "Thanks, Donna." Chuck said as he gave her a tip.

Donna accepted the tip and then smirked at Adele. Adele waited until Chuck wasn't looking and flipped the bimbo off, and then shot her a classic Waldorf smirk of victory.

Donna scoffed and scampered away.

"So, you still like to cuddle with Daddy, little girl?" Chuck asked.

"Of course, Daddy." Adele sipped her smoothie and then kissed Chuck on the cheek.


"Blair, would you please calm down?" Serena pleaded, "and stop looking at your calender. Shaking your phone like that can't be good for it."

"I am fourteen days late, Serena!" Blair exclaimed.

"When we get to the resort, we will get you a pregnancy test," Serena tried to calm her friend down. "If you are, then you are, but we can't do anything about it right now."

"This had to have happened last month. Bart and Lily took the kids to Disney World. Chuck was all over me within five minutes of them leaving. I know he didn't use a condom when we did it in the shower!" Blair got all worked up. She was going to kill her bastard of a husband for not using a condom.

"Thanks for sharing, B," Serena cringed.

"We were done having children! We have a boy and a girl and we were done! Then my jackass of a husband had to go and knock me up! Bastard!" Blair cursed and began plotting Chuck's certain death.

"I'm sure he didn't do it on purpose, Blair. Would you please calm down. You don't even know if you are pregnant. You could just be having period symptoms and your period could just be late," Serena tried to convince Blair, but to no avail.

"Yes, and maybe fairies are real, and they will build me a castle out of sunshine and rainbows, and fill unicorns and mermaids!" Blair scoffed and crossed her arms


Ethan's friends had gone home and Chuck wanted to leave. He told the kids to get ready. He found his son waiting patiently for him to go back up to their penthouse, but he didn't spot his daughter.

"Where's your sister?" Chuck questioned his son.

"She never came out of the bathroom," Ethan shrugged his shoulders.

She never came out of the bathroom? Now Chuck was a little worried, "Stay here," He instructed is son, and then walked into the girls bathroom.

"Adele?" Chuck called out.

"Go away, Daddy," A same voice came from a bathroom stall.

"What's wrong?" the concerned father asked the stall door.

"Excuse me! This is the girls locker room!" A middle aged woman scolded.

"Come on, Honey," Chuck ignored the woman and knocked on his daughter's stall.

"No, I'm not coming out!" The girl yelled.

"Why?" Chuck asked and then felt a harsh tapping on his shoulder.

"This is the girl's locker room!" the woman snapped.

"I don't give a damn!" Chuck snapped back, "I am a little bit more concerned about my kid than the no boys allowed rule!"

"Have it your way! I'll just call security!" The woman threatened.

"Gee, I wonder how that will go over? I own this hotel!" Chuck yelled in the woman's face.

The woman stomped off in a fury and Chuck scoffed to himself. Then he turned his attention back to Adele, "Sweetheart, please tell me what's wrong. You can't stay in here forever."

"I want Mommy!" Adele whimpered.

"Why can't you talk to me, Sweetheart?" Chuck asked, his voice full of concern. He was truly confused because up until this very moment, his daughter could talk to him about anything.

"Because you won't understand," Adele cried.

It broke Chuck's heart to here her crying so hard, "Adele, Baby, don't cry. Please come out and tell me what's wrong. How do you even know I won't understand? I am a very understanding person, and whatever the problem is, I will help fix it."

Adele opened the door and put her arms around Chuck and held him tight. She still didn't want to tell him, but she did want her daddy.

"Shh..." Chuck held her close to him, "Tell me what's wrong. Just close your eyes and blurt it out, and we'll handle it." Chuck honestly didn't see what could be so wrong. Adele was just fine 30 minutes ago when they were swimming.

Adele gripped her father, she squeezed her eyes shut, and just said it, "I got my period!"

Chuck's eyes widened. There truly was nothing that Adele could tell him that he could not handle... except that, "Dear God, let the icy hands of death take me," he thought to himself. He didn't know what to do, and Adele obviously didn't know either or she wouldn't we crying.

"Okay...um...okay. Has Mommy explained... um... that to you?" Chuck asked, he hoped the answer was yes.

"Yes, and we watched a movie in school. I don't know how to use a tampon." the 11 year-old girl confessed.

His daughter just said the word tampon. How did this happen so fast? 10 minutes ago this was not happening, and now it was. She was still his baby girl, how could this be happening?

"What are you...um," Chuck closed his eyes because he really did not want to ask, "What are you using right now?"

"Toilet paper," said Adele.

"Okay, You sit tight in here, I am going to call Grandma Lily," Chuck explained and shot his daughter a comforting smile.

A smile of relief formed on Adele's face as she went back into her bathroom stall and waited.

Chuck went around the corner where his daughter could not see and put his face in his hands for a moment. This was a big day in his daughter's life, and he found himself to be absolutely useless to her. He pulled out his cell and dialed his step-mother.


Blair and Serena waited patiently for the her pregnancy tests to do their thing. She took 32 the first time around. This time Serena would only let her take 6. She was able to buy 3 different brands and take both tests that came in each box.

"What are you going to do if the test is positive?" Serena asked to break the silence.

"I'm going to kill my husband," Blair stated absent absentmindedly, "Chuck Bass is the scurge of the planet!" Blair fell back on her bed.

The two women were currently in their hotel room in the Hamptons. They shared a room with two queen size beds. Serena was relaxing on her bed, having another snack, and Blair just stared at the ceiling and waited.

"Moment of truth, B!" Serena told her friend.

Blair sighed and dragged herself out of bed. She walked over in to the bathroom and checked her tests. They all had the same result.

Blair teared up and went back into the bedroom.

"What is it?" Serena asked.

"My husband is the best man in the whole world!" Blair sobbed! "He is so perfect and wonderful and makes me the envy of wives everywhere."

"Not pregnant?" Serena questioned because Blair had just sworn to kill Chuck if she was.

"No, I am pregnant! He gave me a new baby!" Blair cheered but continued to cry!

"OH!" Serena clapped her hands and waddled her way to Blair's bed. She hugged her hormonal, best friend as best as she could with her belly in the way. "We're gonna have babies at the same time!" Serena began to cry.

The two pregnant women held each other and cried.


Chuck was pacing back and forth inside his parents apartment. He had called Blair 5 times and texted her, but she had not responded yet. Lily was talking to Adele privately, and it seemed to be taking forever. At least Ethan was having a good time. Bart was teaching him how to play poker.

Finally Lily emerged from Serena's old bedroom, she gave Chuck a reassuring smile as she approached him.

"How is she?" Chuck asked.

"Fine," said Lily.

"Thank you, Lily. I didn't know what to do. I was the most worthless parent ever," Chuck let out a sigh of relief that his daughter was okay.

"You were not worthless. You have a little girl in there that loves you and is very thankful for your attitude. She said she was so scared to tell you, but when she did, you made everything better," Lily patted his back.

"She said that?" Chuck questioned.


Chuck smiled and became happy with himself, "Blair is out of town for the weekend, and I haven't been able to contact her. I don't know anything about tampons."

"First of all, she's 11. She will be using a pad, not a tampon. It's really easy, they just stick right to her underwear. Don't worry about that, she has it under control," Lily explained, "What you need to do is just be supportive, but act normally. A period is not a disease, it's a fact of life. Adele is afraid you are going to look at her differently. Don't say anything about it in front of your son, she isn't ready for him to know about it."

"I won't say anything in front of Ethan," said Chuck, " I can't believe this. This morning, she was my baby girl, and now she is so grown up."

"She isn't grown up. She is still a little girl that needs her daddy. She just has some new responsibilities." Lily put her hand to Chuck's cheek and then kissed his cheek lightly.

"It's more than that to me. Right now, it's her period. Pretty soon, she is going to really start noticing boys and then boys are going to start noticing her. I don't know if I am ready for that yet." Chuck admitted and shoved his hands in his pockets.

"She's going start developing breasts too," Lily laughed, she couldn't help herself.

"Oh, God," Chuck looked down and actually blushed.

"Well, ready or not, these are the facts of life, Charles. Kids grow-up. It's hard to face, but it's a good thing. Just, please, try to be as normal as possible. Pretty soon she is going to grow-up, she is not grown-up yet. She needs you to be on her side."

Chuck nodded and then left Lily to go and see his daughter. He watched her for a minute before he made is presence know. She was just staring at herself in the mirror, from different angles. She put her hair on top of her head, then she let it fall.

"Hey, my little fryette," Chuck said.

Adele turned and saw her father and her face lit up. She ran to him and threw her arms around him, like she had always done before. Chuck held her and just treasured the moment. She will always be his little girl, he thought. On her 50th birthday, she would still be his little girl.

"How are you feeling?" He inquired.

"Good. Grandma fixed everything. Can we go out for ice cream tonight, and invite Grandma and Grandpa?" The little girl looked to her father with bright eyes.

"Of course we can," Chuck answered.

"Later, when we get home, can you, me, and Ethan still watch Harry Potter and have our slumber party like we planned?"

"Yes, Princess. Nothing would make me happier," Chuck smiled and held out his hand. Adele held it, just like she had done that morning and everyday prior.


Blair walked into her dark house. She had arrived late Sunday evening instead of Monday morning like she had planned. Before she went into her own room, she checked on her kids.

Ethan was sound asleep. She caress his face and kissed his cheek. This was the only time of day that he would let her do that anymore. Blair glanced at his desk, she saw a framed picture of their family. So he loved his parents, he just didn't want to show it in public. Blair giggled at her little teenager.

"I love you, my little prince," Blair whispered and then left.

She walked out of Ethan's room and then went into Adele's room. She was sound asleep with two really fat and old cats on her bed. Blair laughed because Kitty and Cinderella used to belong more to Ethan, and now they belong more to Adele.

"I love you, my little princess," Blair whispered and kissed her daughter's cheek. She petted each cat, and then left.

Blair went next to another room. They had a some rooms in their penthouse, that were never used. They were made up like guest rooms, but remained vacant. She looked the room that she was in over and then put her hand to her belly, "When we find out what sex you are, I am going to make this into your new nursery. I love you, my little one."

Blair entered her own bedroom, and found Chuck asleep. She smiled at him, and then changed into a loosely fitted nightgown. She got into bed with Chuck and gave him a warm and strong kiss. She put both hands on his face and continued to kiss him until he awoke.

"Good morning to you too," Chuck smirked and opened his eyes, "It's not morning. What are you doing home?"

"I missed you," Blair scooted so Chuck could move and rest his head in her lap.

"I missed you too. You should have told me, I would have waited for you," a groggy Chuck said as he nuzzled his cheek on her thigh, "How was your weekend?"

"It was good, I have a lot to tell you, but I think I should wait until morning," Blair stated as she rhythmically ran her finger's threw her husband's hair. He was falling asleep again.

"I have a lot to tell you," Chuck breathed heavily. "Yes, morning is good."

She stroked Chuck's face and hair until he fell asleep on her lap. Blair couldn't sleep, however. The news of the life inside of her, was keeping her up. Tomorrow, she would change their lives, in a very good way.

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