Viva La Bam (Chapter 2)

**Lynette's POV**

O.k. I'll admit it… The lie detector was right. I liked Bam.

I walked up to bed that night and left my door open slightly as I always did. I liked the light that came through and I couldn't sleep in the dark. As I lay in bed I stared at the ceiling and thought about him. He was only in the room next door. He was probably asleep now. I bet he looked so cute when he was asleep. These thoughts were the last things I thought about before drifting off into a deep slumber…

**Bam's POV**

I have to tell her my feelings. I can't just hide it anymore.

I sat up in bed and flung my covers off me, before walking over to my door, dragging my heart-a-gram blanket with me. My house is always so cold at night. I crept along the landing and over to her room to see her door open slightly and hear her deep breathing. She was fast asleep. I wanted to go into the room and tell her but I couldn't wake her up.

So instead I just pushed the door open carefully and walked into the room. The sliver of light shone across her face allowing me to see her better. She looked so peaceful.

What the fuck is wrong with me? I'm never like this! I'm Bam Margera for God's sake! I get drunk, I injure myself, I cheated on my ex-girlfriend more times than I can count and now I've become all doe-eyes and mushy for some chick that I've hated for most of my life.

I had to get out then, before I got caught. As I pulled the door closed I tripped on my blanket and landed on my ass in the hallway, waking Lynette up.

"Bam?" She said, in a sleepy voice.

"Erm… Yeah?" I replied, pushing the door open.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"I was… Just erm… Going to see if Ryan had my erm… Phone" I said, quickly, hoping that she would buy it. And she did. Thank God.

"O.K. well… Goodnight" She muttered, lying back down and falling asleep within seconds. That would have been my perfect chance to tell her how I feel and I blew it. Well done Bam!

**Lynette's POV**

I woke up the next morning, and blinked repeatedly before sitting up. What the hell was Bam doing last night?

I walked out of my room and over to his to see him sitting on his bed, reading a book.

"Morning Bam" I said, walking in

"Oh… hey… Morning…" He replied, putting the book down and moving along slightly so that I could sit down next to him.

"What the hell were you doing last night?" I asked him curiously. For some reason the look of panic on his face gave me some kind of satisfaction.

"I was… Erm… Getting my ph-"

"Stop with the bullshit Bam. Just tell me what's going on" I said, more fiercely that I intended.

"O.k. just promise me you won't walk out or shoot me down or anything when I tell you. O.K." He said, I stared at him before nodding.

"Just hear me out O.k."


"Right… Well… You remember the lie detector?" He asked. How could I forget the day when I discovered that I had feelings for Bam?

"Y…Yeah I remember"

"Well… Was it right? I mean… Do you actually have feelings for me?" I was silent for a second before I nodded.

"Woah… O.k.… Right… Well… Erm… Last night I was thinking… I think that I might have feelings for you as well…" He said, looking into my eyes. I was silent. I found myself smiling suddenly.

"Well… Erm… I… I…"

"You aren't mad are you?" He said, looking worried

"Why would I be mad Bam?" I asked. He smiled at me, and then I lent forward and kissed him. What the hell was I doing?

You know what… I don't care! I love him!