Formerly 'Time and Time Again'.

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Chapter 1: Once upon a time…

It had been seven years since the Titans broke up.

Being such great heroes, there was simply no more crime to take care of, so naturally there was no use for team of teenagers with crime-fighting abilities. Left with nothing to do gave the Titans instead the ability to explore other possibilities to life. Needless to say Starfire and Robin stated to get a little more friendly with each other. Cyborg, after finding out there was nothing else he could build or update, started to spend more of his time around a certain Titan at Titan's east. Beast Boy was finally able to fulfill his life-long ambition to sit and do nothing all day and Raven, after numerous trials and errors, was able to hold some moderate control over her emotions.

With life at a standstill, everyone seemed to be happy. It was perhaps why when Raven came to everyone with an announcement that the team reacted the way they did. Gathering all of her friend in the common room, Raven gave her friends the news that would change the fate of the Titans forever.

"I have been doing a lot of thinking…and I have decided to go school."

They all looked at her with confused expressions…the most confused of all of these where Starfire.

"Raven…what is this school and why must you leave?"

Letting out a sigh of frustration, Raven knew that although this question was innocent, it was a question that was on all of the Titan's minds.

"You see Starfire, ever since we have defeated my father, I need to have more control over my life. And not only that but I want to have some semblance of a normal life."

"I thought you said that being normal was over-rated!" interrupted Beast Boy.

Raven turned to him with a grim expression on her face. "I told you that so you would shut up about being green."

Although he should have taken offence to the sudden outburst by the small figure in front of him, Beast Boy gave a small smile, feeling a small scene of accomplishment that he was still able to successfully push the pale teen's buttons.

Finally gaining the reality of the situation, Robin stepped forward.

"Do you still plain to live here?"

Turning to her greatest friend, Raven calmly answered. "No, I don't think that it would be good of the school found out that a Titan was in their class. I have a room in a dormitory available in a week for the new semester. If you ever need me, for anything at all, I will gladly be there for the team."

Everyone stood in a shocked silence. This had been sprung on them so suddenly and without any warning. Their best friend, no more than that, their family, their sister, was leaving them. Raven knew that this would be hard for them, and for her as well, but it was all for the best.

After a long silence, Robin, gathering his bearings, spoke up for everyone. "Are you sure this is what you want Raven? Have you thought all of this over?"

"Yes. This is what I want for myself." Said the dark teen sternly.

Starfire couldn't contain herself anymore, and within a nanosecond, was weeping over her friend and embracing her in the most painful hug anyone had ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

"Oh my dear friend, I shall miss you!"

"I'll miss you too Starfire," gasped Raven in the smothered embrace. "but I'm afraid that if you don't stop hugging me that you will be missing be on account of me being dead."

Starfire backed away instantly with a small blush across her face.

"We will all miss ya Raven." said Cyborg walking up and giving Raven a more liveable hug. "You know you will always be like a sister to me," Raven gave a small smile and she said that she knew, to which Cyborg replied, "albeit one I would never want to piss off."

Next came Robin, who knowing that Raven wasn't fond of hugs, shook her hand. "You know that you are always welcome back."

"Yes I know. Thank you Robin." Hands still shaking awkwardly, both Robin and Raven eventually moved towards each other and embraced as everyone else had.

"You are a great member of this team Raven. And you are also the best friend anyone could ask for."

Letting her tamed emotions getting the better of her, Raven let a smile grace her face.

"Thank you Robin. For always believing in me."

Breaking apart there was only one other person left who stood awkwardly separate from everyone else.

Beast Boy stood and stared at the floor not knowing what to do. Raven walked up to him cautiously and stood no more than a foot away from her green friend.

Noticing a pair of very recognizable boots that where adjacent to his, Beast Boy lifted his gaze from the floor to the pair of dark violet orbs in front of him.

"Beast Boy, are you alright?" started Raven uncertainly.

A week later, Raven left the Titans.

End of Chapter 1