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Chapter 1

The sun had already began to rise early that summer morning, birds chirping and squirrels running about. Tokyo's many employees had started their vehicles to leave for work. Kids woke up early to watch saturday morning cartoons and teenagers...stayed in bed.

That was Serena Tsukino's routine every Saturday morning until she had went off to college, graduated - surprisingly with highest marks on all her homework and tests. Now she lived on her own, in an apartment downtown Tokyo near the office job she acquired about a month ago with help from her friend Ami.

Serena still looked the same, long blond hair pulled back in Odangos, big cerulean eyes, pale as always, almost heart-shaped face and slender build. This Saturday however is the young girl's off day. You don't know the over excitement she feels. They had worked her longer than eight-hour shifts and her boss, was of course never around but the pay was almost too good.

Serena lay in her comfy bed, smiling while looking up at the ceiling. Today seems like it will be a damn good day. She'd call up Mina and Rei, to go shopping and then over to the Arcade where Lita and Andrew worked - cooking the best meals under the Tokyo sun. She knew for a fact Ami couldn't join them - medical school took all of her time if Zoicite did not.

Reaching over to her LG shine she flipped it open and scrolled down to find "Mina" and pressed "Call".


Serena quirks an eyebrow, Mina usually isn't up this early, what gives? "Hey it's me, Serena! Want to go shopping?"

She could hear another voice in the background talking to Mina as well, sounded like she did have to work this morning. Well not surprising seeing as Mina worked in the fashion business along side Rei. Who was that person screaming profanity? "Ah Serena, I don't believe today is a good day. Rei and I have several new pieces for fashion week to complete."

She obviously knew Serena sounded, they hardly hung out anymore since their college days. Mina, Serena and Rei all graduated at the same time, Mina was behind Serena in ranks however. Rei didn't exactly attend the same college because of her religion. Rei's family expected her to attend a religious school - halfway through she dropped out and went on to college with Serena and Mina. "Hey we'll drop by the arcade on our lunch break! How about that?"

Serena perked up, "Sure, french fries and colas?" their usual order.

"Most definitely!" Mina replied, Rei walked in their shared office, livid from an argument, "Hey Rei is here, want to talk to her?"

"Tell Serena I said hello but I don't have time to mingle. Our boss just chewed us out for having several late projects!" Rei hissed grabbing a bunch of folders. Mina told her goodbye and hung up.

With that being said, Serena jumped up pulling on a yellow tank top and khakis, grabbed her cell phone and went out for the day. "Today will be a good day!" she waved at her older neighbor who only grimaced back to her. Such nice folks.

Ring Ring!

Andrew looked up from the register and his counting toward the double doors sliding open, his favorite customer just entered; Serena Tsukino. Lita peeked out hearing the doors open, throwing her dish rag down she squealed running toward Serena and hugging her.

"Oh my god girl! Where have you been?" squealing continued.

"Working every hour on the hour, my boss doesn't believe in only eight-hour shifts!" Serena rolled her eyes on the last part. Lita looked horrified.

"If Andrew tried working me anymore than eight hours, I'd go crazy!"

Andrew cleared his throat - meaning his turn to hug Serena since it had been almost a month since they last saw each other. Lita moved back, continuing with questions. These questions were questions such as, where she lived now that she was out of the university, what kind of job did she work, when were her off days because she wanted to plan a girl's night out like old times, and most importantly is she still single.

Serena lowered her head a bit at the last question, in fact she was single and had been high school - or longer that depended if Melvin actually counted her freshman and sophomore years. Lita patted her gently on the shoulder shoving her into a booth and scurrying off to fix the food.

"So how is Mina and Rei, we never see them at all anymore," asked Andrew rather worried. He had been so tied up now that he permanently owned the Crown Arcade and married Lita that he didn't have much of social life beyond the place. "They used to come in almost every day but for the past three months they've been - how would you put it, dead?"

Serena nodded, " Fashion week and they want all their pieces to look exquisite. Rei had words with their boss over some late projects but they said they'd drop by on their lunch break."

Lita came back thirty minutes later, food in hand right after telling Andrew she was going on break. She had so much to tell Serena since she had been practically gone for a month. Gushing about the married life, being able to cook what she wanted now that Andrew owned the Arcade and not only that but they had a sur plus of customers - many with stomachs like Serena's.

"So your honestly saying you haven't met anyone, Serena?" Lita led the inquisition to find out why her best friend was still single.

"I guess guys don't think I'm pretty," her smile fell and an overwhelming feeling came over her like always when she dwelled on her single life, "Maybe I don't have a good personality?"

"Nonsense!" Lita banged her fist against the table causing several customers to glance over, like she cared? "Guys should fight OVER YOU!"

"Oh well, they aren't," Serena sipped her coke and continued listening to Lita threaten every guy who she would most likely never meet with castration. "Okay Lita, I think Andrew needs you back grilling cheeseburgers." she covered her face while blushing. Lita looked over her shoulder, no sign of Andrew but she went back on the clock no matter.

Serena sat there alone, waiting for Mina and Rei, just like good ol times - sadly though once the afternoon came and went, she paid for the food and walked out into the hot sun. She knew they didn't mean to stand her up but it would have been nice to see them every once and awhile. While in her thoughtfulness she didn't see the tall stranger who managed to bump into her, only when Mina and Rei's Cokes spilt on her clothing did she look up ready to fire profanities.

"Whoa - how about watch where your walking ditz," the words dropped out like venom as he crossed his arms, Serena was livid.

"Excuse me?!" her eyes narrowed on him, too bad she couldn't see his eyes for the sunglasses. He flinched at her bluntness, "That just doesn't cut it! Those were for my friends!"

She could tell he didn't like her tone one bit but casually let it slide, "Well allow me to buy your friend's drinks back, then?" he offered.

"Don't worry about it, we can get them." Mina and Rei appeared staring at the two - knowing the murderous look in Serena's eyes all too well. Rei tugged Serena away from the man, feeling anger rise in her cheeks, "Thank god we came before you done something crazy,"

Serena sighed with relief knowing they were right.

Mina was another blond - like Serena, long hair but tied back with a bow, big oceanic eyes, tall, tan, slender but curvy. She could be a klutz sometime but hold her own. She wasn't a fan of working early hours either.

Rei was a completely different person, raven hair that reached her waist, dark almost violet eyes fair skin, tall and lean. Rei has a temper that should not be reckoned with at times and can be completely rash - somewhat like Serena. She doesn't mind working, completely devoted to getting the job done but can't stand someone screaming at her.

The man stood there watching the girls walk off toward the Crown Arcade, a gentle smirk tugging on his lips, he removed his sunglasses to get a better look at the livid petit blond with a strange hair do. Darien Shields, the modern-day Bruce Wayne if you thought about it, he had everything a man could dream of, wealth, good looks and a nice home but one thing he didn't have - a girlfriend, lover, wife..etc.

"Well miss meatball head, something tells me, we shall be meeting again." walking in the same direction the three girls went.

"Ugh, you missed it Lita!" Rei gushed walking in the arcade, Andrew and Lita looked toward them.

"Huh?" Andrew and Lita both asked.

"Some rude ass bimbo knocked those Cokes on Serena's shirt. Didn't even say sorry." Mina looked back toward the door as she spoke hoping he didn't follow them inside. She'd plant his face in the tiles if he did.

Lita came from behind the counter surveying the damage, "Want me to kick his ass, Sere?"

"I'll be fine!" Serena assured them, hoping they quieted down, not wanting to draw more attention to herself. The supposed good day had turned into a complete disaster. Lita joined them for another round of Cokes in their usual booth as Mina and Rei explained the horrors they had to deal with today when they showed up for work.

Ring Ring!

The doors opened once again, Andrew was the only one who looked toward the door.

"Darien, oh my god! It's been forever!" he chuckled as the man walked to the counter.

"I know, I meant to come three weeks ago but, I had a stalker to take care of." the smirk still planted on his face. He surveyed the Arcade looking for the clumsy meatball head he met outside.

"Beryl?" Andrew almost choked, he had thought Darien and Beryl were practically soul mates.

"She cheated on me and then I dumped her and she harassed me at work and followed me home. Something had to give."

Lita looked toward the counter seeing Andrew talking to a familiar face, "Hey guys, you remember Darien from our wedding? Andrew's best man?"

Mina and Rei nodded remembering the dreamy man Andrew picked as his best man, neither of them had caught his eye but they tried none the less.

Serena did not recognize him at all. She stared at the man for a while, however that green suede jacket seemed awfully familiar. And it hit her - he was the rude man from outside and her blood boiled.

"That's the jerk who spilt the drinks on ME!" she screamed suddenly, everyone looked at her. Andrew and Darien turned to find the blond glaring daggers at them. Lita's mouth hung agape as did Rei and Mina's. Oh boy! Darien only smiled innocently and walked over to them despite Andrew's warning.

"I'm sorry meatball head, I"

"WHAT?!" Serena jumped up, her face beet red and fists clenched, "First you spill those drinks on me then you have the nerve to call me a meatball head? What kind of asshole are you?" but that only caused him to laugh. Quite the spitfire isn't she.

"Wow Darien, you sure are nice," Rei mumbled rolling her eyes. They all knew Darien could be a tease but not cruel, "Next time just shove her on the ground."

"Don't give him any ideas Rei." Mina added standing as well trying to calm Serena down. To nobody's surprise they ended up saying early goodbyes thanks to Darien's teasing. Mina and Lita wasted no time shoving Serena out the doors before someone became harmed badly. Once they had settled the blond down, Mina walked her home, leaving Rei, Lita and Andrew with Darien.

He plopped back down the on stool, proud of himself.

"Can't even say your sorry?" Andrew looked displeased at his friend. Darien shrugged not giving it much thought, "Serena is a nice girl, Darien and would do well without teasing."

"Really? I think she needs regular taunting. So Serena is her name?" He looked at the three expectantly. Rei rolled her eyes leaving to go back home. Lita opened her mouth but quickly shut it before profanities left and walked in the back, not before giving Andrew the 'I don't approve' look. Andrew understood well.

"Yeah her name is Serena. She's like a sister to me Darien and if you upset her..."He trailed off knowing Darien got the hint. He didn't think it needed to go any further on the subject then that.

Darien did in fact - he knew Andrew could be scary as hell if he wanted to appear that way. One guy tried forcing himself on Andrew's little sister while Andrew was standing in the same vicinity, broke his nose and popped out a tooth. Everyone knows, don't mess with Andrew Cross, the Arcade owner.

"I heard that," he glared at him before adding, "So what can I get you?"

"Black coffee please?" not realizing he said the last part out loud.

The dirty blond made a disgusted face before hurrying off to get Darien's drink. Darien continued sitting there in his thoughts, man, that girl has a mouth on her like a sailor! Cute but blunt. Those eyes, he never seen eyes that blue before..unless you count his midnight blue eyes that every girl swooned over. For some odd reason - she didn't swoon over him. Surprise, surprise. Hell, she didn't look over eighteen!

"Actually she's twenty-one, I thought we closed this subject?" He sat the coffee down in front of Darien, leaning against the counter, trying figure out why Darien was so curious.

"I've just never met anyone like her, she's...different." He didn't offer anymore than that.

"You like her?" it came out like an accusation instead of teasing. Darien almost choked. "Relax man, I'm teasing. It's obvious she doesn't want anything to do with you. Don't worry." with that Andrew went back to the few other customers.

Mina and Serena plopped down on the sofa in Mina's house. Long day, Rei had decided to go on home and check on the temple.

Neither girls spoke leaving it awful quiet in the room. Serena was deep in thought on how to avoid that snobbish idiot for the rest of her life as well as trying to get those ridiculously perfect eyes he had out of her system.

Mina had a headache from all this, Darien sure had changed since they last met, not that he paid them much attention but still from afar he didn't seem arrogant like he was today. She really needed something strong to drink.

"Vodka sounds nice, if you have any." Serena chirped up. Mina blushed, she said that out loud? Great. " So how come I don't remember him at the wedding?" she prodded Mina.

"I don't know, you were the maid of honor - I guess we thought you were ogling him as well. But your thoughts were probably how sore your feet were."

"Very funny," Serena rolls her eyes, "Hey do you still have Pride and Prejudice? Can we watch it?"

"Sure! Pop it in, I'll grab the popcorn too."

Seeing as Serena didn't want to talk anymore about Darien she left it at that. She would ask Ami later why Serena possibly didn't remember him at the wedding. The blunette always recorded special events so maybe she has the wedding recorded...somewhere.

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