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Chapter 10

Avoidance didn't quite begin to describe it.

Lita had taken time off from work to care for Dalton, who had become the center of attention. Andrew finally found a few who could run the grill and cash register when he wasn't there. Though the fire department had been called in a lot.

Rei and Ami had been consoling Serena ever since the "incident". The usual bubbly girl turned pretty morbid and refused to go outside of her apartment. She didn't know what was worse, the fact Mina dumped Kunzite then proceeded to ruin her life or just the ruining of her life. She didn't even go back into work.

Mina stayed far away from everyone, feeling a bit ashamed - finally she felt something other than stubborn. She tried talking to Kunzite but the man was holding firm and not talking to her. He wanted to forgive her, he honestly did, but that gave her no right to be an outright bitch about everything. Though everyone saw it coming for the blossoming couple, sex and fighting, thats their relationship and the other girls often warned Mina to find something else in common with him, she didn't.

Darien couldn't concentrate at all. He took more time off work than usual, leaving a few vice presidents in charge. He didn't know how to cope with this. He was soo damn close to telling Serena and who would have thought Mina Aino would screw up any chance he had at all with Serena. The dire need to strangle that thing has become extremely tempting. He saw her walking with her head hung low and almost rushed outside to follow through with the idea.

Walking past her apartment, the most dreaded part of all. She never stepped outside, so he never had a chance to talk, the girls he had seen a few times coming out but that was it. They didn't say anything just looked at him with pleading eyes. Even during the loneliest nights when he'd be the last person out of the office, Darien couldn't stand it. Sometimes he found himself face to face with her door only to be drawn back into reality and say, "What are you doing Shields? She isn't going to listen."

He even began drinking more than usual, not that it helped any, infact it made matters worse. It earned him a lashing from Rei and a patronizing look from Ami. But what was he supposed to do? Serena had made her choice: She didn't want him. He even taken to talking with Beryl for comfort. Though the redhead often sneered and critized what he made of himself since that brat came into the picture. Tonight was one of those nights.

Darien sulked as he walked to the apartment building, tie loosened, hair a mess and eyes slouching. He even smelt like cheap cologne.

"Awwh did the bitch hurt the big bad Darien?" Beryl laughed leaning against the apartment. Darien avoided her glance, he didn't even feel like talking to her. Straightenening herself up she placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. "I understand it's not easy when someone rips your heart out."

"You don't have one, Beryl." He sneered back, not paying her any attention. The bell boy watched the two as they entered, at the sight of Beryl he cringed. She caused trouble last time she walked in with Mr. Shields. She came back off the elevator ready to jump the first person who questioned her. "Stop following me."

"Why?" She purred latching onto his arm like a leech. Darien tried shrugging her off but he failed miserably. "Darien, take me!" She pleaded sensually.

He rolled his eyes, "Hell no." Once again she began running her pathetic mouth, cussing him all to hell. The elevator doors shut as he pressed the up button, Beryl inside with him.

"And as well Mr. Shields, you aren't even well endowed!"


"You couldn't satisfy a fly!" Bery continued, grinning madly. Darien tried ignoring her but was it futile. She continued with her perverted mouth, even going as far as saying he craves anal - and we all know Darien Shields is more protective of his ass than other man in the world. "I'm glad you aren't my father!"

He had enough and retorted while stepping out of the elevator, "I don't know Beryl, me and Bertie went at it pretty hard..."

"YOU CONCEITED PIG!" Beryl slapped him hard across the face, "How dare you insult my mother!"



She turned the volume up as loud as it would go and she could still hear the two arguing. Serena was about to lose her cool and do something about that ragweed woman. Serena damned her for all it was worth and the tramp's motor mouth kept running. She almost wished Darien would take her back, at least that would justify he didn't care anything about her.

She smoothed out the wrinkles on her tee shirt before walking over to the door. She didn't open it but she listened. Nothing she hadn't heard the woman scream about before - infact Serena became sure Beryl would lose her voice any time now.

She didn't know how long it had been since the incident, Darien never tried making amends, neither did Mina. Both of them broke her heart, Mina turned into a heartless witch where as Darien..only lived up to his playboy name. Besides, he already had her once, why would he want seconds? She only wished she could have saved herself the heartache.

She tossed and turned during the long nights after watching romantic comedies or horror movies galore. The moment replayed in her head almost everyday - a bad memory. She would find herself crying when she awoke, and so alone. She wanted to walk down the hall and knock on Darien's door and just forget about what happened, but her pride and dignity stood in her way. Her long hair even became a bother, she asked Rei and Ami to cut it off. They looked at her skeptically before complying. Now her hair just looked weird, short and peculiar. Nobody could ever call her meatball head anymore.

But she'd always be meatball head to Darien.

She snapped out of her reverie when she heard the redhead mention her again. The woman was about to learn her place. Serena breathed deeply before opening the door and stalking toward her.

"Beryl go away. I'm not letting you inside!" Darien glowered at her as he leaned against the door.

"Let me in Darien." She begged pouting childlike before adding, "You let that slut in here - I know you did."

Darien was about to open his mouth when the familiar gold light shimmered in the hall - Serena was walking no...stalking toward them and her hair. HER HAIR!? Darien almost went into cardiac arrest. She cut it. Where was the silly meatball style hairdo? A little more of his heart broke. Then he looked at her as she came closer, a scowl plastered on her face instead of a smile, fists clenched tightly and a vein in her forehead popping out. Yikes.

Beryl heard the familiar footsteps and turned around, her own eyes buldged out of her head - the bitch cut her hair. Oh well. She crossed her arms shoving her bust up more.

"Oh please you two cent whore, nobody cares about your bosom! Call me a slut one more time and we'll see who has the last laugh!" Serena threatened. Beryl shivered at her threat but remained calm and still. Darien however moved back away from the door.

"If you even so much as touch me, slut. I'll have you put in jail." Beryl grinned challenging Serena.

"You shouldn't have said that, Beryl." Darien sighed rubbing his forehead watching Serena lunge at the tacky woman. Beryl didn't know what hit her when she hit the floor and began screaming. Serena straddled her, punching and pulling her hair while all Beryl did was claw at Serena's arm.

"Maybe we can get Serena to go out with us." Ami smiled as they exited the elevator. That was until they turned down toward Serena's apartment only to find Serena madly beating a redhead. "My word!" Ami gasped and they ran over.

Darien seen the girls running over and backed away even more. Serena didn't notice. Rei and Lita grabbed Serena pulling her off the woman. Ami took a look at her and her eyes narrowed, hopefully Serena didn't do too much damage. But from the looks of the woman, she'd end up with a black eye and a swollen lip. Maybe even a few bald spots in her head. "Your a lucky ducky," Ami hissed.

The woman scampered away leaving the crowd to stand and watch. Serena bent over trying to catch her breah easily. Rei glowered at Darien who stood there like a deer caught in headlights. Lita cracked her knuckles disapprovingly. Ami nodded, obviously upset.

"I can't believe you just stood there. She stated blankly.

Darien only gawked.

"I bet you caused that clobber, didn't you?" Rei accused him stepping forward.


Lita put a comforting arm around Serena walking her back to her own apartment but not before yelling back at Darien, "Next time just call the cops!" At that Darien did nod and took a deep breath.

"You aren't doing anything to help youself, Darien. Usually a guy would be flocking the girl begging for forgiveness." Ami sighed leaning against the wall, Rei ran one hand through her long black hair pushing it away from her face. "Serena would listen. I can't tell you how many times she has told us that she cares deeply for you."

Darien perked up. So Serena did care? Then why did she storm away and confess her hatred? Stubborn rash behavior that girl has. Of course though, he should have known, she did care. "Can you talk to her and honestly find out, for real?"

The two nodded before heading toward Serena's apartment. They didn't know what came over the usual bubbly blond and why she suddenly turned into a hellcat but they were about to find out. Lita stood leaning against her apartment door once Ami and Rei walked in. Rei stood against the bedroom door, and Ami sat down beside her.

Serena had the look of a madman on her face. Rei was the first to speak.

"What happened?"

Serena shrugs in reply.

"Don't give us that! You weren't clobbering her to put on a show for Darien."

Serena flips them the finger in annoyance. Lita rolled her eyes.

"SERENA!" They cry unison.

"She called me a slut!" Serena shouted back. "That woman has been coming here almost everynight to talk to Darien, actually probably more. Tonight she must have felt she needed to pour salt in an open wound."

Nobody said a word, until Ami broke the silence.

"Serena, you should have let it go - hitting Darien, you got away with it because he loves you. Beryl....well she isn't exactly lesbian. She won't hesitate to call the police."

Lita grinned sarcastically, "Really I thought she was lesbian and they were going at it."

"Lita!" The others screeched, and Lita only laughed in return.

"Darien doesn't care about me." Serena voiced, trying to convince herself more or less.

"Yes he does."

"Then why hasn't he tried talking to me or getting me back at work?"

Rei answered that one quickly, "He's a jackass and never done any of this before. He's learning." Nobody had anything to say to that - they only glared at Rei curiously, "What?"

"Just what you said. He's learning?"

Rei nodded, "He hasn't been in hardly any serious relationships. Beryl was a first and soon to be last - unless Serena gets her head out of her ass."

"What about Mina? Are you going to stay mad at her forever because of what she told you?" Ami questioned.

"It wasn't exactly the time I wanted to hear it."

"But you did. I think we at least need to help her get Kunzite back. She's learned her lesson." Lita agreed with Ami. They shouldn't stay mad at each other over the little things. Besides Mina wasn't lying.

The girls left Serena's apartment feeling a bit better, not exactly great though. Serena promised she wouldn't do anything stupid for the rest of the night and tomorrow they would talk with Mina.

Mina pinned her long hair up in a bun before walking outside on the porch. Surprisingly today didn't feel all that bad outside. She sat down in her mother's old metal swing and began humming out a tune.

She wouldn't be surprised if Serena never forgave her, she didn't believe she coudl forgive herself. The thoughts of what happened still lingered in her mind. She could have handled that a whole hell of a lot better. But now, she had nobody. Kunzite hadn't even tried walking around her house to talk. Did he want her to come begging to him - she so close to doing it.

She pondered what Darien must have thought, he was so close to getting Serena only to have another milestone shoved in his face. She quit humming and became dazed in her thoughts. Life seemed quieter without Kunzite around, no arguing constantly, no screaming over not having warm water. Not having him around almost felt like a blessing. Except there was no great make up sex afterwards. Could she survive without that great make up sex? Pff, who cares.

"I could get used to living a quiet life."

"Mina Aino!"

The blond in the swing jumped out of her skin hearing the shrill bubbly voice. Serena stood there on her porch, dressed in jogging pants and a sweater with a scarf around her neck and gloves on her hands. Mina didn't say anything back, what if Serena didn't want to forgive her?

"Well? Say something!" Serena offered smiling.

"I'm sorry," Mina muttered out still ashamed of herself.

"Don't worry about it. Anyway now we have to fix you and Kunzite -"

"NO!" Mina interrupted her. Serena raised a questioning eyebrow, "If me and Kunzy were going to happen, then I think me and him would already be back together. As you see, we're not. I am just letting it go."

Serena felt a sharp pang in her own heart, Mina was giving up what made her happy? Unbelievable. "Mina, you love him."

"I do, yes. But we argue and fight and all we have in common is our great sex skills."

"Okay we really don't need to discuss your sex life - sorry but we just don't." Serena nearly choked trying to interrupt Mina.

"Well you tried telling me once before and I didn't listen. I am now though. No hard feelings?"

Serena nodded agreeing. No hard feelings sounds nice. Mina stood and the two girls hugged each other. Mina gasped getting a better look at Serena's new haircut and almost had a heart attack. How dare she cut the golden mane!? She didn't resemble...herself, she wasn't meatball head! Serena explained how unmanagable her hair had become and the fact she needed a change anyway. Mina tried understanding though it broke her heart to see little Serena growing up.

"Oh you'll get over it. Either that or I'll post a blog on myspace about you and that tampon!" Serena teased.

Mina saw red at the mention of the tampon thing again and playfully smacked Serena, "If you all don't zip it about the tampon thing - I'll make sure to steal all yours when your period hits you!"

"I was just joking!" Serena tried watching Mina with an evil glint in her eye.

Now that the girls had made up, the Arcade livened up a bit. The cackling of Mina and Rei over new trends and which cutoure dresses just looked completely...ugh. Dalton crying every now and then when he wanted something, Serena playing the Sailor V game, she had gotten the highest score three times and still continued to raise it. The usual children didn't her too much for that.

Ami and Zoicte announced their engagment, only to have the girls and Andrew squeal. Yes I know, Andrew squeals. Unbelievable isn't it.

Though as much as Serena is happy for them, she wants her own happiness. She still doesn't want to be an old maid. But at this point, she was starting to lose faith. Darien had done as much as he could to avoid her - he acted as though she was the plague and he didn't want to catch it. Her heart nearly broke at the thought.

Days passed and there was still no sign of Darien around the apartment building. Serena hadn't showed back up for work either, she recieved her long awaited pink slip. Not that she minded, not at all. The job cut in on her time spending with friends. She might even travel back to her own parent's house and help her father, Kenji, with the family business.

She knew she could no longer afford her apartment, and she planned ahead to have the rental movers come in and get her things. The girls helped as much as possible too. Rei offered to allow her to stay at the Shrine with her, but she'd have to deal with crows - a lot. Mina offered to let her become her roommate, Serena declined.

They had finished for the night and all that was left in Serena's apartment was her bed and a lamp plus appliances. She just settled in for the night when there was a knock at her door. She looked down at her choice of clothing; bra and panties, oh well she'd just pull on a robe and answer and she did.

But she didn't expect to see a sober Darien standing hesitantly at her door, or holding a bouquet of a dozen red roses. Her jaw felt like it unhinged.

"I'm sorry." He stated.

Serena stood there frozen in shock. This couldn't be happening. Darien Shields standing at her door, holding roses for her.

"I don't know....if you want to move forward..with me....and lets just forget the whole church sex thing - if you don't want to I understand." He stammered, trying to sound reasonable. "The thing is Serena - "


He shut his mouth quickly, the petit blond had begun to talk. Instead of scowling at his actions, instead of giving him another shiner all she did was smile and take the roses from him, inviting him inside.

"Are you moving?" He asked curiously noting the place was bare.

"Yeah. I can't afford this place anymore."

"Serena there isn't any need for that." He began watching her turn around in a mocking fashion. A smirk plastering itself on her face.

"Why is that Mr. Shields."

Words were failing him right now, her robe had fallen open - and he had a strong feeling she done it on purpose. Was it like this before? How the fuck did he get the bride's maid dress off her? But tonight she wasn't wearing any dress of any kind. She was dressed simply in bra and panties and looked good enough to eat. He done the only thing he could possibly think of and sauntered toward her.

He took Serena in his arms, taking the roses and throwing them over his shoulder onto the cold floor and pulled her tighter against him. "I love you, meatball head." Delicately pressing his lips to hers. Serena found herself wrapping her arms around his neck, he reach down and placed his hands on her bottom, picking her up - carrying her toward her room.



"Are they okay now?" Mina asked, they had seen Darien enter Serena's apartment and crept down to listen through her door.

"I think so - I hear moaning.." Rei blushed pressing her ear closer.

"Ugh guys this is a private moment!" Ami slapped her own forehead.


All the girls gasped surprised - was it really that damn great?

"You can't tell me you wouldn't want to walk in on Darien doing something?" Lita teased.

"I'm engaged! You're married and Rei has a boyfriend!" Ami defended backing away from the door, blushing.

"But I'm single!" Mina informed them continuing to listen. "You all can go on home. I'm staying."

Rei and Lita rolled their eyes playfully before dragging Mina away and hurrying to the elevator. "They need some privacy - you airhead!"



Serena and Darien pulled the sheets over their bodies, curled up next to each other. Serena wrapped a leg around Darien's waist, he looked at her curiously.

"So you can't get up!" She giggled.

"Why the hell would I want to get up? I have you - the absolute most greatest thing in the world - now you tell me why the fuck would I want to get up?" He replied smiling. "I love you."

"I love you too."


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