Hello kids...I know don't throw things at me please...I know a new story WTF right? Well I have been busy and having a bit of writers block with my other stories and I have turned in to one of the writers that is my biggest pet peeve. Taking forever to update and not finishing what I have started. Sometimes when you have ideas that cloud your mind, you need to do this before you can get back into it and this is the case. This is my first attempt in writing such an AU story. Normally I add on or change stuff about the original but in this story I am changing almost everything. I think you will like it but I will be looking to see what you guys think as far as continuing it. I have most of the story outlined and I have been sitting on it for over a month thinking that I may just write and write and finish it then post it but I wanted to get opinions first. So help me out and take the time to give it a chance. Strictly BD of course...and totally written in first person which is such a switch for me. So without further a do...My Best Friends Sister.


My Best Friends Sister

Chapter 1 Drawn In

I walked through the parking lot up to school, I wasn't old enough to drive but my father had gotten me a 1956 Porsche speedster and I wasn't about to let it sit in my garage and collect dust. I was 15 years old and starting my second year at West Beverly High School and we weren't the new kids on the block anymore. I was a loner, not exactly belonging to any particular group. I had to grow up fast and didn't always hang out with the right crowd but I had a good head on my shoulders and I liked not involving myself strictly to one cliché. Not to sound conceited but I was very popular with the girls and envied by the boys because of it. I came from money, lived in a hotel and had the freedom most teenagers dreamed about. With a father that worked and traveled almost constantly, a mother who accompanied him as well as traveled the world to find her meaning in life, I was left to fend for myself or sometimes chaperoned by only the house keeper.

I had gotten my schedule and headed to first period. I found my way around the school easily and had even run into some acquaintances from last year. Most of the kids in Beverly Hills, went to the same schools, camps, grew up belonging to the most prestigious Beach club or knew each other because their parents belonged to the same social group, so I felt like I knew everyone I would be going to school with anyway, there wasn't really the feeling of being the new kid or anything. In all honesty I just went through the motions anyway; maybe I should give AP classes a shot. The regular ones bore the shit out of me.

I entered my first period writing class and grabbed a seat near the back. My eyes scanned the room; I smirked at a blonde that sat a few seats ahead of me. She blushed and smiled back realizing she had just been caught staring at me. She was cute, decent face, nice body. Her name was Casey Adams, I kept my eyes on her as she giggled and leaned into her friend to whisper something in her ear. I had spent a month in France this past summer and every summer before, I had also lost my virginity to an older girl, she was 16 and her name was Babette. She was gorgeous, brown hair, big brown eyes, a rack I had only seen in nudie magazines and it had been all I could think about since. I wondered if Casey would let me get to 3rd base this year, she had let me kiss her last year and touch her chest, over the bra. Out of the corner of my eye my focus was brought to a shy looking brunette. She looked around nervously, gripping her notebook to her chest. She had the most amazing eyes. I stared at her intently, as my eyes moved down her petite frame. She looked innocent and sweet, and I sat up straight almost without even thinking about it. She was new, she had to be, I would have remembered this girl. Her amazingly big green eyes caught mine; she blushed and looked to her feet as she noticed the empty chair next to me. Then her eyes found mine again. I saw her look away quickly and walk to the empty seat. I couldn't help but stare at her and I didn't even realize I might have moved to borderline creepy if Casey hadn't moved in my eye line. Her fingers tapped my desk nervously and I looked up at her.

"Hey Dylan." She said softly.

"Hey Casey." I found my tone short. "How you doing?" I asked peaking around her noticing the shy pretty brunette looking at us. I knew she was listening, but she caught me and looked away pretending not too.

"I'm good…you look…good as usual. How was your summer?" I looked up at her smiling at me.

I nodded, "Good, spent half of it in Europe…it was cool." I answered truthfully. I glanced at the pretty brunette again; she was looking down at her notebook.

"Cool." She took a deep breath and smiled, "Well…I missed seeing you around…maybe we could hang out sometime…my parents are going out of town this weekend." She added.

This time I saw that pretty brunette look at me. Did I want to play the too cool card or the guy every girl wanted to be with? I simply nodded, "Yeah…I'll call you." I said without looking at her, playing it cool I had decided. My eyes were focused on that brunette's lips. I wondered if her parents were going to be home this weekend.

My focus on the girl of my dreams was again interrupted as Casey leaned down. She pushed her small B cups together as she leaned into me. "You could spend the night." She whispered. Not sure anyone heard her but by the look of my dream girl, she had definitely heard. She laughed or maybe it was a huff and shook her head with a smile. Her smile was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, I needed to talk to this girl, I had never felt this way. She flipped her long brown hair off her shoulder and continued doodling on what looked like a blank piece of paper. I was grateful Mr. Cooper came in as the bell rang. I didn't want pretty pouty lips to hear me accept or decline a possible date with Casey. After all, she looked to pure and sweet to be into sharing her boyfriends. I suddenly became aware that I cared what this girl thought of me. Here I was thankful for class to start so she didn't think I was going on a date or doing Casey and had I just said boyfriend? I didn't even know her name. What was happening to me?

As I questioned my sanity, I caught my name, "Dylan McKay?" Mr. Cooper was calling roll.

"Yeah." I answered and caught dream girl glance at me quickly. What the hell was about this girl that drew me into her? She was pretty, very pretty but I grew up in California, pretty girls were a dime a dozen. She didn't look easy or stuck up either. She definitely wasn't from L.A.

"Brenda Walsh?" Mr. Cooper called out.

"Here." She said softly. Brenda…my future wife's name was Brenda. I stared at her again, this time she caught me and gave me a sexy little smile. Oh that was it, she had honestly had me at hello. That smile made my dick twitch and the warmth it gave shot through me.

"Alright kids…quiet down. I am passing out this semester's syllabus and text books. We have a shipment coming in this week so there is only enough for half of you now." I saw Mr. Cooper hand me a book as he made his way around the classroom. "Share with your neighbor to your right, and hopefully everyone will have a book by the end of the week." He continued. I noticed Brenda didn't have one and some of the class had already started to partner up.

"You want to share?" I was shocked my voice came out confident considering how nervous I was to talk to this girl.

She licked her pink pouty little lips nervously and shrugged, "Sure."

I wanted to take her lips and lick them, Jesus Dylan settle down. My 15 year old hormones were raging. I simply smiled at her as she scooted her desk next to mine.

"I'm Dylan." I said with a crooked smile.

I saw her swallow hard, a small half smile appearing on her pretty little lips, "Brenda." We stared at each other longer than appropriate until Mr. Cooper began talking again. At that time she turned her attention to him.

"Welcome to creative writing…I'm Mr. Cooper and you have the privilege of looking at my ugly mug this semester. Look at your partner, this will be your partner for the whole semester, you will get to know each other, trust each other, edit eachothers writing…you will be god damn bff's with this person." Some of the class snickered and some sighed loudly clearly not excited about the pair up. I however was ecstatic. I looked at Brenda, the rose of her blush hitting her cheeks again. She smirked not looking up from her notebook and I felt a sudden smug grin cross my face. Maybe she was happy about our pair up too?

"For your first assignment, you will take the next." Mr. Cooper paused glancing at the clock," Fifteen minutes to write a short paragraph about yourself. No more than 500 words is needed really. Keep it brief and detailed, it will show your new Bff" he put air quotes around it, "a little something about you and it will show me your writing style. Refer to page 101 for samples and I suggest you get started." My eyes found hers again and she looked away quickly.

"A writing assignment on the first day." She mumbled with a sigh.

"Yeah…that's good old West Bev for you." I sounded like an idiot. Usually I had no trouble talking to girls; I had been a player, a god at this school. I had had my first kiss with my 15 year old babysitter when I was 12. What the fuck was it about this girl that made me sound like a dumb ass? It made me nervous. Without looking at her again I began writing, basic stuff about myself really. I tried to make myself sound cool. I talked mostly about surfing, my real passion in life…besides the constant partying I did regularly and the girls I tried to hook up with. I didn't want this girl to know anything in truth about me. She was not that kind of girl, I could just tell. That made me sad, but then you never know. Sometimes you have to watch out for those quiet girls. With Brenda it wasn't about how fast I could get into her pants, it was her.

The fifteen minutes had come and gone quickly. We hadn't done too much talking since she was concentrating on her writing. I snuck a couple side glances at her. She nervously taped her pen to those pretty pouty lips and I felt the hardness in my pants come full force. Thank god I was wearing baggy pants. I shook my head with a sigh at how lame I was. Her attention turned toward me quickly, "Are you ok?" she asked sincerely.

I shrugged coolly, "Oh yeah…you?"

She smiled, "Yeah." Then she laughed. I wasn't sure if she was laughing at me, or what but at that moment I didn't care. It was the most amazing sound and contagious as I laughed as well. I wanted this girl there was no doubt about it.

"Alright times up." Mr. Cooper said as he walked up and down the aisles. "Now pass it to your partner and have them read it."

She hesitated and slid her paper toward me and I did the same. Our fingers grazed each other and I felt her soft smooth skin touch mine. It took everything I had not to take her hand in mine, as the feeling of electricity grazed through me. As she began reading my paper, I decided to do the same. I read through her paragraph. She described her recent move to Los Angele's from Minnesota. She explained her father had been transferred here for work and a bit about her family. She had a twin brother and she was the same age as me. She explained how surreal it was moving to Beverly hills from such a place as Minneapolis and how the culture shock was hitting her. She also went into how hard it was starting a new school, in a new city knowing no one. I then wondered what she thought of me. I looked up at watched her read through my paragraph. She gently played with the end of her chestnut hair, playfully wrapping it around her finger. This gesture on any other girl probably would have made me roll my eyes but when Brenda did it, I just thought about touching it.

"Wow." She whispered. I curiously leaned into her.

"What?" I asked then her fragrance hit me. She had an interesting smell of cucumbers and melon. It smelled clean and fruity without overpowering my senses.

"You go to Europe ever summer?" she asked surprised.

I nodded with a small shrug, "Yeah…my dad does some business there and my mom loves it."

"Wow that's…that's so cool." Nice I impressed her.

"My family vacations consisted of Lake trips…soooo not the same thing." she said sarcastically.

I laughed a little and she looked into my eyes when she talked to me, I was in heaven being this close and had instantly decided first period was going to be my favorite part of the day. I wondered if she would be in any other of my classes.

"I always wanted to go to Paris." she whispered dreamily.

"Paris is great." I continued to look a dream girl, pouty pretty lips, whatever other nickname I had made up for her in my mind.

"Is it romantic?" she asked shyly, she lowered her chin as if she was embarrassed. I didn't know why the hell I did what I did next but it was like my hands were not attached to my body.

I lifted my fingers to her chin and gently lifted it so she would look at me. "Yes…it would be more romantic if there was someone as pretty as you there with me." Did I just fucking say that out loud, this girl is going to think I am such a loser. I dropped my fingers from her chin and ran them through my hair nervously.

She giggled a little and I looked at her. It was hard not to smile at her. "Well…maybe someday you'll have to bring me." she said quietly with that sexy little smile that made my pants tight again. Was she flirting with me? Oh yes this morning just got even better.

I smirked at her and nodded, I gave her a cool shrug, "Sure…come on let's go." I only half joked.

She smiled wider, "Now?" she joked.

"Sure…why not?"

"Hmm let's see, ditch the first week of school and go to Europe with a guy I don't know…sadly that's tempting." the cap of her pen made its way onto her lips again.

"Oh come on." I smirked, "Even Mr. Cooper said we are BFF's" I put air quotes around it. "You have my paragraph in front of you, see you know me."

Brenda just laughed, she didn't even know how serious I was. I would take her in an instant anywhere she wanted to go.

The damn bell rang and I wanted to throw something at it. "Leave your papers on my desk." Mr. Cooper called out as the class started getting up and making their way to the door.

Brenda and I were slower as we took our time getting our things together. "So…it was nice to meet you Dylan." she said looking into me.

"Likewise." I gave her my half smile I knew made girls blush. I watched her get up and I hurried to walk with her, "Oh and Brenda." she turned clutching her notebook to her chest tightly. I leaned in close to her and brought my lips to her ear "I wasn't kidding…I'd take you there right now if I could." I whispered. I leaned out and saw the shocked look on her face. "see you around." I called out as I made my way out of the classroom and down the hall. I knew she was watching me but the cocky attitude was me and I couldn't help myself. I walked to my locker and my next class with the goofiest grin on my face.

The morning went by fast and I hadn't seen Brenda in any more of my classes so far. It was lunch time and I grabbed my brown bagged lunch that Isabel made for me and my book and headed toward the stairs where I always ate. It was quiet and private, I was able to read and not have to listen of the trivial gossip mill of West Beverly that was uninteresting to me. When I got there my usual spot was occupied. Great, so much for privacy. I walked down a few steps and sat down, leaning against the railing.

The guy looked up from the Blaze newspaper and gave me a nod. "Hey…what's up?" he said confidently. "I'm Brandon."

I looked at him and nodded, "Brandon huh…new?" I knew he was but he seemed nice enough.

He shyly smiled and looked down, "That obvious huh?" he laughed at little at himself.

I shrugged not wanting to tell him the truth, the truth was he stuck out like a shiny new penny and I had been around most of these people long enough to know the difference. "So where you from Brandon…?" I didn't think he told me his last name.

"Walsh…Brandon Walsh." he repeated, "Ummm I moved here from the mid west."

I just looked at him not sure what exactly he wanted but I nodded to be polite. "Big difference…the mid west and California…don't see much water in the mid west."

"Lot's of lakes…no ocean."

"My sympathies." I couldn't even imagine living anywhere without the beach close by. Visiting was one thing but living, no way. The kid looked at me and weirdly there was something honest in his eyes. I began to get up, "what do you have next period? I asked interested.

"Gym…you?" he asked shyly.

"Art." I started heading down the stairs, "Come on." I simply stated without turning around.

"Where are we going?" he asked from behind me.

"Field trip." I responded. I was going to take this new kid to paradise.

"What about school?" he caught up with me quickly.

"I'll have you back before gym is over." I stopped at my car in the parking lot. He admired it as his eyes widened.

"This…this is your car?" he said surprised.

I nodded, "She is a beauty right?" I glided my hand across the door.

He sighed, "Ah…yeah, she is unbelievable…but…how old are you?"

"15." I put my foot on the door and jumped in without opening it.

"And you drive…without a license?" the guy asked looking a bit nervous.

I laughed, "What are you the cops? Come on."

He hesitated and opened the passenger door getting in. "What the hell right?" he smiled.

I smirked back as I peeled out of the parking lot and headed toward Malibu.

So what are you guys thinking? Weird because of the first person? This story wont always be when they are so young. It will hop around with different things going on during high school. I have to warn you, this is AU, so it will be different than the actual show, I may borrow things such as the way Brandon and Dylan met but overall it will be different. It will go back and forth from Dylan to Brenda's POV regarding each other, I may throw in an outsider point of view as well just to get some opinions in there from the outside but overall I will keep with this theme. This story is strictly BD, there may be mentions of other couples but it will be mostly about BD and how they met, the feelings and want they have for one another and it will eventually take us into the present. Also Dylan in this chapter has not put two and two together about Brandon and Brenda even though he knows their last names.

I hope you will stick with me and read on. I haven't forgotten my other fics in fact I am working on Love letters and Speak Now. LTC and LF are put on hiatus for a little while until I can finish the others so I can devote more time to my ongoing series. Let me know what you think and if I should continue. Love you !!