David Sinclair knocked and opened the door to Dr. Charlie Eppes' office. "Hey, Charlie…" He stopped when he noticed three other young men in Charlie's office. "Oh, sorry," he started to back out.

"David, come on in," Charlie said, "you're not interrupting anything important. We're just talking." He stood. "Agent David Sinclair, I'd like you to meet some of my colleagues. This is Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, Dr. Raj Koothrappali, both of the physics department, and Howard Wolowitz from the engineering department."

David shook hands with Leonard. "Dr. Hofstadter…"

"Please," Leonard said, "Dr. Hofstadter is my mother. Call me Leonard."

David chuckled and shook hands with the other two. "I'm sorry to interrupt, but Don sent me to pick up the files on the Ross Moore case."

"I thought you'd be here for them, with the trial coming up next week," Charlie said as he pointed to a banker's box on his desk.

"Ross Moore?" Raj asked. "THE Ross Moore? The creator of Ultra World?"

"The same," David said. "You know his work?"

"Know it?" Howard's voice squeaked. "The man is a god!"

"He's a god," Raj echoed. "Trust me. I'm from India. I know gods."

Leonard glanced at Raj with a scowl. "It was quite a shock to hear about Seth Marlowe," he said to David.

David sighed. "It was. But thanks to Charlie, here, we were able to figure out Seth had forged Ultra World Number One and arranged to have it stolen from Miles Sklar."

"Sklar's a creep," Howard growled. "And he bears a striking similarity to Wil Wheaton, don't you think?"

"He does," Raj agreed.

"But Seth Marlowe did it with the best of motives," Leonard said. "All he wanted to do was give Ultra World back to Ross Moore."

"He broke the law to do it," Charlie said sadly. "And someone was killed in the process. If the guard hadn't been killed, Seth would stand a better chance of getting off easy. He's really a nice guy."

"You know Seth Marlowe?" Leonard asked.

"And Ross Moore, too," Charlie said, grinning at his colleagues. "And, no, I'm not taking you to meet him. I heard all about Sheldon's meeting with Stan Lee, and the restraining order."

"Who's Sheldon and what did he do to Stan Lee?" David asked.

"You don't want to know. Trust me," Howard said with a chuckle. "So, Agent Sinclair, it sounds like you're rather familiar with the world of comic books."

"I am. I started collecting when I was a kid, and I still own a few thousand books."

They were interrupted by three sharp knocks on Charlie's door. "Charlie," a voice called, followed immediately by three more knocks.

"Come in, Sheldon," Charlie called.

"I thought I would find you three here," Sheldon said, rushing into the room. He held up his wrist, pointing at his watch. "Do you know what time it is?" He noticed David. "Oh! Hello."

"Dr. Sheldon Cooper," Charlie said, "meet Special Agent David Sinclair."

"Call me David," David said, extending his hand.

"Why would I do that? I don't even know you." Sheldon turned to face Leonard. "It is six o'clock on Tuesday. You know what that means."

Leonard sighed. "We're five minutes late leaving for the comic book store."

"And five minutes could mean I'll miss my chance at getting the new releases."

Charlie stifled a grin. "David here is a comic book collector too. Maybe he'd like to go with you."

David grabbed the box from Charlie's desk. "Ah, no thanks. Don's waiting for this!"