Title: Chocolate

Ray is eating melted chocolate. As Florian watches, spellbound, Ray selects another sliver of shortbread and dips it slowly into the rich liquid. He lifts it to his lips, the dark chocolate staining them as he bites... chews... swallows. Only then does his tongue emerge to lick away the lingering sweetness.

His eyes are locked on Florian's and he repeats the process, devouring the chocolate-coated shortbread as thoroughly as he consumes Florian without a touch.

Florian moans and looks away first, trying not to resent Ray's self-satisfied laugh. It will be worth it, he knows, when Ray finally unties him.


Title: Champagne

Florian has a fondness for champagne. He tilts the bottle, studying the effervescent liquid. The bubbles shift and sparkle like tiny, floating diamonds. The thought makes him smile as he inhales the bright, crisp fragrance.

This champagne is a particularly good vintage, the third bottle from a case Ray had obtained. Florian knows when it is best to forgo details and accept something. He intends to do that now.

The pale golden liquid dances on his tongue, light and sweet. He gives a delighted smile, then pours more champagne, watching Ray shudder as the cool liquid flows across his chest.