AUTHOR'S NOTE: Takes place during Season 1. What if Dan and Serena hadn't found Chuck and Jenny in time?


Chuck Bass eyed Jenny Humphrey carefully at the club.

"Aren't you done stalking Jenny Humphrey," Blair drawled beside him.

"I'm not stalking," Chuck said glaring at her.

"Keep telling your self that," Blair said walking off.


Jenny walked out of the club to get some air.

"You look like you could use a drink," A voice said behind her.

Jenny turned around in shock.

Chuck Bass was actually talking to her!

"Actually I was heading home," Jenny said.

"I can give you a ride in my limo if you want," He offered.

"That's okay."

"You think it's weird that a guy that has never spoken to you before is offering you a ride home aren't you? I just thought it'd be safer for a young lady like your self to have a ride instead of walking home at night."

Jenny still wasn't sure.

Chuck smiled. "I'm Chuck Bass. You can trust me," He said offering her his hand.


Blair watched as Jenny Humphrey took Chuck's hand and followed him to his limo.

"Poor kid," Blair said taking a drink. "She has no idea what she's in for," She said watching the limo leave.


"Your Dan Humphrey's little sister aren't you," Chuck said handing her a bottle of water.

"Guilty," She said taking a drink. "I'm surprised you know who my brother is."

"That makes to of us."

She laughed.

Chuck turned some music on and started kissing her.

"What are you doing," Jenny asked pulling away.

"I thought you liked me," Chuck said hurt.

"Can you just have the driver pull over? I'll walk," Jenny said reaching for the door handle but Chuck pulled her back to him. "Let go of me," She said scared as Chuck turned the music up loud with his free hand.

"If you know who I am then you know Chuck Bass always gets what he wants," He said ripping her shirt apart.

"Help!" She screamed.

"No one can hear you," He said advancing himself on her.

This cannot be happening! She though scared.


Poor little J. Will Chuck get what he wants?

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