It was a quiet, tranquil day at the Smash Mansion. Sun shining, birds singing, flowers abloom. And the Smasher's, minus a few others, were enjoying the beautiful day outside.

Inside the Mansion was calm and quiet without it's residents. At least, until the sound of a vacuum cleaner blared through the upstairs corridor.

Bowser and Ganondorf were relaxing within their shared room, exchanging evil plots, stories and reading magazines. But upon the sound of the Hoover, they got annoyed at the disturbance of their quiet time.

"Who the hell would be working on this day?" Bowser grumbled, as he and Ganondorf got up to confront the outside noise.

"I don't know, but I'll be sure to teach them a lesson in silence. Painfully." Ganondorf growled in reply.

Upon opening the door, they saw Princess Peach, with a large pink Hoover, humming softly as she cleaned the corridor. Faced with confronting his long-time kidnapee (crush), Bowser hesitated, but Ganondorf was not limited this way against Peach.

"PEACH! Shut that noisy thing off now! Some of us are trying to-"

But Ganondorf's words were cut off by a silk glove seizing his throat. Bowser yelped in horror as Peach dragged Ganon to eye level, the warlock scrabbling frantically as Peach restrained him easily.

Bowser gulped when he saw demonic fury within the princesses eyes, exceptionally pleased he was not the one in trouble.

"Listen, you." Peach hissed, her eyes ablaze. "This place is a mess, and some people have to clean it. While you laze about, I work my socks off. So, unless you want this vacuum cleaner SHOVED RIGHT UP YOUR NETHER REGION, I suggest you shut up and help or go back to your room, also with shut up."

Ganon nodded meekly, his throat aching against her surprising strength. Peach released him, gave an indignant sniff, before stalking off, vacuuming as she went.

Try as he might, with the danger passed, Bowser could not restrain his laughter as Ganondorf scuttled back to the room as fast as he could. Especially when he saw a certain cardboard box lying around get kicked, followed by a yelp of pain and the screech of "IF I CATCH YOU OUTSIDE SAMUS' ROOM AGAIN, I MAKE YOU EAT YOUR GRENADES!"

Ah, the funnies of a lovely day at the Smash Mansion.

Author's Notes: Originally a one-shot list, but one review of it enlightened me to the fact that it sucked major XD. So I changed, renamed it, and this is it. Hope it is much better then the last one. :D