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That is what she will remember when she looks back on this moment. The initial panic has worn off as the water rushes into her lungs, choking her. The wire wrapped around her leg no longer stings as it tethers her down like an anchor; the water no longer burns her with its coldness.

Time slows.

She knows she should feel worried, but all she feels is calm. She hears the blood rush in her ears and feels her heart straining in her chest, the only things keeping her grounded. Her eyes glaze over as she stares blankly ahead of her.

It feels like it has been hours, but she knows it cannot have been. Still, if Pete had seen where she had entered the water, he surely would have found her by now. Knowing that he is probably not going to come, she tries to make a move to release herself from the weight holding her down but cannot. She stops trying and waits. The silence meets her and she is soothed. She is lulled by it, and she knows that her consciousness is slowly slipping away from her.

The last thing she feels is an arm slipping around her, and being pulled upward.

"Myka?! Myka?!" Pete shakes her, and then notices she's not breathing. He blows air into her lungs, and sighs with relief when she coughs up the water in her lungs and gasps a breath. Her hands fly up to grasp at his shirt as she tries in a panic to get more air.

"Myka, can you hear me?"

She nods weakly and lays back, still struggling to breathe. Pete goes to dial his phone but can't find it. He runs a few feet over to where he had dropped the Farnsworth earlier and gets Artie on the other end.

"Pete? You guys are finished already? Why are you wet?-"

"Artie, I need you to call an ambulance to the lake, now. I can't find my phone anywhere."

"Why? What's going on?"

"Just do it, Artie!" Pete snaps.

"I'm doing it now. What's happened?"

"Myka got pulled in the lake by that thing and almost drowned."

"Is she okay?" Worry now fills Artie's voice.

"I think so, but she… She was under for a pretty long time."

"How long?"

"Three, maybe four minutes."

"Pete, you need to make sure she gets checked out at the hospital. Being underwater that long could have damaged her lungs."

"That's kind of why I wanted the paramedics here!" Pete nearly yells. The adrenaline he felt is still pumping, and he is quickly losing patience. A few minutes pass as Artie is silent and Pete walks back over to where Myka is laid out.

"They're here! Artie, I'm going with her."

"Okay, keep me posted." Pete doesn't even reply as he snaps the Farnsworth shut. He meets the paramedics as they come up and and answers their rapid-fire questions.

"What's her name?"

"Myka," Pete answers.

"Myka, can you hear us?" they question her. Satisfied as she rasps out a weak "yes," they load her into the ambulance and wave Pete inside. He moves so quickly he might have flown inside the ambulance, and they close the doors quickly behind him, sirens whirring.