A/N: Hey everyone! Its me, Khaos Kuma, at your service. I was thinking one day and an idea popped into my head, so I decided to write it down. So here it is. I'll try to update it at least twice a month, but I can't make any promises! Hope you stick around for the story and as always, Enjoy!

Now! Onward my faithful stead!!!

When the world was new, everything was balanced. Heaven had Earth, sky had the earth, sea the land. All was balanced. Even Order had balance in the form of Chaos. But as time went along, the balance started to come undone. The land began to encroach on the seas, the earth reached high into the sky. And even Order became more powerful than Chaos. Kami saw this and decided to shift everything back to equal on each side. He sent earthquakes to break down the mountains, tsunamis to demolish the earth. And to balance Order, He created the Nine Tailed beasts. He sent each one to create Chaos in a different part of the world. The One-tailed Tanuki, Shukaku the Ichi, He sent to the Land of Wind. The Two-tailed Cat and the Eight-tailed Ushi-oni, to the Land of Lightning, The Three-tailed Turtle and the Six-tailed Slug to the Land of Mist, The Four-tailed Gorilla and The Five-tailed Dolphin-horse to the Land of Earth, the Seven-tailed Beetle to the Land of Takigakure, and The Nine-tailed Fox, Kyuubi no Kitsune, to the Land of Fire. And all was well. Little by little the balance was beginning to be restored.

Until one day, the humans of those lands finally had enough of the Beasts causing Chaos and decided to seal these beasts into objects and people. These beings were known as Jinchuriki, or the power of human sacrifice. Some of the villages that these hosts lived in decided to make said hosts living weapons, forcing them to draw upon and utilize the power of the Beasts sealed within. Other villages simply ignored the hosts to the point of utter aloneness for the individual. In both instances, the villages that housed and homed these beings HATED the hosts, for fear that they would one day unleash the beasts within. One by one, the Beasts were sealed until only the Kyuubi was left. The great Fox was slumbering peacefully for many years, isolated from the rest of the world until one day everything changed. The Fox had awoken and seemingly for no known reason attacked the village of Konohagakure. For many days and nights, the ninjas of the Village of the Leaves fought tooth and nail against the Beast. Until one night, the leader of the Village appeared before the Beast.

"Everyone! Fall back! Tonight this ends!" the man known as the Yellow Flash, the Yondime Hokage cried out. One by one, the nin fell back until only the Yondime was left. He summoned the Boss Toad, Gamabunta, and began hand sealing. After a short time, there was a bright flash. When the flash cleared, all that was left of the great battle against the Fox and the Hokage was the body of the Yondime, dead. A sharp cry echoed around the clearing as a infant child started to cry loudly. The previous Hokage, the Sandime, appeared in the clearing and lifted the child in his arms.

"I hope he knew what he was doing. This child will be known as a hero in this villages, as per his instructions." the elderly re-instated Hokage said aloud to himself. He performed a shunshin to where the Council of the Leaves was gathered. As soon as he arrived, an uproar was heard, almost every person present calling for the death of the infant. The Hokage shook his head and stated that this child, Naruto, was a hero and would be treated as such. And to prevent the future children from shunning the young child, he declared that the infant's secret was to be an S-class secret, punishable by death if broken. No one was to call the child a demon. However as the child grew and got older, the parents of the children told their young ones that he was a evil boy, that they were not to be around the young child. Years went by and little by little, young Naruto was isolated by everyone in the village. He was placed in an orphanage, yet was treated like garbage. When he was 5, little Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage by the Matron of the place. The old Hokage gave Naruto permission and a small apartment for himself. When the child went to get food, he either was kicked out of the places or given old, outdated, moldy items. Finally when Naruto turned 8, he was enrolled into the local Ninja Academy. But once again, he was mistreated. His tests were not the same as the other children and so he failed everyone. No one bothered to teach him any sort of Taijutsu, so when sparring went on, he was beaten badly. Unknown to both Naruto and the villagers, the Kyuubi was watching from inside of Naruto. It was disgusted by the actions and treatment of its host. So it decided to make a deal with the young child. And here is where the story begins….