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"Blah"- normal talk

'Blah' - normal thoughts

"Roar" - demon talk/jutsus

'Roar' - demon thoughts

CHA! - inner personna

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The afternoon was settling in as Naruto, Tayuya, and the fox twins Lumi and Tumi made their way into town again. Naruto was thinking of a training regiment for his female friend, trying to get a set plan for her. He mentally shrugged, much to Kyuubi's amusement, as he decided to just go with the flow. The twins were once again on the blonde's shoulders sleeping. At least, that's what it appeared to be. In actuality, those two were talking to each other about their adoptive brother and his friend. It was agreed that the two of them would become two of the worlds strongest Ninjas. The four of them stopped suddenly as a faint 'thud' was felt in the ground. Naruto and Tayuya looked at each other worriedly as it was felt again. They began to search around the area, looking for what was causing the feeling as the 'thud' was getting stronger and stronger with every passing minute. Suddenly it stopped. It felt like it was right in front of them! They both got into their respective stances as a black form began to lift from the ground. A faint growl was heard from the form as it got larger and larger and it stopped growing once it was around 10 feet tall. The twins opened an eye and chuckled to themselves before closing their eye again. Both Naruto and Tayuya were in for a ride if he was here.

Naruto stepped in front of Tayuya as she looked at his back in slight shock. The form looked down at the quartet before simply disappearing. The two humans looked around in shock. There was no speed used, no chakra used at all. The form simply disappeared. Suddenly, Tayuya began to sputter as a smile appeared right behind Naruto. Said blonde tensed and whipped around, only to see the same thing. The smile was the biggest he had ever seen! He kept his stance, however, as a pair of eyes joined the smile followed by a head, a skinny cat-like body covered in stripes, and an equally skinny striped tail. The tip of the tail moved back and forth as the cat looked at the two before looking at the two fox kits. "Why hello Lumi-chan, Tumi-chan. Its been a while, hasn't it?" a deep voice sounded, coming from the cat. The two kits leaped off of Naruto's shoulders and landed on the cats head, laughing all the while. "Uncle Chessur!" Naruto and Tayuya looked at the two in disbelief. 'Uncle Chessur? What the hell/fuck?'

The cat chuckled and moved his head to the side, sliding the kits off before nodding to the two shocked humans and using a paw as if bowing. "And a good morning to you two as well. I am Chessur, the Cheshire Cat and an agent of Chaos. I am here to train you, young Naruto." Tayuya gaped, looking between Naruto and Chessur as the boy blinked rapidly and nodded. "Chessur is here because you agreed to be an agent of chaos youself, remember? Once you agreed, I let Kronos know. Kronos is our boss, being the god of Chaos." Kyuubi piped in. A look of understanding crossed Naruto's face as Chessur chuckled. The lone human female was still confused as she looked between the two. "Um… really fucking lost here… Can one of you clue me in please?" Naruto sighed and gestured for her to sit down on a nearby bench.

The two sat down and Tayuya looked at the blonde as he sighed. "Now before I say anything, just let me finish my story before you jump to any conclusions ok?" he asked her as she nodded confused. The boy began his story, explaining from when she saw him getting attacked and back from there. Naruto kept his gaze downward to avoid seeing her face as he talked, telling her about the sealing of Kyuubi and the deal between the two. He explained about his standing as an agent of chaos and his tasks. The two foxes and Chessur sat on the ground, keeping a look out for the duo as Naruto finished his tale. "And that's pretty much it, Tayuya. I can understand if you don't want to be associated with me anymore. I won't hold it against you." The redhead looked at the blonde, tears threatening to spill out as he said that. Not hearing anything from the girl, Naruto sighed and stood up to walk away. As he turned his back to Tayuya, she leaped forward and hugged him from behind, crying into his back as he stood still. To say he was shocked would be an understatement. She was crying for him? He slowly turned in her arms, wrapping his own around her as she began to cry into his chest. He felt a mumble into his body and he looked down at her. "What was that, Tayuya-chan?" he asked her. "Why? Why do you put up with so much crap? Why don't you just leave if they treat you like this?" she asked him, looking up with bloodshot eyes into his blue orbs. He smiled faintly at her and rubbed her back. "While I don't like the villagers, I will protect the village. There are a few people who are my precious people here and I will do everything I can to make sure that they are never hurt. That's why." he told her, speaking lowly. She sighed faintly as she felt his words rumble through his chest and she nodded. The three animals looked at each other and smiled. Well, the two foxlings did. Chessur was already smiling. Naruto smiled at the girl in his arms as he used his thumbs to wipe her tears away and the redhead blushed heavily at this gesture of kindness. He let go of the girl and wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "So you don't have an issue with this?" he asked her. She glared playfully at him and jabbed his ribs. "Of course. You're the jailer, not the prisoner you blonde asshole. I know the difference." Naruto grunted faintly and chuckled, rubbing his side as he pulled his arm from around her. "Alright, alright… Shesh no need to hurt me…" he grumbled, sending giggles through the four females present. "Kit, you found a good one in her." Kyuubi remarked as she giggled. He mentally nodded as they began to walk again. "So what are we going to be doing, Chessur-san?" he asked the bony cat. Said cat scoffed and looked up at the boy. "Its just Chessur, boyo. No -san required. And we will be working slowly on things. Don't worry about that right now. Don't you two have to get to class?" he remarked, his smile never fading. The two humans stiffened before taking off in a sprint toward the academy. Chessur chuckled as he watched the two sprint off. "Ah, lots to do so little time…" he said to himself as he began to fade into air.

A figure knelt before a man who only had one eye showing. The other eye and the side of his head was wrapped in white bandages and it appeared he only had one arm. "Danzo-sama, the Kyuubi boy has begun training the girl Tayuya. He also is in the company of two fox kits." Danzo nodded to the kneeling figure and gestured for him to leave. As the man stood, a pair of silver glasses reflected the light as a hand adjusted them. 'Orochimaru-sama will be very interested in this as well. I must tell him.' the man thought to himself. "Kabuto, continue to follow the container and keep me informed on his actions." A voice resounded in the darkness. Kabuto bowed slightly as he responded. "I understand Danzo-sama." He smirked evilly as he turned around to leave. 'Very interested indeed'

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