I WILL be doing more of Hermione's Story, I've just been having massive migraines lately. So, for your amusement, here's "Thoughts on my Cousin", inspired by Call me Mad-Elf.

Dudley Dursley was a porky eighteen year old. He lived in Paris, France. He hadn't seen his cousin, Harry Potter for nearly two years now. That day, Dudley happened to be staring out the window of his bedroom, and began thinking, however strange thinking was to him.

He was thinking about his cousin. Harry James Potter, a mild, bespectacled orphan who he'd treated badly for the past seventeen years. Dudley twiddled his thumbs. He had to give Harry a proper apology someday.

Perhaps the most prominent reason he bullied Harry was because Harry was a wizard. Though Dudley never mentioned it, he'd always wanted to be a wizard. Just the thought of flying on a broomstick gave him goosebumps. He regretted being such a nuisance.

That day in the Zoo was one of the most embarassing days of his life so far, because Dudley Dursley never really got embarassed. Ever.

But that day in the Zoo was the first moment he wished he could be in his cousin's shoes. He knew he deserved being behind that glass. He just knew it.

In short, Dudley Dursley knew full well that he was probably the worst cousin in Britain. But somewhere, deep down inside of him, he knew Harry must have forgiven him.

One thing's for sure, he thought, I'm never thinking again.