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Harry is older than Hermione in this story. Weasleys exist in this story, but are not mentioned very much. They will probably be in it more in later chapters. Ron is with Luna. Ginny is with Draco Malfoy.


Chapter One


They had no idea why they went to the orphanage that day. It was like something was calling out to them, telling them to go and check it out.

So they did.

Hermione Jane Granger was eighteen years old. She had just turned eighteen the week before. Her best friend, Harry James Potter, had been eighteen for over a month, almost two. They were inseparable. And they wondered why they were going to an orphanage.

The pair arrived at the orphanage, getting out of the SUV, seeing little children running here and there; of all ages. A red, rubber ball hit Harry in the chest. He smiled as he saw a boy about seven with blonde hair and blue eyes run up to him and take the ball. "Sorry, sir!" he called as he went play with his friends.

A woman about in her forties walked to them. She was a bit good-looking and had a kind, loving smile. "Hello," she held out her hand for them to shake. They did and introduced themselves.

"Hi, I'm Hermione and this is Harry."

"Hello, it's nice to meet you. My name is Mrs. Jones. Are you two interested in adopting?" she asked them.

Hermione looked at Harry, unsure. It was an impromptu visit. There was a cute, little laugh and Hermione looked to the source of the giggle. She smiled at a little girl with blonde curls who was being chased by a boy. "I'm gonna get you, Josie!"

She screamed again and laughed when he caught her. "Tag, you're 'It'!"

He ran away when she started to go after him. Harry gazed into Hermione's eyes. There was a longing look in them. She longed to be a mother? She was only eighteen. However, they were quite grown up. They had done things that surpassed their age.

"I don't know," Harry answered as Hermione was staring at the children. "It was a sudden decision to come."

"I could give you a few moments to think about it. You have forever to adopt," Mrs. Jones said and left.

Harry looked at his best friend. "Hermione…" She tore her gaze away from the little girl to Harry. "…are we here to adopt?"

She smiled and looked back at the chasing girl dreamily. "Ever since we were at your parents' house in Godric's Hollow, I've had this burning desire to be a mother. When we were in your nursery, I just got this feeling that a child needed me, I guess. You needed your mother that night…you know. And I guess I want to be something like that to someone."

"Why adopt, Hermione? Why not just have a child with someone?" he asked curiously.

"Harry, it takes two people to have a child. No one would have a child with me," she looked down in sadness.

"I would," he blurted out without thinking.

She shot her head up and looked at him, gasping a bit.

"Um, th-that came out wrong. Never mind," he stuttered blushing furiously.

Hermione smiled, turning away from him, once again staring at the little girl. After a minute, she said, "Listen, Harry, I might want to have a child of my own someday. I might want to bring another child into this world. But how do you argue with the logic of loving one that's already here?"

Harry smiled as he thought about that. "You're right. We should love a child that wants to be loved."

"So, that means you want to adopt?" Hermione asked.

Harry looked at the children running around. They were so cute and adorable. How could they not have a family? How could they be here? He understood if their parents had died. But why had no one adopted them? It hurt him to realize that no one wanted them.

He slowly nodded. "Yeah, yeah, I do. All I've ever wanted was a family. Ever since I was put with the Dursleys. I'm sure those children want one, too. I want to give them the family I've always wanted."

Hermione smiled at him and hugged him, wrapping her arms around his neck. He hugged her back, kissing her on her side of the head. "So, we're going to do it? We're going to adopt together?" she asked in his ear.

He nodded. "Yeah."

She pulled back and smiled. She was going to lean in to kiss his mouth, when they heard someone clear their throat.

Hermione and Harry parted, blushing, turning to look at Mrs. Jones. "Have you decided?"

They nodded. "It's official, we want to adopt," Hermione said grabbing Harry's hand.

Mrs. Jones nodded. "Alright, follow me." They followed her into the house. A man in his forties was playing with a three year old boy, making him laugh. "Jack, do you think you could go outside and watch the children? I'm with clients!"

He nodded. "Sure, dear," he said. "Let's go, buddy!" He chased the little boy outside.

Harry and Hermione went into the office and sat down in the two chairs. "Alright, let's see here. There's a procedure to be done. What are your names?"

"I'm Hermione Granger and this is Harry Potter," she said again.

From her non-recognizable reaction, they figured she must be a Muggle.

"So, you two aren't married or together?" she asked.

The two blushed, but shook their heads. "No," Hermione answered. "We're best friends and live together, if that helps, but we both want to adopt a child."

Mrs. Jones nodded and wrote something down on a sheet of paper. "How old are you?"

"We're both eighteen."

She nodded and wrote that down. "Are you interested in a boy or a girl?"

"Um…" she looked at Harry, who shrugged, not really having a preference. "…it doesn't matter."

"Okay, so would you like to see the children?" she asked and they nodded, going back outside.

There were about ten kids overall. "Feel free to talk to them and get to know them."

"Thank you," Harry said as she moved away.

"You want to go talk to them?" he asked Hermione.

She nodded, "Yeah, does anyone strike your fancy?"

Harry scanned them and shook his head, "Not yet."

"Hey, mister!" a boy called to him. He looked and smiled. It was the blonde boy from earlier. "You want to play?"

Harry nodded and said, "Yeah, sure," and went play football with them, having fun. Hermione spotted two girls sitting on a bench and went talk to them.

"Hello, what are your names?"

"Rosalie," the brown-haired girl said.

"Josie," the blonde said. It was the same girl that was being chased by the other boy.

"It's nice to meet you. I'm Hermione."

"Are you here to take us away?" Rosalie asked with a smile.

"Um, yeah, maybe," Hermione answered truthfully.

Rosalie looked at Josie and smiled sadly.

"Would you like to be adopted?" Hermione asked them.

Rosalie gave her a weak smile and shook her head. "I would, but I don't want to leave my friends, you know? I've known Josie here for a few years. We count on each other."

Hermione nodded. "I see. Well, is there anyone here who is dying to be adopted?"

Rosalie looked at Josie knowingly. "Georgiana does. She's been here since she was born. She's read all about families. She can never stop reading about them. It's freaky really."

Hermione smiled and wondered where this book-reading little girl she was beginning to fall in love with was. "Georgiana? Where is she?" She looked around but could not see any girl with a book.

"You want Georgiana?" the girl asked incredulously.

"Is there something wrong with her?" the older girl asked. curiously.

"She's a weirdo," the blonde girl said.

"I'm sure she's not that bad. Where is she?"

"She's always in the small house over there. She never comes out until it's time to come in," Josie pointed to a small wooden house near the side door of the actual house.

"Thank you, it was nice talking to you," Hermione said standing up and walking away from them. She made her way to the wooden brown house, passing Harry on the way. She smiled at him and squeezed his shoulder. He smiled back and continued playing with the boys.

Hermione approached the house and knocked on the door. "Hello, is there anybody in there?" she asked a little playfully.

She heard a gasp and wanted to hit herself for scaring the child. "Um, can I come in?"

There was nothing for almost a minute and then the door opened. Hermione smiled as she saw a little girl with dark blonde, almost brown, hair; and the greenest eyes she had ever seen. They were the shade of Harry's beautiful emerald ones. She looked to be about five or six years old. She had a small frame and a shy look about her. In her lap was a yellow tome. Hermione tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and said, "Hi, my name is Hermione."

The little girl had a ghost of a smile on her small face. "Can I come in?" Hermione asked.

She hesitated, but nodded, scooting over to give her room. Hermione crawled in and shut the door, and sat next to her on the ground. "What is your name?"

"G-Georgiana," she said. Her voice was raspy and soft, probably from lack of use.

"It's nice to meet you, Georgiana. What are you reading?"

"The Velveteen Rabbit. I like it because it's about a rabbit who wants to be brought to life," she smiled as she looked down at the book and closed it. She knew it was rude to read and talk to people at the same time.

"I read that book when I was younger. About your age, maybe a little bit older. I loved it," Hermione said.

Georgiana nodded and smiled. "Are you a 'Mummy'?"

Hermione wanted to cry. She had never been called that before. "W-what do you mean?"

"You know, a 'Mummy'. Like a 'Mummy' and a 'Daddy'. The ones who take us away from here. To go to another house," she said.

"Oh, um, yeah, I guess I am. But I won't be taking anyone home today, I know that," Hermione answered her.

Georgiana nodded and bit her lip, as if trying to figure something out. "Who are you going to choose?"

"I don't know yet. I haven't been here long," the eighteen year old almost lied. Was she lying? This little girl was having a strange pull on her. She didn't want to leave without her. Did she want her?

"Well, you'd probably want John, he's very fast. He's the fastest kid here. Then, there's Oliver, he's the strongest. He can take on three other boys when they play tug-of-war. Rosalie is the prettiest, but she doesn't want to leave, neither does Josie. They want to stick together. So to get her, you would have to get both of them. Michael is the youngest. He's three. He just got here a few months ago, but there's talk about him already being placed with a family. Sam can help around the house. He's really handy. Lyla can clean pretty well. Her room's always spotless. Dennis can spit the farthest, although I don't think he would be very useful to have-"

Hermione had to giggle at her comment, but the little girl did not really notice. "Nick is Mr. and Mrs. Jones' son so you can't really have him."

Hermione stared at her. "And what about you?"

"Me?" she asked incredulously. No one ever asked her that. "I-I don't know. I'm not really useful. I can read pretty well. That's about it."

"I like to read, too," Hermione said proudly.

Georgiana smiled a bit. It seemed that her smiles never fully reached her eyes. "Really?"

The older girl nodded. "Yep, I have a library at my home that Harry gave me. It was his parents'."

"Who is Harry? Your husband? A 'Daddy'?" the little girl asked.

Hermione blushed. "Um, Harry is not my husband. He's my best friend. But, yes, he is a 'Daddy'."

Georgiana seemed to think this was weird, but did not say anything about it. "You have a library at your house?"

Hermione nodded. "Yes, filled and filled with thousands and thousands of books."

Georgiana smiled a little bit wider. Hermione figured this must be when she is excited.

"How old are you?"

"I'm almost six," came the answer.

"Almost six? You're quite small for your age," Hermione said sizing her up. She did have a small frame.

"I stopped growing for a while," Georgiana said looking away.

There was a knock at the door, startling Georgiana. "Hermione?" came Harry's voice.

Hermione opened the door. "Hey, Harry, this is Georgiana."

"Hi," he said a little awkwardly to her. "Mrs. Jones wants to see us."

Hermione nodded and said to the little girl, "I have to go. It was nice talking to you."

"It was nice talking to you, too. 'Bye," Georgiana said sadly, not wanting her to go. She was nice. No one ever talked to her. At least, not a "Mummy" or a "Daddy", with the exception of Mr. and Mrs. Jones. She watched with great sadness as she left, closing the door.

"She's the one," Hermione told Harry as they followed Mrs. Jones back inside. "I know it."

"She is?" he asked.

"Yeah, she's remarkable, she is."

They sat down in the two chairs in front of the desk in Mrs. Jones' office.

"So, anyone strike your fancy?" she asked looking at them.

"Georgiana did," Hermione answered.

Mrs. Jones frowned a bit, looking a bit concerned. Hermione noticed this.

"What? Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"No! Well, Georgiana is the one I'm most concerned about. This orphanage has been opened for almost six years. It all started with Georgiana. She was the first one here. She's been here since she was born. Her birth parents left her here the day she was born. Didn't want her. Didn't care for her. That's when I decided to open up an orphanage. I didn't want to adopt her because I felt she belonged to someone else. But over the years I've been wrong."

"What do you mean?" Harry asked.

"Well, we've had countless parents, or 'Mummies' and 'Daddies', as the children call them, come here. And not one of them has even considered Georgiana. They have always passed her up and went to the next child. It's like she's not even there. That's why Georgiana stays in that house all the time. She-"

"-can't handle the rejection," Harry finished for her with realization, knowing the feeling.

"Yeah," she nodded to him.

"I know how that feels. That's horrible," Harry said and Hermione agreed.

Mrs. Jones nodded. "Okay, then, I'll give you a week to think it over and see if this is what you really want. You can come visit her whenever you like."

Harry and Hermione nodded.

"So, I'll see you two tomorrow?" Mrs. Jones asked.

"Yeah," they nodded and shook hands with her and left.

Georgiana sat in her little house and looked out the window, watching the pair leave. She saw Hermione look at the house and wondered if she could see her.

The little girl put her tiny hand on the glass, wanting to go with them.

"I told her you were weird," came the voice of Rosalie to the door.

Now she will never go home with them.

The pair did not say anything until they got home. Harry pulled in through the driveway, parking and with Hermione, going inside. It was getting close to dinnertime, so he went straight for the kitchen. "You want stew tonight?" he asked her.

"Sure," she replied.

He immediately got to work. Hermione went to the counter and hoisted herself up on top of it, watching him. She loved to watch him cook. He was completely at ease when he cooked. He brought out meat and vegetables and pots and pans.

"I bet she's magical," Hermione blurted out at one point.

Harry stopped and looked at her. "You think? I mean, it probably explains why her parents didn't want her. She may have had a rare accidental magic the day she was born. We're probably the only magical 'Mummy' and 'Daddy' that came there. She's probably really scared about what's happening to her. She's probably a Muggleborn, like you are, and her parents did not know what to do with her."

"They shouldn't have just left her there!" Hermione cried. "That's just cruel!" After a pause, she asked, "Are we crazy?"

"For adopting at our age?" he asked and she nodded.

"No. We're just two people who have grown up too quickly and want to love someone else." Hermione loved the way he put it.

After a minute, he asked, "Are you going to tell your parents?"

Hermione froze. She completely forgot about her parents. She hoped they would understand. What if they didn't? No, it was better to adopt first then tell her parents. "No, not until after we adopt her. I don't want them to try to change my mind."

Harry looked and her and nodded. "What about the Weasleys?"

"I'm sure they'll adore her," Hermione responded with a grin.

"I'm sure they will, too," he smiled back.

The next day, Harry got to talk to Georgiana. "Hello, my name is Harry." He smiled at her in the little house. She smiled back and Harry looked at Hermione for help. She urged him in. "I'll be right out here." He nodded and went in, sitting down next to the little girl.

Hermione sat outside with her back against the wall, listening to them with a smile on her face.

"What's your name?" he asked already knowing the answer.

"Georgiana," she replied. Her voice was still soft.

"It's nice to meet you. Hermione told me a lot about you. You know, I'm an orphan, too," he said trying to make conversation.

"Really?" she looked at him curiously.

"Yeah, although I was sent to my relatives' home and they weren't very good to me," he said looking away.

"Did you have friends?" she asked him.

He shook his head. "No, not until I was eleven and met Hermione and another boy named Ron. They were my first ever friends. But it was Hermione that was the best thing that ever happened to me."

Hermione, who was listening outside, smiled and a tear ran down her face.

"I've never had a friend," she said. "No one ever liked me."

"I like you," he said trying to cheer her up. It did as she smiled a bit. "So, why do you stay in this house all the time? Just to hide?"

She nodded slightly. "Yes."

"I had something like this when I was younger, but it was much smaller, but I won't get into that." He was referring to his cupboard. "How do you feel about having a family?"

She bit her lip, he noticed she did it in a Hermione-esque way. "I don't know. I've never had a Mummy and Daddy. No one wants me. It hurts sometimes. I don't want to be hurt again," she said almost in tears.

"I would never hurt you, and neither would Hermione. I promise," he said genuinely. "And we want you."

She nodded, believing him in a way.

There was a knock on the door. "Yes?" The door opened and Hermione sat there, wiping a tear from her eye. "Um, Mr. and Mrs. Jones are taking the children out for ice cream down the road. She asked if we wanted to come."

Harry nodded. "Yeah, sure."

"You want some ice cream, Georgiana?" Hermione asked the little girl.

She nodded and the two crawled out of the house, following Hermione to the other children and Mr. and Mrs. Jones, who were waiting for them.

Little Georgiana toddled after the two. She walked slightly behind the other children. Mr. and Mrs. Jones used to never let this happen, but they trusted Harry and Hermione.

When they got to the ice cream store, the other children picked a booth that could hold all of them comfortably, all except Georgiana. She walked away sadly as they all piled in; and walked to an empty booth. Harry and Hermione followed her and the latter sat with her. "What kind of ice cream do you want?" he asked the child.

She looked up at him. "Cadbury's Ninety-Nine Flake," she said.

Harry nodded and looked at his best friend. "Strawberry cheesecake."

He nodded once again and said, "Coming right up."

"So, do you like Harry?" Hermione asked her once he was gone.

The little girl nodded. "Yeah, he's nice. He's not like the other 'Daddies' I've seen."

"Yeah, he's special," Hermione smiled looking at him. He caught her eye and smiled back.

He broke eye contact when Mr. Jones engaged him in a conversation.

"Why aren't you two together?" Georgiana asked her.

Hermione blushed. "Um, well for two people to be together, they have to be in love."

"Oh," Georgiana said sadly.

A minute later, Harry came with three cups of ice cream. He gave Georgiana her cup of Cadbury's, Hermione her strawberry cheesecake, while he got himself a cup of plain strawberry.

"Thank you," the five-year-old said with a small smile.

"You're welcome," Harry returned digging into his ice cream.

Hermione gave him a smile that clearly said, "thank you".

Mrs. Jones inspected the three from across the ice cream shop. Could they be the ones for her? It was nice that someone considered her.

The next day, they came by again to see Georgiana, who was glad to see them. Michael, the three-year-old who was getting adopted was leaving with another "Mummy" and "Daddy". He was waving "goodbye" to the other children as Harry and Hermione drove up. Georgiana recognized their SUV and smiled, waving slightly at them. They waved back vigorously.

Mrs. Jones explained to them when they got out of the car, "Georgiana is very happy to show you her room. It's a sort of like a custom here at the orphanage for the child to show the parents who consider them their rooms. It helps the parents get to know them a little better."

"That sounds lovely," Hermione said beaming at the child, who looked away, nervous. She had never shown a family her room before and she made sure it was spotless this morning.

"Go on, Georgiana," Mrs. Jones ushered her.

The five-year-old reached up and grabbed Hermione's hand. "Come on," she said and led the two of them into the house and to her room.

She had her own room, as all the children did. Her room was a dull beige color, but not too dull. Hermione smiled when she saw the bookshelf full of children's books. Her bed was a wooden twin with simple cotton white sheets and a lavender bedspread.

Over her bed was a cork board. However, there was only one thing tacked to it. It looked like a sheet of paper, but once Harry and Hermione got closer, they noticed that it was a letter. And with the picture of a figure in a red suit, they realized it was to Santa Claus. "What's this?" Harry asked. "A letter to Santa?"

Georgiana nodded, a little embarrassed. She did not believe in Santa anymore. He was too good to be true.

Harry untacked the letter from the wall. She did not protest, so he guessed it was okay. He read it. He noticed that every word was spelled correctly and written very well for a five-year-old. Perhaps, this was meant to be the daughter of Hermione Granger.

"'Dear Santa,

Hi, it's Georgiana. I don't want a pony, like Rosalie does; or the jump rope Josie wanted. I don't want anything this year, except one thing. And it's not gift wrapped. I want a Mummy and a Daddy for Christmas. I want a Mummy who is a wonderful cook, loves to read, beautiful, and loving. I want a Daddy who loves to play and strong and protecting and loving; and loves Mummy-'" Both Harry and Hermione blushed at this. "'-I don't care if they aren't perfect. I just want someone to love, who love me, who love each other. Please, this is all I want. Nothing else.

Love, Georgiana.'"

Harry finished the letter and looked at Hermione. She had unshed tears in her eyes. She smiled at him and he smiled back. "I never got one," Georgiana said sadly not looking at them. "So I stopped believing in Santa."

Hermione mentally shook her head. No child should stop believing in Santa. She knelt down in front of the little girl and brushed her brown hair out of her face and tucked it behind her ear. "Georgiana, your wish is coming true. We want you. We want you to be a part of our lives. We want you to be our daughter."

Georgiana smiled and Hermione gathered her in her arms. The little girl was shocked. Only Mr. and Mrs. Jones had ever given her a hug before. When she was sick. When she scraped her knee. When someone had been mean to her. Now, she was getting a hug from her possible "Mummy", if everything worked out.

Harry smiled and knelt down to wrap his arms around the both of them. He kissed Hermione's neck briefly, making her blush.

It was settled. Georgiana "No Last Name", as she called herself now had a last name; two in fact, along with a middle name. Her full moniker was Georgiana Charlotte Potter-Granger. A mouthful, it was, but it was better than just "Georgiana", and she loved it.

Of course, she wasn't theirs permanently. They were to go through a three-month trial period. If Georgiana liked it and there were no faults, she would be theirs forever.

Georgiana was very shy and did not talk a lot. The first thing the three did was bring Georgiana to meet her new adoptive grandparents, Charlotte and Jacob Granger. Her other adoptive grandparents had passed away when her "Daddy" was only a year old.

Charlotte and Jacob Granger did not know about her, as Hermione did not tell them in fear of them rejecting her idea.

They parked outside of Charlotte and Jacob Granger's house, Hermione's childhood home. Georgiana was in her booster seat in the back seat. Harry and Hermione just sat in the car, not getting out, terrified of what might happen.

Harry looked at Hermione. "You want to go in?"

She shook her head. "No, but I have to. Come on." She got out of the car and went around to Harry's side of the car to get Georgiana out of her booster seat. Harry got out of the car and asked her, "You got her?"

"Yeah," Hermione replied holding her new daughter against her chest; and with Harry, walked up the porch steps to the door. Harry knocked and Hermione breathed in a breath of air.

A moment later, the door opened and Mrs. Charlotte and Mr. Jacob Granger stood there. They smiled when they saw their daughter and the boy they had wanted as their son-in-law. "Hermione! Harry! What a surprise!" Then they noticed Hermione's precious cargo in her arms move and look at them.

The little girl had brown hair and sparkling green eyes. They gasped as she smiled slightly.

"Hermione…who is this?" Charlotte asked.

"Um, this is Georgiana Charlotte Potter-Granger. We adopted her today," their daughter answered.

"W-what?" Charlotte asked shocked.

"We…adopted a little girl, Mum. She's five years old. She's very excited to meet you," Hermione said nervously.

As she said that, Georgiana smiled at the two, showing her white teeth, something Charlotte and Jacob wanted to fall down to. They were both dentists and loved to see clean teeth.

"Come in," the Granger matriarch said a little sternly, moving aside to let them through.

"Hermione, explain yourself. What in God's mind made you adopt a child?" Charlotte asked crossing her arms.

"Yeah, and don't leave anything out," Jacob added.

Hermione sighed and held her new daughter close. "Mum, Dad, we can't explain it. We just wanted to adopt a child. Something was calling us out to go there and adopt a child who desperately wanted a family."

"Hermione, I'm very disappointed in you," Charlotte said sternly. She looked at Harry. "And, you, you went along with this?"

Harry confidently put his hands protectively on Hermione's shoulders. "Yes, ma'am, I did. I wanted to adopt Georgiana just as much as Hermione did."

A tear rolled down Hermione's cheek. Her parents did not approve of her doing the right thing. Georgiana looked at her new mother sadly, wanting to cry as well.

She knew she was going to be sent away for sure now. She just held onto Hermione, trying to enjoy it while she could. She buried her face in her neck, smelling in the strawberry shampoo.

"Why did you not tell us you were adopting a child?" her mother asked.

Hermione closed her eyes and tried to force the tears back. "Because…because I knew you would react this way. And I knew you would not approve."

"Hermione, you are eighteen years old! You're too young to be taking care of a child!" she shouted startling Georgiana, making her shake a bit. Harry noticed and took her in his arms, letting her lay her head on his shoulder to bury her face. That way Hermione could talk properly to her parents. After a minute, Harry set her down so he could hold Hermione's hand to keep her calm.

The eighteen-year-old stood defiantly against her parents. "Mum, you had me when you were nineteen. You had a baby when you were nineteen. I'm eighteen and I adopted a five-year-old. I'm not taking care of an infant. I'm taking care of a little girl! I'm not completely ready to be that kind of mother, but I am ready to be a mother to Georgiana. She needs me and Harry! She has never had a family before. Just…get a chance to know her. I did! And so did Harry! Please, for me! Just spend five minutes with her!"

"What are you going to do when you get too attached and want to take her back because you changed your mind? Or if she's too hard to handle? She's not a puppy, Hermione! She's a human being! She has feelings, too, Hermione!"

Hermione chuckled sarcastically, then got serious. "I can't believe you just said that, Mum."

The two heard a sniffle behind them. They turned around and saw the five-year-old beginning to cry. "Georgiana? What's wrong?"

"You're going to send me away now, aren't you?" she asked fearfully.

Harry and Hermione's hearts were broken. "Why would we do that?" she asked.

"Because they don't like me. They disapprove of me. You're going to send me back now. I don't want to leave," she said.

Hermione bent down in front of her. "Georgiana, no matter what they say or what you say or what you do, nothing will change the way I feel about you."

Harry nodded. "That's right. You're ours. You're not going anywhere."

Hermione picked her up and hugged her.

Charlotte and Jacob did not say anything for a while. Hermione took that as the cue to leave. So, she grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him outside to the car. She put their daughter in her booster seat, strapped her in, and shut the door. Georgiana watched as Hermione started sobbing. Harry gathered her in his arms and held her tightly as she sobbed, shaking. The little girl placed her tiny hand on the glass, wanting to be there for her new mother.

After a moment, they parted and Harry kissed Hermione on the top of the head. Then, she went around to the other side of the car and got in. Harry got in the driver's side and they took off.

During the past few days, Harry and Hermione had went on a desperate shopping spree for clothes, a bed, a dresser, a bookshelf, bedclothes, a few accessories for Georgiana. When they arrived to Potter Manor, the little girl gazed out at it in awe. Was this where she was supposed to live?! It was amazing!

Hermione took Georgiana out of the car, while Harry got her suitcase out of the back. The new mother set her daughter on the ground and led her into the house, with Harry in tow.

Hermione unlocked the door and held it open for Georgiana. The little girl hesitated, but walked in slowly, looking around in utter disbelief.

"Welcome home, Georgiana."


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