Edward Cullen sat on his knees his ankles bound with thick cable wire, his wrists behind his back also bound with cable wire which the fastened itself to the wall, and finally a thin layer of duct tape laid across his lips silencing any words he wished to speak. Edward looked to his left, where his family kneeled, restrained just like he was. He gave another tug on the cable hoping it would come free, however it didn't.

"Calm down Edward…" a voice hissed through the darkness.

Edward looked up, his vampire eyes seeing James approaching them slowly, with unconscious Bella dangling in his arms. Edward was relieved that James had not bound her yet, but more relieved that she was still alive. James smiled at him evilly…what was he going to do? Then suddenly without warning James dropped his arms allowing Bella to tumble to the ground. She landed on the cement floor hard forcing her to regain consciousness and cry out in pain.

"Bella!" Edward screamed only to have it muffled by the gag. He pulled viciously at his restraints trying to reach Bella and get her away from that monster. James laughed out loud as he zoomed past each one of them and removed their gags.

"Bella?" Edward questioned once his gag was removed.

Bella looked up at him with tears in her eyes. She reached her left hand out to him trying to reach him.

"Edward." She whispered her voice cracking at the end.

Edward wished so hard that he could take her hand and comfort her. Suddenly James was by her side and looking down at her in disgust. He raised his right foot and stomped hard on the wrist, causing it to break with an ugly snap. Bella cried out loudly trying to pull her arm out from his foot. James laughed again as he watch her struggle.

"Stop! Let her go!" Edward shouted struggling once again.

"Why should I?" James asked evil clearly in his eyes

Cassandra stood out side of the school waiting. She had no idea what she was going to say. "Hi I'm your sister our parents got rid of me when we were young because I have strange abilities." Fat chance! Cassandra sighed hard. She looked just like her sister, tall, brown hair, pale skin, thin, everything the same except the eyes. While Bella's eyes were brown her were silver. Cassandra leaned against her bike. She was dressed in black leather, her hair hanging over her shoulders, and gloves on her hands. The school bell rang. Kids rushed out and into their cars. Bella however was not among them. Cassandra sighed, got on her bike, and left.

Cassandra slowed to a stop at her own school. She looked around and spotted Logan by the front doors.

"Any luck?" he asked as she approached the doors.

"No…she wasn't there." Cassandra said pushing past him.

"What?" Logan followed her into the building and up the stairs.

"She wasn't there." Cassandra closed her bedroom door and fell flat on her bed. She snapped her fingers and flames danced on the tips. She sighed hard before extinguishing the fire and turning on her side. Cassandra closed her eyes and fell fast asleep.

Bella lay on the floor barely conscious. She groaned as James tied her wrists tightly in front of her.

"James…." Edward said to the other vampire "James let her go…"

James knelt in front of him and looked directly into his gold eyes.

"Now why would I do that? This whole mess is revolved around her." He said. Bella moaned as she moved her head toward Edward. However that is all she did afraid of what might happen if she moved any more. James looked back at her and laughed. Rising slowly he approached Bella and knelt next to her. He grabbed the role of duct tape next to him and removed a strip. He placed it gently over Bella's lips before gagging the rest of the Cullens. James knelt in front of Edward again.

"The answers no." he said.

Suddenly Alice gasped and looked up. She was having a vision and everybody knew it.

Cassandra jolted awake. She looked around her room and sighed before running a hand through her brown hair.

"That was a strange dream." She muttered rising to her feet.

Cassandra walked over to her mirror and picked up her brush. She began to run it through her hair. There was a knock on her door causing her to jump. Cassandra sighed again and put the brush back in its place. She walked over to the door and swung it open. Logan stood there in the doorway.

"We got another one." He said holding up a weapon belt.

"Damn it." Cassandra said dropping her head and grabbing the belt.

James knelt in front of Alice and removed her gag.

"Tell me what you saw." He ordered deadly.

Alice didn't say anything. James sighed hard and stood.

"That's fine I don't need you to tell me…" He said placing the gag back on. He walked over to Bella and pulled her up roughly. She screamed as did the Cullens. Edward struggled against his bindings.

"Logan? Did you hear that?" a female voice echoed.

James pulled Bella into the shadows the female entered the room. Edward gasped. She was identical to Bella!

"Hear what baby?" The man named Logan asked as he entered too.

The female shined her flashlight in his eyes.

"Don't call me that." She said looking around again.

"Sorry Cassandra"

"So why would you think to come in here?"

"Do I really have to answer that?"


Bella moaned. Cassandra flipped toward the sound.

"Logan?" she said softly

"Yeah I heard."

James sighed and stepped out of the shadows.

"Well I didn't think I would find a twin…" he said approaching her. Logan shot out his claws and stepped in front of her.

James laughed.

"That's all you got?" he said charging. Cassandra pushed Logan out of the way and grabbed James wrists. She heated her hands causing his flesh to burn. James screamed and threw Cassandra against the wall. She landed next to Edward as her slammed back against the wall. She turned and saw the Cullens.

"Logan!" she called slowly rising to her feet. "I can handle him. Get them out of here!" Logan nodded and switched places with her. Cassandra removed her gloves and lit her hand on fire.

"Come on ugly…show me what you got." She said. James hissed and charged. Cassandra took it head on slamming her back into the wall. She managed to remove his left arm.

"BITCH!" James screamed scratching her face. Cassandra screamed and pushed him away. She fell weakly to her knees as blood slowly dripped from her hair. James laughed and slowly approached. She growled and rose to her feet.

"Cassandra!" Logan shouted as he finished releasing the Cullens. Edward was already holding Bella tightly in his arms.

"Alice…." He called to his sister. Alice rushed over.

"Take Bella" Edward rose to his feet and looked at the other male vampires.

Cassandra screamed as James broke her arm. She lit his arm on fire sending up his body. James howled and pushed her away, ripping a deep gash in her chest. Cassandra slammed hard against the floor and struggled to find her footing. She fell to the floor hard. Edward grabbed James from behind as Jasper ripped of his head. Carlisle gently lifted Cassandra off the floor and into his arms. She was loosing a lot of blood.

"We are going to help you." He said softly. Sirens were heard approaching them. Cassandra looked back at Logan who stood in the shadows unsure of what to do.

"Run" She whispered to him before loosing consciousness.