"She couldn't make the trip." Logan said as Carlisle stood and went over to them. He passed Cassadra off to him and the other Cullens rose from their seat.

"Alice some warm water and facecloths. Edward some quilts. Esme pillows. Jasper my kit." Carlisle ordered as he placed cassandra on the couch. She moaned and slowly opened her eyes. Tears blurred her vision and it was hard to breath. She past out again.

"Can you help her?" Logan asked as he rubbed his hand nevously through his hair.

"I'll try." Carisle said as he began to clean her wounds.

(2 hours later)

"Do you have a phone I can use?" Logan asked rising from his seat.

"Yes in the kitchen." Alice said leading him through the house. She returned in a flash.

Bella stroked cassandra's hair.

"When you're better we can talk about all the things we missed together. And then I'll introduce you to everyone. Trust me they'll love you." She whispered.

"No we couldn't make it that far her injuries are worse than I thought." Logan's voice travled softly to the vampires' ears.

"Her bastard of a father tortured her for days. We couldn't leave forks...No we found a house of vamps the one's she saved. No but I have a feeling that we are being searched for. Send a couple more...I might need some help protecting her. Alright thanks. I'll keep an eye out for them."

A couple minutes later he reentered the room.

"Some of my friends are coming down. Cassandra is a very special girl and there are others like us looking for her." Logan said taking a seat.

"So everyone is looking for my sister." Bella said as Edward sat down next to her and rubbed her arms.


"What kind of powers does she have?"

"It's better if I let her explain it. But I can say that vampires, humans, and mutants are looking for her."

"You make her sound like a weapon." Jasper said soflty.

"Well she kinda is."