My Poke Rangers Story is FINALLY HERE! I owe all my thanks to Blazin Saddles for letting me write this. Now, Let us Begin.

10,000 years ago, the mighty Arceus waged a brutal war against Malice, the Distortion Empress. As the war continued, the world slowly began to die. In a last ditch effort, 6 warriors imbued with the power of Arceus, used 6 coins of power to imprison Malice. But, Before Malice was imprisoned, she stole the 6th warrior's coin and swore that she would one day return and wreak her vengeance on Arceus and the World.

-Cave in an island off the coast of Sunnyshore City

"You got any idea what this is?"

"Not a clue, you?"


Two archaeologists had decided to investigate a place the locals called The Isle of the Tombs. When the men entered the island cave, they found a large dumpster-like tomb. (A/N, Think of the shape of Rita's Tomb.) On the lid were 6 strange symbols.

"Let's open her up."


Boom, The lid burst off. A woman dressed in a purple Battle-Cloak emerged from the Tomb. She carried with her a long, golden, Staff. On the head, was a Jewel which seemed to be filled with a swirling material.

"Ahh! Let's get out of here!"

"At last I'm free! Now is the time to get my revenge. Be warned Arceus, Malice has Returned!"

First Chap will be published soon.