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Chapter 4: Sky High

Focus on: Team

"I've got to some way to get rid of those Poke-Geeks!" Cried Malice, The Distortion Empress, as she paced the castle terrace. "I got it! I'll open up a Distortion Loop and then I'll release a monster on Jubilife to lure them in. Once there inside, I'll destroy the entrance! It's Brilliant! Cloner!"

-Hariyama Youth Center, Jubilife City

The center was abuzz with activity. At a nearby table, Josh, Drew, May, and Max are seated.

"Where's Misty?" Asked Max.

"She got a call from her sisters." May groaned.

"Lord, have mercy on her. Ash told me stories about Misty's sisters year-long ramblings!" Josh chuckled.

"Hey guys! Sorry I'm late. My sisters called and, well, you know them." Said Misty.

"All right, Max, we're all here. Now what was so Important that you had to take away our Morphers?" Said Josh, in a low voice.

"Well, Gamma and I been working on them, and we made some modifications. We've managed to modify the Morphers and we've added communication devices into the Morphers. All you have to do is make a Neuro-Physical contact with the Metallic covering, and then you can make auditory contact with anyone of us!" Exclaimed Max, while everyone looked at him with confusion.

"So, you're saying, all we have to do is touch and talk." Said May.

"Excatly! I Also, I added a connection to the teleportation grid, and now, we can use our Morphers to teleport anywhere!" Said Max. "All we have to do is think of the location, will ourselves to teleport, and BAM! We're there!"

"All right! Now to 2 serious points". Said Drew. "First, We need to decide who is going to be our field leader. Any takers? Anybody?"

"I think Josh should be leader." Said Misty. "First, He was the 1st one to accept the Power. Second, He was the one that kept his head the most on the battlefield. And third, he's the Red Ranger."

"So, We all agree that Josh will be our leader. All in favor?" Said May.

Drew, May, Misty, and Max all raised their hands.

"Then it's decided. Josh will be our field leader." Said Misty.

"Thanks, guys. I won't let you down. Now, Drew, What was the other thing you wanted to get done?" Said Josh.

"You up for a one-on-one Pokemon match, Josh?" Said Drew.

"Oh, It's on, Drew! Let's go with our Bruisers! Meet at the Arena in 30 minutes! " Said Josh.

-Isle of the Tombs, Distortion World

"Primor! Fart! Croboo! Front and Center in Cloner's Lab!" Yelled Malice.

"Yes, My Empress! Get a move on, you bumbling oafs!" Cried Primor.

"Oh,yes, Grand General Primor! Right away! Come on, Fart!" Said Croboo. Croboo was a tall nobleman, with A Crobat's head sporting a Monocle. it's Chest was that of a Croconaw's chest, the legs of a Sceptile, the arms of a Blaziken, and Zebstrika horns on his shoulders. He wore leather armor, and a flowing scarlet cape.

"I'm coming! Wait for me, Croboo!" Said Fart. Fart was a short, stubby, fighter, with a Weezing's large head. It's chest was that of a Wartortle, the legs of a Grotle, the arms of a Magmortar with a Machoke's fist in each cannon, and Magnezone magnets on his shoulders. He wore Iron Armor with a skull-and-crossbones and a spiked helmet.

"You called for us, my empress?" Said Primor.

"Good, you're here. Now, Cloner, what is this new monster you have designed?" Said Malice.

"Ah, yes, my queen." Said Cloner, as he worked on chiseling out a mini statue of a Monster. "I've been working round the clock on my new Monster, and it's almost ready!" Exclaimed Cloner.

"But what is it?" Yelled Malice.

"Well, my Queen, I call him DusBones, and he is simply a piece of deadly art! If my calculations are correct, he should be both Unstoppable and Indestructible!" He exclaimed. "There, it's finished!" he said, while dusting off his hands. "The Poke Rangers won't stand a chance against him! Now, my Queen, if I may have you stand here. When I give the word, I need you to release a full-force bolt of Distortion Energy." Said Cloner.

Cloner then picked up the stone statue and placed it on the conveyor belt of the Monster-Maker. He then started the conveyor belt with the flip of a lever. The stone statue then entered a large chamber at the end of the conveyor belt. An enlargement acid then fell down on the Figure, causing it to grow to 6'4'. "Now, my Queen! Fire!" Yelled Cloner. "Magic Wand, give this Monster Life!" Yelled Malice, as her staff blasted the Statue with energy. The statue then flooded with energy. The statue then became full of life. The monster was a tall, noble count. He had the head of a Dusclops, the arms of a Golurk, and long, Charizard-like, skeleton legs. His chest was similar to a cross between a skeleton's chest and a Dusclop's chest, with 3 metal panels covering the center. He wore a flowing scarlet cape, and a top hat. On his side was a sword that resembled a Haxorus's jaw horn. "Hello, my Empress." he said, in a voice that was deep and dark, yet smooth and flowery. "It is so good to see you out of your tomb again. What do you want of your servant?" he said. "DusBones, I want you to take this Distortion Bomb, and open up a Distortion loop in the Jubilife City Amusement Park. When the Poke Rangers show up, I want you to lure them in, defeat them , and then close the loop and destroy them! After you do this, I will open the loop, and you can leave." Said Malice, and she handed him a metal sphere full of swirling Distortion energy. "It will be done, my Empress. The Poke Rangers will be NO MORE!" Said DusBones.

-Jubilife City Amusement Park

DusBones arrived in the park in a Mini Distortion loop. As he stepped out of the loop, it dispersed and dissolved behind him. "Ah, this will be the perfect place to spread some mayhem!" Said DusBones. He then opened the Distortion Bomb and released the Distortion energy over the park. It then formed into a giant Distortion Loop. (A.N.; think of the Black hole-like Time warp from the MMPR's "High Five") The Distortion Loop then camouflaged itself so that nothing and nobody would be able to see it "This will lure the Rangers out here!" Said DusBones, and he opened up another metal sphere, which released hundreds of Phantoms to wreak havoc on the Park. "Poke Rangers, Prepare to meet your DOOM!"

-Hariyama Youth center, Jubilife City

"You ready for this, Josh?" Said Drew.

"I'm always ready!" Said Josh. "You release first."


"That's the Morphers!" Whispered Max.

"What's going on, Arceus?" Asked Josh.

"Rangers, report to the Hall of Origin now!" Said Arceus over the Communicators.

"We're on our way." Said Josh. "Well Drew, I guess we'll have to wait for our match."

"No biggie, Josh! We got to take care of Arceus's job first!" Said Drew.

"All right. We need to split up and teleport to the Hall" Said Josh.

They then split up, and each teleported in a flash of corresponding colored light.

-Hall of Origin

The Rangers landed at the door to the Hall, and Gamma greeted them. "Oh Rangers, You're just in time! Hurry into the Hall!" Said Gamma. He led them to the Center room of the Hall. "Ah, Rangers, There are 2 major orders of business that must be addressed. First, have you decided who will be your field leader?" Said Arceus. "We have Arceus," Said Drew. "We have decided that Josh will be our field leader." Said Drew. "Excellent." said Arceus. "Josh, please step forward." He did so. "Josh Ketchum, do you so swear to lead this team as well and as strong as you can, using all your might? Asked Arceus. "I so swear." Said Josh. "Then I pronounce you field leader of The Poke Rangers Legend Warriors!" Pronounced Arceus. "Now, onto the final order of business. Rangers, gaze into the Viewing Globe." They all looked into the Globe, and saw a picture of DusBones and his Phantoms running rampant. "Who is that?" Asked May. "That is Malice's newest abominable Poke-Monster. A creature called DusBones." Said Arceus. "He and his Phantoms are running rampant on Jubilife City Amusement Park. This will be your first great test as a team." Said Arceus. "We won't let you let down, Arceus!" Said Josh, as they teleported away to the park.

-Jubilife City Amusement Park

As the Rangers landed in the park, they were surrounded by DusBones and his Phantoms. "Ah, Poke Rangers! What a wonderful surprise! And it's such a wonderful day to die!" Said DusBones.

"All right, guys, ready?" Said Josh.


"It's Morphin Time!"

"Legend Access!"

"Green Grotle Power!"

"Purple Gardevoir Power!"

"Blue Milotic Power!"

"Yellow Luxio Power!"

"Red Monferno Power!"

"By the Power of Arceus, Legends have risen!"

"Poke Rangers Legend Warriors!"

"Phantoms, destroy them!" Yelled DusBones.

"All right Rangers, Let's take these guys out!" Said Josh.

"Got it!"

The Rangers then broke and started fighting their own enemies.

Max was in the center of a group of Phantoms, holding his own against them. One Phantom swung at him with its sword. Max caught it and pulled it toward him. "Hammer Arm!" He Cried. His arm glowed white, and he struck the Phantom in the bend of the arm, which folded up around Max's arm. He then lifted the Phantom on his shoulder. "All right, let's go!" Said Max, and he and the Phantom began to glow bright Purple. "Psycho Throw!" Said Max, and he threw the Phantom over his shoulder, causing it to crash into more Phantoms and explode.

May also was up against a large group of Phantoms. One made a swing at her. She blocked it, did a flip, and struck him with a kick. She then ran up the side of a support beam, jumped off, and did a mid-air flip. "Tornado Lightning Kick!" She spun around in mid-air feet-first, and a electrified tornado gathered around her. She struck a Phantom full in the chest, causing it to fall on it's back. In the process, a powerful jolt of electricity was shot through the Phantom. After the Phantom fell on it's back, May stood on him with one foot. "Wild Discharge!" May said, and she released multiple bolts of blue lightning from her fingertips, which struck every Phantom in a 20-feet radius and destroyed them.

Misty was fighting a group of Phantoms that had encircled her. One struck her full in the head with its sword, which knocked her back into the Park Fountain. As she looked into the water, She got an idea. She stood up in the water in a straddling position. (A/N; If you seen the DBZ charging stance, you know what I'm talking about.) "All right Phantoms! Show what you got!" Said Misty, as she was enveloped in a Light-Blue aura. She then crossed her arms, and swung them out-and-downward, which caused the water to glow with the aura. she then began to manipulate the water to her will, which flooded around the Phantoms. "Whirlpool!" She exclaimed, and the water engulfed the Phantoms in a massive whirlpool. Misty then shaped a large chunk of water into a ball. She then focused on the ball and made it freeze. (A/N; Remember, She's the Milotic Ranger, and Milotic has access to Ice-type moves.) "Ice Shard!" Cried Misty, and the ball split into multiple energized pieces. She then swung out her arms out, and the pieces flew into the whirlpool, slicing the Phantoms in half, and destroying them.

Drew was facing off the rest of the Phantoms in a small man-made grove. One jabbed its sword at his heart. He blocked it, and brought down a Karate chop on his arm, snapping it. He then pulled the Phantom around, and brought his elbow down on the Phantom's back, snapping it as well. Another Phantom struck at him, and he roundhouse kicked him in the face. He then jumped into the center of the Phantoms, and crouched into a straddling position, with his index and middle fingers pointing at his head. Drew then began to glow with stored sunlight as the Phantoms closed in on him. A yellow ball of light shone on the tips of Drew's two fingers. "Hit this! Special SolarBeam Cannon!" Cried Drew, and he snapped his arm out straight with his two fingers still extended, and a spiraling yellow beam of energy shot out. He spun around, and decimated the surrounding Phantoms.

Josh was in the center of the park, facing off against DusBones. He reared back, and brought down a Karate Chop attack towards DusBones, but he blocked it with his massive fist. DusBones then struck Josh with a Left Hook, grabbed Josh's right shoulder, and struck him thrice in the chest, which sent Josh flying on the third hit. "it's no use, Red Ranger. Your power is no match for mine!" Said DusBones. "We'll see about that, DusBones!" Said Josh, as he picked himself up. Josh then crouched into a straddling position, and crossed his arms in front of his head. "Mach Combat!" He cried, and he snapped his arms out to his sides, and his hands and feet began to glow white. Josh then charged DusBones full-force and slammed him with his glowing left fist. He then swung a right hook to DusBones's face, side-kicked him in the chest, flip-kicked him in the shoulders, struck an Uppercut to the lower chest area, and slammed DusBones in the chest, causing him to fall flat on his back. Josh then jumped into the air and began storing energy in his body. He then swung his arms out in a half-circle and brought his hands to his left side and put his hands in a ball. (A/N; think of Goku's Kamehameha prep) Forming in the center of his hands was a ball of Crimson light. "Take this! Eruption Cannon!" Cried Josh, and he snapped his arms straight, and fired a swirling beam of fire, smoke, lava, and energy, which struck DusBones in the chest and exploded. When the smoke settled, Josh groaned as he saw DusBones slowly getting up.

The other Rangers gathered around a cringing Josh as he landed down from the Eruption Cannon.

"You all right, Josh?" Asked Max.

"I'm fine, but DusBones is still kicking. I had hoped that would take him out! I'd been working on that one with Arceus!" Said Josh.

"It looks like we're gonna have to use all our strength to topple this guy!" Said Drew.

"All right, guys, let's take this Joker!" said Josh.


"I grow tired of this! Follow me if you can, Rangers!" Said DusBones, and the Distortion Loop re-appeared, and it fired a Mini Distortion Loop right next to DusBones.

"What the Heck is that?" Said May.

"A Distortion Loop. If it is not destroyed, it will engulf the world!" Cried DusBones.

"How do we destroy THAT!" Exclaimed Misty.

"By destroying me. Now follow me into the Loop for our FINAL BATTLE!" Said DusBones, and he stepped into the Mini Distortion Loop, and disappeared.

"All right, guys, Let's Go!" Said Josh, and they all stepped into the Mini Distortion loop, causing them and the Loop to disappear.

-Distortion Loop, Distortion World

The inside of the Distortion Loop was a barren wasteland, similar to a rocky mountainside. Steam and smoke issued from it's cracks and crevices. The sky was dark purple, with the same swirling patterns that were in the center of Malice's BattleStaff. Nothing moved in it. Nothing lived in it. There was nothing but chaos.

Just then, A portal to Earth opened up, and DusBones stepped out.

Then, The Rangers stepped out of another portal.

"Rangers, welcome to the Distortion World." Said DusBones. Just then, a large blue, swirling portal appeared right next to him. "This is the one of two exits out of this loop. Now the count is down to one." Said DusBones, as he unsheathed his sword. "Sacred Sword!" He cried, and his sword began to glow Bright Orange. He then slashed the portal in half, causing it to dissipate. "The only other way out of here is by destroying me. Highly unlikely, because I was designed to be your superior in every way! This will be your final resting place, Poke Rangers!" Said DusBones.

"We'll see about that, DusBones! Blast Busters, Saber Mode!" Cried Josh.

The Rangers then began their final battle with DusBones. All five ganged up on DusBones. Max rushed at him, and sliced him with his saber, but DusBones slapped him away with a Hammer Arm attack. May struck DusBones with her saber in the chest, and flipped over preparing to strike him. "Night Shade!" Said DusBones, and a blast of Darkness struck May in the chest, causing her to be knocked away. Misty struck DusBones with his Saber, back-flipped away from him, and charged at DusBones to strike. "Shadow Blast!" Yelled DusBones, and a beam of Pure Shadow struck Misty, knocking her over. Drew leaped at him, jab-slashed him, bounced off his chest, ricocheted off a boulder, and began a Saber-first mid-air spin towards DusBones. "WindBlast!" Cried DusBones, and a mini Tornado blasted Drew and flew across the plains. Josh charged at DusBones with his saber drawn. DusBones then drew his sword, ready for battle. Josh brought down the Saber over his head. DusBones blocked the attack with his sword, and swung an under-handed slash, which Josh blocked with an under parry. "Dragon Rush!" Said DusBones, and his sword began to glow Crimson. He then flipped the blade over and struck Josh in the chest.

All the Rangers gathered together, staggering from their injuries.

"How are we gonna take this guy out?" Said Drew.

"By all of us banding together." Cried Josh.

"Just admit it, Poke Rangers, You're no match for me!" Growled DusBones.

"We might not be, but we're not gonna give up!" Said Josh.

"Then prepare to meet your doom!" cried DusBones, and as he said this, the plates on his chest swung open, revealing that he had a gaping opening in the front of his chest. The inside was filled with what looked like multi-colored wind. "This is my Ultimate Attack! My True Finisher! Now face my Full Power, Poke Rangers! Elemental Vacuum Wave!"Cried DusBones, and a large, rainbow-colored ball of energy, gathered in between the plates. All of a sudden, out of the ball of light, blasted 5 different colored energy tornados blasted out of his chest. One tornado was as dark as night. Another was as gray as a boulder. Yet another tornado was as blue as the sky. One other tornado was as yellow as lightning. The last tornado was as brown as earth.

"Ah!" Cried Max, as the dark tornado struck him.

"Oy!" Cried May, as the gray tornado slammed her.

"Brah!" Growled Drew, as the blue tornado encircled him.

"Uh!" Said Misty, as the yellow tornado blasted her.

"Oof!" Said Josh, as the brown tornado engulfed him.

Each tornado hit the Rangers with the force of a freight train, knocking them flat on their backs, while the tornados engulfed each of them. "Now, feel my Final Power, Poke Rangers! Power Drain!" Growled DusBones, and as he said it, the tornados began to drain away the Rangers' powers, causing them to grow paler as they became weaker. The Rangers tried everything they could think of to escape, every struggle, every attack, every move, but to no avail.

"Guys, we gotta think of something to get out!" Cried Misty.

"It's no use. We've thrown every attack we could think of at this thing!" Said Drew.

Just then, in a split-second of inspiration, Josh got an idea.

"I've got it! Everybody, use your blasters to throw each of your strongest attack at the central ball at the same time! We'll all hit it, and send this thing into overload!" Said Josh.

"Are you sure this will work?" Asked Max.

"Look at the ball. It's bulging. I don't think it can take much more. We blow it, and get our powers back, and we might even be able to poke a hole in this Distortion Loop. It's worth a shot. It may be our only chance!" Said Josh.

"We're in." Said Everybody.

"All right, let's go! Blast Busters, Blaster Mode!" The team cried.

"Psywave Break!" Cried Max, and a giant Telekinetic Beam fired from his blaster.

"Zap Cannon Laser!" Yelled May, and a ball of energy formed at the tip of her blaster. After the power reached a certain point, a laser beam of Pure Lightning blasted out of the ball.

"Hydro Pump Cannon!" Said Misty, and a stream of concentrated energized water blasted out from her blaster.

"Full-Power Special SolarBeam Cannon!" Said Drew, and an even stronger SolarBeam blast fired from his blaster.

"Blast Burn Cannon!" Cried Josh, and a blast of Pure Fire erupted from his blaster.

The 5 beams came together and hit the center of the orb. At first, the blasts didn't seem to do anything.

"It's not gonna work!" Cried May.

"Trust me, guys, It's gonna work! Just give it some more time!" Said Josh.

"It's useless! We need to give-"

"Wait! Look at the orb!" Said Josh.

They all looked at the orb. At first glance, it didn't look any different, but as they looked at it closely, they noticed that it was bulging slightly more than usual. The orb was getting larger and larger. Then, all of a sudden, the orb burst open, and exploded. As it exploded, the energy that had been drained from the Rangers flooded back into them.

"You think you have stopped me, but I'm just getting started!" Said DusBones, as he charged up another Vacuum Wave.

"Guys, we have to take him out now while his chest is open! Judgment Pyramid!" Said Josh.

Josh, Drew, and Max formed the base of the Pyramid, with Josh in the middle, Drew on his left, and Max on his right. May then hopped on to Josh and Drew's shoulders, while Misty jumped on to Josh and Max's shoulders. They then dew their sabers, and put them in a circle in the middle of the pyramid.

"We summon the power of Arceus's Judgment!" They all said as one. They then twirled their sabers, swung them in a half circle down to their legs, and then lunged them towards the center of the Pyramid.

"Judgment Beam!" They all cried as one.

The sabers let out a metallic clang as they collided. Energy gathered in the center of the crossing of the five Sabers. Just then, a Massive Beam of Light fired from the Sabers, and blasted DusBones in the chest cavity. DusBones's body started to writhe and convulse as the blast took effect.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I can't be defeated! I'm invincible! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Cried DusBones, but, alas, it was too late. DusBones's body exploded into multiple, burning pieces. The explosion then caused a hole to rip in the Distortion Loop. This caused the Loop dissolve into nothingness, bringing them and DusBones's remains back to the Park.

"Alright, we did it!" They all cried.

-Isle of the Tombs, Distortion World

"Cloner, you Idiot! They've Destroyed him!" Cried Malice, as she raged on.

"Never fear, my empress! I gave him one last trick. Make him grow, and he will come back even more powerful." Said Cloner.

"Very well. Magic Wand, Make my Monster...GROW!" Cried Malice, and she fired a blast of Distortion energy out of her staff.

-Jubilife City Amusement Park

The blast of Distortion energy flooded over his remains, causing DusBones to reform and grow 40-fold.

"Bigger is Better!" He cried.

"We gotta call the Zords!" Cried Misty.

"We summon the power of the Legend Zords." The team cried as one.

The Legend Zords came out of their respective hiding places and charged towards DusBones.

"Legend MegaZord Formation, Activate!"

The MegaZord was formed and transformed to Battle mode. They squared of to DusBones, ready for the final battle. The MegaZord charged at DusBones, but he nimbly sidestepped the charge.

"It's going to take more than that to defeat me! Shadow Force!" Cried DusBones, and he disappeared in a cloud of shadow.


The Rangers then launched red beams of light from the MegaZord as they scouted for DusBones. What the Rangers didn't know was that DusBones was standing right behind them. He drew his sword, and struck the MegaZord in the back, knocking the Rangers flat.

"He's too strong! What are we going to do?" Cried May, as they stood the MegaZord back on it's feet.

"We've got to hit him with his weaknesses! He's got Ground, Ghost, Fire, and Flying-types!" Proclaimed Josh.

"We can also use those elemental strip moves we've been working on!" Said Drew.

"All right, let's do it! Hydro Pump!" The team cried, and the MegaZord shot a blast of water at DusBones, causing massive damage and knocking him flat. DusBones picked himself up reeling. "You're going to have to do better than that, Rangers!" Proclaimed DusBones.

"Than take this! Earth Strip!" The team cried, and brown energy trendils surged from the MegaZord's hands. The trendils then engulfed DusBones in a brown field of energy. The field of energy then seeped into DusBones's body and disappeared in a flash of sparkling light.

"What did you do to me?" Asked DusBones.

"We've temporarily stripped your Ground-based resistances, leaving only your Weaknesses!" Cried Max.

"Let's get em! Charge Beam!" And the MegaZord fired a massive beam of electricity at DusBones, who minus his Ground-type resistances and keeping his Flying-type weaknesses, was almost blown to bits by the beam of energy.

"You think that will stop me? Take this! Sacred Sword!" Cried DusBones, and his sword began to glow then struck the MegaZord in a last, desperate attack, which only staggered the MegaZord.

"Let's finish this bozo off! We call upon the power of the Legend Saber!" Said Josh, and the Legend Saber appeared in it's left hand.

"Judgment Slash!" The team cried, and the MegaZord lifted it's Saber to the sky. A blast of multi-colored light descended upon the Saber and lit the blade into a fiery aura.

"Oh, Shitake Mushrooms!"

The MegaZord slashed down full-force at a diagonal strike. The Blade slashed through DusBones in a fiery line. The energy then caused DusBones to overload, and explode in a flaming crescendo.

"All right, we did it!" They all cried.

-Isle of the Tombs, Distortion World

"YOU NINCOMPOOPS! I TELL YOU TO DESTROY THOSE POKE-TWERPS, AND YOU CAN'T EVEN DO THAT! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I HAVE TO SUCH IDIOTS!" Cried Malice, as she rampaged across her castle, screaming at everything in sight, while her minions cowered in a corner.

-Hariyama Youth Center, Jubilife City

The Youth Center was still abuzz when the Rangers in their human identities walked back in. They were all in a good mood as they celebrated their first victory over Malice, but they were all weary.

"Man, I'm tired!" Grunted Max, as he plopped down into a chair.

"Us too." Said Drew, as he and May supported each other from weariness.

"I don't know about you guys, but I could sleep for a week!" Whimpered Misty, and she too plopped into a chair.

"That goes for me too!" Groaned Josh, as he fell into a booth from tiredness.

They stayed the way they were, with Max half snoozing in his chair, Drew and May sitting at a booth resting in each others arms, Misty dozing in her seat, and Josh almost sleeping with his head on the table until Josh finally broke the silence.

"Hey, Drew!" He said.

"Yeah, Josh?" Drew responded.

"You mind rescheduling our match till tomorrow?" Josh asked.

"Not a bit! I'm exhausted!" Said Drew.

"Same here!" Said Josh.

They all slept until they heard screaming which snapped them back into ready mode.

In the center of the bar was Ernie covered in something pink and sticky.

"All Right! Who forgot to put the cap back on top of the Blender?" He screamed, which caused all the people in the bar and the Rangers to burst out in hysterical laughter.

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