This story grew from another story I am writing called The Sterling Job and share some of the same elements. For those of you waiting for me to finish The Sterling Job, I will be working on it once this story is finished.

Please note that this is very much a Sterling-centric story, though the team does figure prominently throughout. It takes place sometime in the beginning of the second season before The Two Live Crew Job. It is maybe ten months since they left LA and before Sophie leaves. At this time there are ten parts finished and I will be posting a part after I finish another part (hopefully every two to three weeks). This way I should be at least eight parts ahead of the game. I am envisioning another six parts to this story. It may be longer or it may be shorter. And yes, I am planning at least one sequel.

Special thanks go to the following:

Paula: for helping me brainstorm this story and passing along some smashing ideas.

Sandra H: for endless encouragement and prodding and the occasional threat to continue and eventually finish this story as well as suggesting the name.

WinchesterWench: for beta reading and grammatical corrections and the words "We're converting the masses 1 by 1... Just got my best friend to fess up that she likes him now."

SirLarryFleming: for beta reading and spelling corrections and the words "BTW, you are making me like Sterling"

The First Readers of FicFinishing: for cheerleading and encouragement.

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